Behind the Video: Film Fest Edition

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Last Thursday the Kickstarter team stayed late to do what 20,000 Kickstarter creators have done before: make a project video. The video was for the Second Annual Kickstarter Film Festival, and it was our first time making one together. We won't lie: we were a little intimidated.

About 6pm the team got together to brainstorm ideas. There were three immediate concepts that we liked: staging a pretend rooftop festival on our back porch, giving a tour of our office (we love our office), and referencing the classic, single-take feel of I Am I. The finished video that you see is the third take. It took less than three hours to get from the initial concept to the final product. Everyone in the video did a great job, and special thanks to Fred Benenson, our cinematographer.

We're proud of what we made together, and we're excited to give you a peek into life at Kickstarter, too. Thanks for watching!

(There are six references to specific Kickstarter projects in the video. How many can you name?)

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    1. David Pennington on

      Freaker, Glif, Coffee Joulies, TikTok

    2. Yancey Strickler

      Nice David. And you got two of the harder ones. Two more to go!

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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      teguhbejo on

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