Announcing NFTS Platform!, a New Initiative to Support the Next Generation of Filmmakers

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NFTS students on set
NFTS students on set

Today, we’re excited to team up with one of the world's leading film, games, and television schools, the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in the UK, to launch NFTS Platform!, a new initiative to support the next generation of filmmakers.

As part of NFTS Platform!, students will launch Kickstarter campaigns for ambitious short film projects outside of the school curriculum. They will receive mentorship from the Kickstarter Film team, learning fundraising and community-building skills that will help them tell important and timely stories and find dedicated audiences eager to support their projects. In addition to the funds raised through the Kickstarter campaigns, NFTS will make a financial contribution to each project.

The initiative is a response to the challenges of funding independent films, and recognizes the important role that community funding can play in the success of short film projects.

“Independently raising budget for a project gifts creative independence to filmmakers, as well as the opportunity to grow their own audience from film to film,” says Elise McCave, Kickstarter’s Director of Narrative Film. “We’re excited to see how these early-career directors take advantage of the opportunity and benefit from this diversification of funding options beyond the limited available public funds.”

“The partnership is an excellent opportunity for our students and recent graduates to create work that might not otherwise get made,” adds Jon Wardle, director of NFTS. “The Platform! will enable teams of students to collaborate that might not otherwise work together, and it will also help students learn about the crowdfunding process, which is an important and often empowering funding option in addition to public funding.”

Filming the Kickstarter video for 'End-O' by Alice Seabright
Filming the Kickstarter video for 'End-O' by Alice Seabright

The first three NFTS Platform! projects are now live, and they represent a breadth of genres, subjects, and styles:

  • End-O, directed by Alice Seabright, is a comedy-drama that aims to raise awareness of endometriosis. 
  • Pigeons, a political allegory directed by Nick Cinelli, will merge live action with cutting-edge animation techniques. 
  • Dark Is Her Shadow, written and directed by Molly Manning-Walker, will explore the emotional impact of sexual assault.

Twice a year, a panel chaired by Wardle will select six to 10 new NFTS Platform! projects to launch on Kickstarter. Visit to find new projects launched as part of the initiative.

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