All in 1 — The First Fifty

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If you’ve been sitting on a project idea, why not make like these creators and launch a project as part of All in 1? You have until the end of March to put a one-week project in the mix — head right over here to get started.

And now, we’ve rounded up loads of live All in 1 projects to help get your creative juices flowing. Take a look, back a project, then launch something of your own.

The first 50 All in 1 projects:

A crapshoot for your dice

Fight off the jungle zombies

Give a tenner, take an artwork


Minimal, mythical enamel pins

150 challenges to motivate you

Hashtag posters because #YOLO

The softest villains you’ll ever meet

Stupid is not always as stupid does

Prints from the impending robot uprising

Surreal images of the lost city of Atlantis

A one-day-only game hack in Walsall, UK

Wolverine gets a the sugar skull treatment

Dystopian woodblock prints of muscle cars

Beautiful rings made from liberty half dollars

A novel about a hunt for murderous ghost pigs

Henri Matisse’s paper cat now in enamel pin form


Wrangle your wiggly baby for easier diaper changes

A die to help you quickly add up your modifier points

This fantasy MMORPG was conceived totally for VR


Build your own anime lover and never be lonely again

A night of custom $1 poems and general shenanigans

In this RPG you’re an assassin with telekinetic powers

Let others know that you support the American Dream

Breeze through airport security with this metal-free belt

Want to help publish an ebook about Nepalese culture?

Get your copy of 1024 Bits of You and Me in digital form

Play games in style with this classy hardwood dice case

These historical quote-inspired T-shirts will lift your spirits

Print and color this vibrant Day of the Dead coloring book

Love and magic intertwine in this tale of a bewitching bride

Help mold the final form of a cute-but-kinda creepy creature

Everything you need to know when you’re in an RPG tavern

Queers destroy science fiction in this 11-hour-long audio book


Your choice of three digital card games from one simple project

An enamel pin of a butt cloud (yep) you didn’t know you needed

Master color-pencil blending techniques to create unique flowers

A custom card deck to track your condition and initiatives in RPGs

Battle for monsters and search for treasure in this dungeon crawler

Bring classic newsprint comic books to newsstands across the world

This first-time creator takes a new spin on the classic game of Snake

An aging punk rocker reflects on his wild past in this new digital comic

A steampunk airship for all your science fiction and pulp gaming needs


Exquisitely upcycled pens made from repurposed countertop materials

An insulated bottle for cyclists, because we all love piping-hot beverages

The cookbook for when access to ingredients and kitchen space is limited

A digital comic about the single most common question creators get asked


Giggle and scream along with this horror comedy about a haunted Halloween store

Wil Wheaton and Sean Bonner break out the cassettes for a new Saturday Night Massacre

Feeling inspired? Launch a one-week project of your own, or explore all live All in 1 Projects.