Apply to Become a Kickstarter Creator-in-Residence this Spring

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2018 Creator-in-Residence Maëlle Doliveux with her dog Leeloo.
2018 Creator-in-Residence Maëlle Doliveux with her dog Leeloo.

We’re excited to announce the open call for Kickstarter’s Spring/Summer 2019 Creators-in-Residence program

Launched in 2017, our Creators-in-Residence program invites NYC-based creators who are in the process of planning, launching, or about to fulfill a Kickstarter campaign to join us at our Brooklyn HQ for a three-month residency. Past residents have included choreographer Raja Feather Kelly, artist and author Adam J. Kurtz, and artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy.

The Spring/Summer 2019 session will run from Monday, March 4, through Friday, May 31. During the residency, each creator will be paired with a staff mentor who specializes in their area of interest and will offer guidance on how to manage a Kickstarter campaign. Residents receive access to a dedicated workspace, as well as our theater, recording studio, library, meeting rooms, and kitchen. They also have opportunities to be featured in Kickstarter-produced editorial content, and are invited to attend regular workshops, talks, performances, and feedback sessions that put them in conversation with other creators and Kickstarter staff.

Interested in applying? Applications are due by Friday, February 8. Creators will be notified by February 22 if they’ve been selected for the program. Apply here.

2018 Creator-in-Residence Julia Kwamya and the cast of 'Intimate Apparel'
2018 Creator-in-Residence Julia Kwamya and the cast of 'Intimate Apparel'

The Creators-in-Residence program supports Kickstarter’s mission IRL

As part of our mission to help bring creative projects to life, we're always looking for ways to help artists and creators find the support and resources they need to make their ideas a reality. Since launching the Creators-in-Residence program in 2017, we’ve welcomed more than 30 Kickstarter creators into the building. They’ve accomplished a lot: they launched and fulfilled projects, used the Kickstarter office in creative ways, and hosted performances, workshops, and events.

The Spring/Summer 2018 Creators-in-Residence
The Spring/Summer 2018 Creators-in-Residence

Last summer, we welcomed 16 residents to Kickstarter to work on Film, Arts, Publishing, Dance, Food, and Games projects

Here are some highlights from the class of Spring/Summer 2018:

  • Maëlle Doliveux of Beehive Books funded a large-format hardcover art book collecting the works of the definitive early 20th-century illustrator and cartoonist Harrison Cady. 
  • Raja Feather Kelly + the feath3r theory held a 24-hour “Tele-Gala-Thon,” which raised funds for the company’s upcoming season and concluded with a dance performance in the kitchen. 
  • Jennifer and Kevin McCoy funded Cleaner, the second project in a trilogy of experimental art films about contemporary architecture, class, and economic precarity. They choreographed and shot the entire film throughout our library, conference rooms, and theater. 
  • Azikiwe Mohammed funded a project to create enamel pins that let people know where you stand. 
  • Dan Schoenbrun and Vanessa McDonnell funded the second season of The Eyeslicer, a DIY variety series Indiewire called "one of the craziest TV shows you'll ever see.” They transformed our library into a haunted house to film their Halloween special.

“Through the residency, I learned how I was going to make this kind of creative life happen,” Food creator and former Creator-in-Resident Jenn de la Vega told us. “I went in not knowing what my day to day would be like after leaving a cushy tech job. Now I'm excited to have ongoing projects that will propel me forward.”

Submit your application for the Spring/Summer 2019 Creators-in-Residence program here. All applications are due by February 8, 2019. If you have any questions, please email us at