Bess Rogers, Will You Marry Us?

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Here are the two things I knew about Bess Rogers before hitting play on her project video: she is making a new record, and her hat is really cool. Here are the things I knew about Bess Rogers after hitting play on her project video: she has many hats and all of them are cool, she is also really cool, she is not afraid to exploit her pet hamster as a songwriting tool, and making one of her records involves time travel. And all of these things add up into one, big, fat (purely innocent!) crush.

I mean, can you blame me? What’s not to love about a girl who writes a catchy jingle just for her pitch video (seriously, watch it, above) called “How to Make a Record” that goes like this:

Buy a plot of land in Friendship, Pennsylvania. Get a Dunkin’ Donuts, but only sell potatoes. Then you sell the coffee to power the machinery that records a song and sends it to the future, where you will be waiting, forty years later, to catch the recording in a net made of spaghetti, take it to the record label, put it on the desk and say: “If you don’t release this, I’ll throw up on your girlfriend.” That’s how a record is maaaaadee!
I’m clearly not the only one who digs Bess, because her project has soared past it’s $10,000 funding goal in the last week. Ever the charmer, though, she’s promised her happy backers a wealth of new rewards for helping her out, including an exclusive EP, an mp3 of the tune in her pitch video, and, if she can hit the $20K mark, a music video for a hidden track off her debut that is “… actually backwards, but if you reverse it, it’s a sexy song about butts called ‘Touch My Booty!’”

Sounds good to me! Make sure to become a backer before it’s too late to get on the booty-shakin-record-makin’ train.

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