A Western in Brooklyn: Behind the Scenes @ Javelin's "Canyon Candy" Shoot

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Anywhere west of Italy and East of the Badlands seems like an unlikely place to shoot a Western, but that didn’t stop Javelin and Canyon Candy director Mike Anderson from scouting for warehouses and soundstages in Brooklyn, determined to film the first Western in the Metropolitan area since 1903’s Great Train Robbery. Eager to see the fruits of their successful Kickstarter labor, Elisabeth and I made our way down to their Canyon Candy shoot last weekend, arriving at the Brooklyn Army Terminal — a massive complex that, at first glance, hardly evokes the good, the bad, or the ugly.

No, this isn’t Shawshank, it’s The Wild West. Well, not really, but it was last weekend. Roaming around trying to find our way in, we learned the terminal is also home to the ever elusive 311. (Fun fact.)

Up there, on the 6th floor, was where Canyon Candy was filmed! Crazy, right?!?

When Elisabeth and I arrived on set, the scene was — for lack of a better word — set! Cabins, covered wagon camps, panoramic sunsets, cowboys, pilgrims, epic stalactite forests, and even a moustachio’d skull, which we’re hoping was not left over from prior residents, who declined to issue a statement. Enough intro though, let’s take a gallop through, shall we?

Still photographer Colin Gray shooting one of the bad guys.

Colin was nice enough to show us some of the shots he’d already taken. Beautiful stuff some lucky backers may have caught a glimpse of in Javelin’s last update. This silhouette was taken the night before when they shot a scene in the misty stalactite forest. Also, note the blood on his hands. This man bled for this movie! Ok, ok, it’s fake blood, but still, that stuff stains like crazy!

When we arrived the crew was getting ready to shoot this second scene of the film, a calm on the prairie that would soon be disrupted by some nasty gunslingers. Notice the lone wheel on an axle. Soon this would become…

…the Covered Wagon camp for a group of settlers.

A few members of the cast hanging out before their big scene.

Director Mike Anderson (left) follows the action as cinematographers roll the camera across a track.

This right here, folks, is what they call “movie magic.” Even Elisabeth’s iPhone fell for that sunset.

A peak at the monitors as the scene unfolds.

Meanwhile, the art department chills in the cabin they built, eating craft services. All in a day’s work.

Right after the previous picture was taken, we noticed this. We have no idea what it is, and only hope it’s not left over from previous occupants, however, something tells me the mustachio’d skull plays an important role in Canyon Candy. I guess we’ll find out in a few months.

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