A Reward Wish List, Part Two

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We’re drumming up some blog cheer with a holiday wish list series: a list from each of us of our most coveted project rewards, essentially an invitation to cyber-window-shop, fantasize, and potentially impulse buy. Today’s contribution comes from community team member Mike, who once referred to his bed as “lasagna”: 

Walking down Delancey seeing people clutching massive bags of gifts for the holidays, I’m constantly reminded that I’ve yet to pick up anything for my friends or family, let alone…myself! Unfortunately for me, I’ll have to wait until after the New Year to mark everything off my wish list. Below are just a few of things I plan on spoiling myself with this year.

1. The Weird World of Blowfly

Controlling the AirTunes at the Kickstarter office is fun, even more fun with AirFoil, but it does not compare, in any way, shape or form, to having gonzo rap troubadour Blowfly play in the office kitchen to a dozen or so people who all share the same look of amazement and utter disbelief. Now I just need a $7,500 Christmas bonus. #clarkgriswaldproblems

2. Million Dollar Extreme

Sometimes I don’t feel comfortable on the phone. Whether it’s talking to my landlord about the leaky ceiling, telling the Deli guy I asked for Cheddar not American or simply having someone act as a proxy for talking to my Mom. Well, now I have that option thanks to the guys at Million Dollar Extreme, the Providence-based provacatuers known for warped digitalism and mind-bending comedy, who, as a reward for funding their latest endeavor, “will leverage [their] smooth-talking relationship engineering skills for your personal gain.” Choice.

3. Shaking Through

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On a more serious note, there is nothing I enjoy more than hearing live music blasting through vintage amps. This is even better when the neighbors aren’t complaining. Philadelphia’s Weathervane Music have been showcasing up-and-coming artists on their Shaking Through web-series, which is set to kick off its second season. This would be a massive “gift to self,” though chipping in to help produce another year of the series, while also getting a chance to sit in on all the action is really enticing.