A Recap of the 3rd Annual Kickstarter Film Fest!

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Weren't able to attend the Kickstarter Film Fest? No worries, you can watch it online for free right now! Watch the 3rd Annual Kickstarter Film Fest!

Last Saturday night, a few hundred people came to a brand new park in Brooklyn for the 3rd Annual Kickstarter Film Fest. It was an incredible evening filled with amazing films, beautiful music, good friends, and popcorn. We screened selections from more than a dozen Kickstarter-funded films — everything from episodes of the web series Blank on Blank, to a restoration of the 1966 film Portrait of Jason, which Ingmar Bergman once called “the most fascinating film I've ever seen.”

The evening opened with a musical performance from composer Jherek Bischoff, who set the tone for a magical evening with a beautiful sunset. 

While Jherek performed, the audience enjoyed food from a few Kickstarter alums, including popcorn from PopKarma, shrimp rolls from Littleneck, popsicles from the incredible Brewla Bars, and hot dogs from Snap, who debuted two new dogs that night (The BLT and The Big Kahuna).

Aside from the scheduled program, we also had some surprises up our sleeves. Following the screening of Mr. Grillo, a documentary about Mississippi-based theremin maestro Thomas Grillo, Mr. Grillo himself appeared out of the darkness and performed a solo set of theremin music. The crowd loved his performance so much, they demanded an encore!

Grillo's performance wasn't the only surprise. After we screened a selection from the dance documentary Flex Is Kings, the cast of the film closed out the evening with an impromptu performance in the shadows of the Williamsburg Bridge.

It was a fantastic evening, so much so that we wanted to share the Kickstarter Film Fest to everyone. So guess what? The Kickstarter Film Fest is now available to watch online for the next two weeks! 

Everything from an exclusive excerpt of Bill Plympton's Cheatin' to a never-before-seen footage from Style Wars —almost everything we showed at the fest is now available for you to stream at your leisure. Enjoy!

Watch the 3rd Annual Kickstarter Film Fest for two weeks!

More photos from the 3rd Annual Kickstarter Film Fest below:

    1. goodXgames on

      This event looks amazing! Wish we could've been there :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Rodgers on

      Kickstarter started something really, really, really wonderful. It was beautiful to see so many people come together to celebrate such a worthy endeavor. It will continue to get bigger because it is POSITIVE!

    3. Suleman Ali on

      Hopefully new ways of funding films will mean more diverse films will be made. I think film-making is the next big thing for mass participation. Everyone should do it

    4. Manuel Burnley on

      Could someone please update me as to when the next annual one will be and where? My Kickstarter Project coming soon check out some of my stuff and guys follow me on IG @ kushingtonbudziii

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      Namaku Keren on

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