Announcing Fees

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In Kickstarter’s first four months, more than 100 projects have been successfully funded and more than $500,000 has been pledged. Through our creators’ hard work and the incredible generosity of their backers, adventures have been booked, art has been created, and records have been pressed. It’s been a great start, and we want to continue growing Kickstarter: adding new features, increasing our server capacity, and generally making things awesomer. Our goal is to build a sustainable business that will support creators for a very long time.

Since launch, Kickstarter has been completely free. Now that we’ve hammered out our early kinks, we’re getting ready to charge for our service. Here’s how it will work:

Projects that launch on or after September 15th will be charged 5% of their funding total if — and only if — they are successfully funded. Projects that don’t reach their funding goal will have no fees, and launching projects and backing projects will still be free. Tying our fee to a project’s success aligns our interests with those of project creators: if your project succeeds, then so do we.

To clarify: This fee only applies to projects launched on or after September 15th (after midnight EST b/w September 14th and 15th). All currently active projects, regardless of end date, will be unaffected. This means that any project launched in the next two weeks will also be exempt; take advantage of the grace period while you can. If you launch a project on September 14th that ends in December, it will still be free.

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