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 I Am I by Jocelyn Towne

It’s not surprising that the best project video comes from a talented filmmaker, but in the case of Jocelyn Towne’s I Am I, the project video ended up becoming a memorable short film in and of itself. 

Like many project videos, the scene opens unassumingly with Jocelyn speaking to the camera about her film. The camera follows her from room to room, introducing each her cast of creative co-conspirators. As the camera takes you from living room to kitchen, from kitchen to bathroom, and from bathroom to upstairs bedroom, somewhere along the way you begin to realize that there have been no edits, no cuts, and no mistakes. This is all one take.

For a moment, you’re a visitor in her home, delighting in the little escapades she invents just for you. It’s not until Jocelyn finishes her charming, funny explanation of how I Am I came into being that you realize this little project video quite possibly had its own script, its own crew, and required rigorous practice and memorization to nail the timing. For a moment you forget about all the things that make a movie come together.

Jocelyn invites you into her project through the magic of cinema, and surely that’s the best pitch a filmmaker can make.

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