An Office Visit with Tim Schafer

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A little over a month ago we had a few exciting visitors. While some of us couldn't take our eyes off Morgan Freeman, others had more pressing matters at hand, such as sitting down and talking with Double Fine Adventure creator, and all-around great guy, Tim Schafer.

 Tim's massively successful Double Fine project had ended a few days before, and we were eager to hear all he had to say about his first experience turning to his fans to help fund a new game. And so, Yancey sat down with Tim in our Kitchen and talked about just that. If you've ever wondered what it was like to create and run a successful project, or just wondered what our office looks like, be sure to watch this video. 

    1. Joar on May 3, 2012

      Tim Schafer! Such a great guy. You gotta love him.

    2. Stuart Nicholson on May 3, 2012

      Very interesting interview both from Kickstarter and Double Fine's point of view. Tim's right. I signed up to this project primarily to see the nitty gritty process of Double Fine's development process. Nice to see that acknowledged too.

    3. Jack Stratton on May 3, 2012

      he may be the most likable english-speaking person in the world

    4. Johan Lundström on May 3, 2012

      Yay, woo! Schafer! Woo!

    5. Mercenary Games on May 3, 2012

      Introducing, the Kickstarter Space Race. :)

      Thank you Mr. Schafer, sci-fi gaming will never be the same.

    6. Luke Armstrong on May 4, 2012

      Man, if there was anyone that should be a face man for video gaming to the general public, it has to be him. So amiable and friendly!

    7. Suzie Q Sailaway on May 4, 2012

      Aw, I didn't think I could love Tim more than I already do. Bonus for mentioning Firefly. :D

    8. Missing avatar

      Dexter on May 5, 2012

      This was a rather interesting account of one developer's tale in a world full of shar... err publishers: everyone interested in the gaming industry should read :P

    9. Missing avatar

      Namaku Keren on October 20, 2015

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    10. Missing avatar

      Doa Ibu Tersayang on October 23, 2015

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