Announcing Kickstarter Gold: Bold New Takes on Iconic Projects

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Some of the most inventive projects in Kickstarter history are back — with a twist.

3Doodler. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. Music for Cats. Chineasy. These are just a few of the iconic projects whose creators are launching new campaigns today as part of Kickstarter Gold. Now through July 31, a group of over 65 exceptional artists, designers, musicians, and makers will be back on Kickstarter, putting new spins on ideas from their past projects. Whether you’re just discovering their work or you’re a long-time fan, you’ll have the opportunity to support some of Kickstarter’s most inspired creators — and collect exciting rewards that aren’t available anywhere else.

Participating creators were specially selected for their creativity, ingenuity, and past success on Kickstarter. We’re spotlighting them because they do excellent work — and because creators who repeatedly use Kickstarter to support and sustain creative ventures are an integral part of our community's ecosystem. In fact, a third of all pledges to successful Kickstarter projects — over $1 billion since 2009 — have gone to projects from these repeat creators. 

So, spoiler alert: Kickstarter Gold creators are making some truly incredible things. Explore all the live Kickstarter Gold projects to see for yourself. You can also follow along to learn creators’ stories and what it takes to bring your best ideas to life.

Here are just a few of the Kickstarter Gold projects launching today:


When 3Doodler introduced the world’s first 3D-printing pen on Kickstarter in 2013, it felt a bit like (really cool) science fiction come to life. It seems rather fitting that they’re now creating special Star Trek-themed pens and project kits with which you’ll be able to doodle your own otherworldly Starship Enterprises, tricorders, or Spock ears.



Refined over the course of two Kickstarter campaigns, the Primo team’s friendly wooden robot, Cubetto, gives kids a playful, hands-on introduction to coding concepts. For Kickstarter Gold, the team is creating Cubetto Adventure Packs: maps and story books that place the boxy protagonist in imaginative scenarios and present programming challenges for kids to figure out.


Hal Hartley

In 2011, independent filmmaker and composer Hal Hartley launched his first Kickstarter campaign to distribute his narrative feature Meanwhile; he later returned to the platform to fund the making of Ned Rifle. Now he’s making a DVD box set of his award-winning “Henry Fool” trilogy, presented in HD for the first time. He also plans to release After The Catastrophe, an album featuring brand-new arrangements of songs he wrote for the films.

Karyn Parsons

In 2015, Karyn and her organization, Sweet Blackberry — whose mission is to share little-known stories of African-American achievement with kids — came to Kickstarter to create an animated short film about Janet Collins, the first African-American prima ballerina to perform at the Metropolitan Opera. Her new project, also an animated short, will tell the story of Bessie Coleman, the first African-American woman to become a pilot.


Matthew Hoffman

In the five years prior to 2013, which is when Matthew Hoffman launched a Kickstarter campaign for the You Are Beautiful book, half a million stickers bearing his simple, powerful message had traveled around the world. Today, he and his team are back and aiming to create public installations of those three sweet words in every U.S. state.


Music for Cats

In 2015, David Teie launched a Kickstarter campaign for a meticulously researched, scientifically based album of music created just for cats. While the songs were made to be palatable for humans too, only one, “Lolo’s Air,” was truly made for humans and cats to share. For this new album, Teie is composing and recording eight more tracks for you and your feline friend to enjoy — together.


ShaoLan Hsueh

In 2013, ShaoLan Hsueh launched Chineasy — an illustrated methodology for learning Chinese — with the help of over 5,000 backers on Kickstarter. For Kickstarter Gold, she’s transforming the concepts developed in Chineasy into a tile game, bringing a delightful element of play to the language-learning journey. 



The Timbuktu Labs team raised almost $700,000 to print Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, a children’s book of stories about great women in history that has since become an international best-seller. Now, they’re back and making a sequel that will feature 100 more amazing women — and they’re working on a podcast, too.


Wafaa Bilal

In 2016, artist and professor Wafaa Bilal launched 168:01, an initiative to rebuild and replenish the library at the College of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad, which was destroyed during the Invasion of the Iraq. For Kickstarter Gold, Bilal will be building upon those efforts, remodeling the library to make suitable space for books as they are replaced, and for students to read and study.


Zach Weinersmith

Zach Weinersmith has a long track record of successful Kickstarter projects, from single-use monocles to illustrated children's adventure books. But in 2015, the comic-maker made a completely rewritten bible (“abridged beyond the point of usefulness”) which fast became one of the most popular books he’d ever published. Clearly, the logical next step was to abridge science — all of it — into a pocket-sized book as well.


Today and in the coming weeks, you can look forward to over 50 more Kickstarter Gold projects from the following creators:

Amy Chu, Adam Lewis Greene of BibliothecaBeehive BooksCesar Kuriyama of 1 Second Everyday App, Copper Canyon PressCraighton Berman, CW&TDaniele FrazierDave & Calvin LaituriDavid Bonney of Atheist ShoesElly Blue, Genis Carreras of PhilographicsGryphon and Eagle Games, Hannah ShafferHans Reichstetter of Buffoonery FactoryHarald GeislerHolly M. CliftonHope Nicholson, Jeff McComsey, Jerobeam Fenderson of Oscilloscope Music, John Vanderslice of Tiny TelephoneK.lynnKaty Pyle of Ballez, Kelly AngoodKilpatrick AudioKwanza Osajyefo of BLACKLiz & Sarah Downey of Two TumbleweedsMagical MicrobesMaryam OmidiMike AmbsNicholas Palumbo & Simon George Thomas of Dachi Tea CoOru KayakPeoplePeoplePhillip David Stearns of Glitch TextilesPublic LabRicky LimaRob LoukotkaRobyn Jasko of Homesweet HomegrownRoland MillerRyan NorthSafwat SaleemScott TeplinSean Bonner of SafecastSpencer Wright & Zach Dunham of Centerline EngineeringStrand DesignSunhouseThornwillowToonhound Studios, Ursula Murray HustedUusiVlad Dragusin + Candylab ToysWalter Mason of Marble RunZan Christensen.

To be notified when their projects launch, just click through to the creator’s profile and hit “Follow.” In the meantime, have a look at the full list of live Kickstarter Gold projects.

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