A Reward Wish List, Part One

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Stores have been draped in holiday swag ‘n’ schmaltz for weeks now, and New York just got its first snow drizzle. Let’s face it, company holiday parties and sub-zero temperatures are here. We’re drumming up some blog cheer with a holiday wish list series: a list from each of us of our most coveted project rewards, essentially an invitation to cyber-window-shop, fantasize, and potentially impulse buy. This week’s list comes from Daniella, who was obviously already doing this and just bottling it all up inside. Here are her picks/confessions:

1. Cards Against Humanity

It’s a party game for horrible people. Or so this crude question-and-answer card game is dubbed by its makers. What else could you possibly need at that eggnog party?

Let’s be honest, I already sprang for the $15 deck of base linguistic hilarity, but I’m daydreaming about the $30 offer, which would let me write some cards of my own and get them printed and included in my deck. I’m not sure what I would say, but whatever it is it’s probably not fit for print.

2. American Dollhouse

Assuming I’m spending a sun-soaked week in Los Angeles for the holidays (I am not), I’d be into checking out Manic and Muse’s lifesize dollhouse theatrical exhibit. People can peep through the windows as if spying on their neighbors (if their neighbors were dolls) and likely catch some creepy-cool suburban dramas unfold inside.

I’ve got my eye on the $100 reward, because “things are getting crazy up in here!” (see below). Not only would I get all the stuff previously offered — 2 tickets to the show, a DVD, a soundtrack, a print, a postcard written in the point of view of one of the characters, AND a lipstick kiss — but I’d also get a complete collector’s kit with exclusive footage, a character diary, AND a souvenir doll mask. And all that in a nifty little box! White eye-less masks never looked so good.

3. Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts new work Apparatus

If I’m already hypothetically going to LA, I can hypothetically go to San Francisco. (This is Christmas, after all.) This one’s simple: I want to see the dance-theater piece Apparatus, because as you can see from the project video and the photo below, the folks running the show are funny and they’re prone to choreographed violence.

For $50 I can bring a friend (or foe) and sip some bubbly.

So, that’s what’s on my mind this season: vulgar card games, dolls stifled by suburbia, and alcohol-induced theater-hopping. Happy holidays everyone!