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Allison Weiss' Album Is Out!

Our dear friend and Kickstarter alum Allison Weiss’ new album came out today! It was entirely Kickstarter-supported, and we could not be more psyched to finally hear the finished work. Congrats to Allison and all of her backers!


ALLISON WEISS WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG is out today and available everywhere mp3s are sold including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Amie St, you name it! Look it up!

If you cut out the middleman and download the whole album directly from me, you’ll get a hidden bonus track. Whoa!

You can also stream the whole thing on MySpace RIGHT NOW!

Life gets better every day! I’m gonna go walk the streets like a champion!




    1. Creator Paul Tretior 4 days ago

      r every day! I’m gonna go walk the streets