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Cursed Pirate Girl by Jeremy Bastian and Thomas Negovan

When Jeremy Bastian and his publisher Thomas Negovan launched a project to print a collected edition of Cursed Pirate Girl, the response from Jeremy’s fans was swift and determined – this was a book they couldn’t wait to see. Jeremy’s fans had always been a patient bunch, willing to wait up to a year for each previous issue of his comic. Considering that most comics come out monthly, a year for most fans is an eternity. But looking at Bastian’s artwork, it’s clear why his fans were willing to wait – he draws each panel using impossibly small brushes, his eyes just inches away from the page, meticulously going over each line as he incorporates maddeningly complex levels of detail. His Cursed Pirate Girl wasn’t just another adventure story to be read once and placed on a shelf; it was a work of art, rendered with stunning craftsmanship that you don’t see very often in mainstream comics. With the help of his fans, Jeremy will be able to to continue his anachronistic craft, and as always, they’ll wait ever so patiently for the next issue.
Runners Up: 70-year-old Howard Saunders reminded us that growing older is no excuse for letting a good story lie un-drawn with AxeMan. First-time comic book creator Leticia Silva wowed us with her haunting storyboards for Into the Shadow, an unconventional rendition of Little Red Riding Hood. And how cool was it when Brian Katz introduced Neutron Girl, which took a fictional comic book from within a film and brought it to life in the real world?  

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