Best in Show: Reward (Experience)

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Comix Journalism: Send Ted Rall to Afghanistan

Journalist/cartoonist Ted Rall spent this past August reporting from Afghanistan, using a satellite phone to upload reports from the ground. The recipients? Not the New York Times, Village Voice, or the hundreds of other outlets that have featured his work. Instead the reports were sent directly to the 211 Kickstarter backers who funded his journey.

From a journalism perspective, Rall’s daily cartoons (see them all here) — covering topics as wide and engrossing as Taliban biker gangs, Afghan hipsters, the travesty that is Afghan pizza, and numerous brushes with death — are remarkable. They’re honest, spur-of-the-moment, and deeply connected to daily Afghan life. From a backer’s perspective, receiving the daily emails was incredible — without question the most unique experience I’ve had through Kickstarter to date. They brought both history and the daily struggles of a faraway land into sharp focus.

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