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A recap of the Kickstarter Film Fest 2014 in Brooklyn!

On Friday we invited everyone to Fort Greene Park to watch a selection of Kickstarter-funded films that came to life over the past year. The weather was glorious as thousands of people spread blankets on the grass and waited for the sun to set. Asphalt Orchestra marched through the crowd with trombones and a tuba to kick things off, and when the trailers began, fireflies floated around the edges of the lawn.

We loved hearing everyone react to the films we selected — there were oohs and ahhs at the amazing moments, and laughs at all the good jokes. It was a great mix of neighborhood folks who happened to find us, and film aficionados who had marked their calendars long ago — plus, a lot of really cute dogs. Many of the featured filmmakers came to town just for the event, and they got to meet their supporters as well as new fans. And afterwards, we got to read mini reviews of the films on Twitter and see all the beautiful photos everyone posted.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Film Fest, and everyone who creates or supports film on Kickstarter. You're all amazing.

P.S. In case you missed it, you can watch the whole program right now!


    1. Creator Villoni Wurfel on July 21, 2014

      Wow that looks like fun!!!!

    2. Creator Douglas McGinness on July 21, 2014

      So cool! Hope you guys do this again next year when we're living in NYC!!

    3. Creator Caterina Armenter on July 21, 2014

      Wonderful photos! Thank you for the incredible event!

    4. Creator Alex S Girard on July 22, 2014

      Love what KS is doing for the creative people. Keep on the good work!

    5. Creator Mario Kolovos on July 22, 2014

      Gutted i don't live in the States... can't wait for the one in London!

    6. Creator Kalyan Arr on August 30

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    7. Creator Namaku Keren on October 20

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    8. Creator teguhbejo on October 22

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    9. Creator Doa Ibu Tersayang on October 23

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