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Illuminate by Indelible

Indelible Dance Company did everything right with its campaign for Illuminate, a modern dance work about the Big Bang that featured an original score and specially designed sound-sensitive LED costumes. Riding on its mission to “create work with the awareness that the Internet exists and that it is an integral part of experiencing art,” Indelible offered backers a totally immersive experience with a beautiful pitch video, a teaser of the piece posted halfway through the project, and awesome rewards at accessible prices: everyone who pledged $10 or more got a ticket to the performance plus a digital download of the score! And on top of that, Kickstarter backers got to enter the theater first, a nice prelude to a lovely performance.

Honorable Mention: Stefanie Batten Bland sashayed her way to success with a pitch video that made you want to dance, a series of gorgeous photo updates, and coveted rewards like rehearsal invites, videos of the dancers, and even private dance lessons. And Karl Cronin’s morphing of scientific research with dance in The Dancing Ecologist blew us away, as he personified plants and animals of all kinds through graceful movement.

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