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A subcategory for everything

Projects on Kickstarter come from every corner of the creative universe, and we want to recognize that. As of today, you can create and discover projects in 94 new subcategories.

We've finally added the subcategories you've all been asking for, like 3D Printing, Food Trucks, Architecture, Playing Cards and even Typography. We also added a few subcategories that no one was asking for but that we thought would be cool, like Pet Fashion, Robots and Bacon.

If you're a creator with a live project, you can choose to have your project displayed under one of these new subcategories immediately. Just visit your project page, select Edit Project, and make the change on the Basics tab. Your project will appear under both the subcategory (Restaurants, for example) and the parent category (Food) in Discover. If you're a backer, you can find these new subcategories in our advanced search right now. (Try searching for R&B Music projects on Earth sorted by Magic.)

We hope you're as excited as we are about these new subcategories, and we can't wait to see the weird new ideas that they inspire. (More are on the way, so drop your suggestions in the comments!)


    1. Creator Irsan Mehar on April 18, 2014

      wow gr8 job!
      so can i choose new category , because my project is still running.

    2. Creator Irsan Mehar on April 18, 2014

      sorry, i meant can i select multiple option!
      damm excited!

    3. Creator Carol Benovic on April 18, 2014

      Yum, bacon! Great post. =D

    4. Creator Adrian Sieber on April 19, 2014

      Still no education category!?

    5. Creator Stephanie Pereira on April 19, 2014

      @Adrian S. --> Education projects happen in all categories! Look for a tag in the future. ; )

    6. Creator Albert Ptasznik on April 20, 2014

      how do set my project in the science fiction category? When go to edit changes, all it says is, subcategory optional, and that's it.

    7. Creator Albert Ptasznik on April 20, 2014

      Oh, wait that just means it's left blank. I'm an idiot.

    8. Creator Elliot Houlston on August 1, 2015

      Is there a negative aspect of using subcategories in terms of how your project will display?

    9. Creator Michael C. Stewart on August 3, 2015

      @Elliot - Nope! You can select a subcategory to help people find your project, and you'll still show up in the parent category and any other places your project ought to (such as Popular or Staff Picks).

    10. Creator Upeksha Pawar on September 19

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    11. Creator Namaku Keren on October 20

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    12. Creator Doa Ibu Tersayang on October 23

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