Argleton — It's Alive!

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The town of Argleton first hit the news in the fall of 2009, when it was discovered to be a phantom town that didn't actually exist — "nothing more than a pin on a map in Google." It also became the starting point for a somewhat unusual project: something that was not quite a book, not exactly a puzzle, sort-of-almost a map, and more than just a little mysterious! It's creator, the writer and self-proclaimed geek Suw Charman-Anderson, described her method/madness as such: "I will then do stuff with that stuff and the resulting stuff will, via the magic of technology, be sent back to you as an important, intrinsic piece of the puzzle." A statement which, naturally, just made me want to know more.

In layman's terms, what Suw was looking to do was crowd-source a geolocation game that would become integral to a fictional story about a real fake town. (Woah.) She was clearly just as determined to build a lasting, interactive object as a storyline, and she accomplished this by seeking backers' creative contributions, and by by taking her time to hand-bind and build each, unique edition...even, for higher pledges, totally handwritting them.

An intimidating prospect to consider, for sure, but now that all has been said and done, and images of the books are beginning to surface on the internet (love you, internet), it's clear that the project was worth the wait. 

A detail from the cover:

Thank you page shout-out:

The book:



So neat! Check out more on Suw's blog. And I'm sure I'm not alone in hoiping that Suw will launch another project soon!