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Infinite Blank by Evan Balster

20-year-old Evan Balster had an idea for a game, one where gameplay was neither about winning nor losing, but about the joy of playing and creating without restriction. There would be no trophies or status points, level-ups or final bosses, only an infinite blank canvas where players would draw their own worlds and explore the worlds of others. It was a beautiful idea for a game — and even better that Evan made it. The best game project of the year is one that turns all backers into creators, spurring imagination, and reminding us that creativity is the most challenging – and rewarding – game of all.
Honorable Mention: There was Tory Niemann’s retro sci-fi board game Alien Frontiers, whose vibrant updates inspired an outpouring of community feedback; James Kochalka and Pixeljam Studio’s Glorkian Warrior, a colorful, multi-level platformer whose life began as a humble doodle, and of course, who could forget Andrew Plotkin’s Hadean Lands, a project to reboot the old school text adventure for all our new-fangled mobile devices.

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