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Open Locksport by Schuyler Towne

After watching Schuyler Towne’s “Open Locksport” video, we were, like many others, curious about the relatively obscure world of competitive lockpicking. But if anyone could make locksport a household name, it would be Schuyler, whose unabashed enthusiasm for the sport eventually attracted the support of over 1000 backers and inadvertently launched his new career as full-time locksport evangelist.
The excitement that arose around Open Locksport coincided with Schuyler’s masterfully crafted project updates, each one offering a personal look inside not just the world of lockpicking, but also the endearing passion that Schuyler possessed for the abstract sport. A graphic designer by day and a competitive lockpicker on nights and weekends, Schuyler would post updates at all hours, often filming a tutorial in the middle of the night and uploading it in the wee hours of the morning.
Part interactive workshop, part lecture series on the history of lockpicking, and part autobiographical creative non-fiction, Schuyler’s updates became the place where Open Locksport transformed from a project into a full-fledged community. He posted a hypothetical dialogue between himself and an imaginary backer as a way to address early questions about his project. He brought backers along for the ride when he competed at DefCon and LockCon, and patiently explained the technical intricacies of lockpicking one diagram at a time. And when a backer made the pledge that put Locksport over the 200% funded mark, Schuyler leapt out of his chair with so much force that he broke it on the landing, offering to send a piece of chair to the backer for posterity.

Open Locksport may have officially ended on September 24th, but the updates keep coming. To read them from beginning to end is to vicariously experience Schuyler’s joy in having the freedom to share something he loves with the world.

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