Allison Weiss Update

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If you are new to Kickstarter, then allow me to introduce you to Allison Weiss, an absolute powerhouse musician, blogger, and personality. Earlier this year Allison raised nearly $8,000 to make a new record after she blew past her $2,000 goal in just ten hours. Incredible.

In the months since, Allison has been keeping everyone deeply involved in the process. We got to name her record, we read her parents’ funny take on her music, we got to see updates from the studio, and we even watched her play a marathon live show of every one of her songs. You name it and Allison thought of it and executed it perfectly.

Earlier this week, Allison unveiled the album’s title and cover in a project update. We can’t argue with the result:

Earlier this week, Allison also did an extended interview for the CD Baby podcast, and she talked a lot about her Kickstarter experience. We recommend that everyone give it a listen for some great tips on running a successful Kickstarter campaign, as well as some insights into Allison’s approach to creativity in general. It’s a great conversation with an incredible artist.

Congrats to Allison and her backers, and we’re looking forward to the record’s release on November 24th.

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