Lies, Laughter, and A Greater Monster

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David Katzman describes his second novel, A Greater Monster,  as "a psychedelic fairytale," which, for me, is the literary equivalent of saying "you had me at hello." The finished book is an amalgam of drawing and words, featuring visual text poetry, over 65 pages of illustrations, an original musical score, and (get ready for it) an animated sequence that is linked to the story online. Narratively, it dabbles in alternate reality, circuses, swan humans, and the importance of acquiring empathy through a flexible world perspective. In short: something for everybody.

The other cool thing about David's project is that you can believe literally nothing that he says, given that the first ten seconds of his project video are devoted to either laughing or telling outrageous lies about how he ended up with the same first and middle names. (I won't spoil it for you.) I think this behavior bodes extremely well for the book, though, which he says he has spent seven years working on so far. Can we believe him?! Who knows, who cares. The whole thing just looks way too cool to care. 

With that in mind, it's probably not hard to guess how quickly I made the decision to throw down ten smackaroos on this reward:

If you've ever wondered what your name sounds like immersed in a stream-of-conscious, you can become a backer, too! Then we should stage a group dramatic reading — I'm serious.

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