A new way to update backers

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Posting updates is a part of every Kickstarter project. It’s the easiest way to share what’s going on with your project and the best way to communicate with backers. To date, creators have posted over 600,000 updates!

This week we added a handy feature that lets creators notify a specific set of backers about an update that matters to them — sparing the in-boxes of the rest. Often when creators are in the midst of fulfilling their project, they have some information to share with backers that may only apply to some of them.

For instance, maybe one of your rewards is a t-shirt. The day you get the shirts, you want to share a photo with backers, but you don’t want to notify everyone — just the people who will be getting shirts.

Now you can do this on the “Post an update” page by choosing “Select tiers” and checking off one or more tiers. When you publish the update, only those backers will receive an email about it. The update will also show up in the backers’ activity feed on the site and in our app.

You can, of course, still notify all backers about an update. And all updates will appear on the updates tab of the project page, so all backers can check in on the progress of your project.

    1. Sarah Vee on

      This is great especially for post-project follow-up - say if one of your specialty rewards was massively delayed for reasons out of your control, you can continue to update the affected backers without annoying the 95% of people who got their rewards on time with superfluous updates. (And without giving yourself excessive bad PR by constantly reminding the other 95% about a less-successful part of your campaign!)

    2. Christian Steudtner on

      Adding more futures is alway nice! Seems really useful, too.
      One questions though: Is it possible to disable this feature from a backer-site if they choose? I would still like to receive mails for all updates and I don't consider any update to be annoying (even if it isn't targeted at me). Even if the project creator thinks the update is not interesting for me (/my pledge level) it may still contain information I find interesting and it shows that progress is ongoing.

    3. Adam "Ferrel" Trzonkowski on

      That is an excellent feature. Thank you!

    4. Ryan Grepper on

      Well done. This is an excellent feature and I look forward to seeing other tools that allow for a better connection with backers. I would also love to see more analytics data available during the campaign so I wouldn't need to use a third party platform like Bit.ly to better understand my total traffic.

    5. Ed Lewis on

      Oh, thank you! This is a big help

    6. Brad on

      I'll have to test it out, although I just did an update yesterday, lol

    7. Jason Phillip Petch on

      About to launch a product. Great to see Kickstarter are pro-active in making the site even more user friendly than it already is!!
      Well done Kickstarter!!!!

    8. Chelle Destefano

      Awesome! Onya Kickstarter! This is good and I agree it makes it more user friendly. Thanks :-)

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Rob & Gypsy Ventures, Inc. on

      Having the option to provide backers with relevant information that is specific to them is a good idea. I think lots of folks will appreciate it.

    11. Missing avatar

      paul hart on

      I have had a problem with one project owner not responding to 2 emails regarding the status of my item. When I referred this to Kickstarter I was told to try other means of getting in touch with the project owner. Kickstarter took no responsibility to help with this matter. How does this new feature help the investor?

    12. Missing avatar

      Ken Theonnes on

      I agree with Paul. The word is investor not backer and that is question. What is stopping the creator to take the money. What controls. In my project I was looking for a July delivery and got a November delivery. That needed a lot communictation if you wish for additional and bigger INVESTMENTS.

    13. Liz Ambrose on

      OMG, I was just praying for such an option the other day! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    14. Co2nscience.com on

      Great thanks guys, this will be fab for when we launch next month :-)

    15. Daniel Kerek on

      Looks great! Thanks!

    16. Stu_1977_SEmelb

      An excellent improvement with just one drawback (apart from the good point that Christian made); to use your T-shirt example, yes only those who are getting a shirt would get the relevant update, but unfortunately not necessarily all backers getting the shirt will get the update (those who pledged for one as an add-on would miss the update).

      I imagine that the only way around this is if Kickstarter introduces an add-ons feature into their system?

      As for the issue of backers still wanting to be notified of updates which aren't relevant to them (without having to always 'check in' to see if there's any news like that): I'd suggest that in backers' settings, rather than just having a check-box (yes/no) for updates for each project, there needs to be three options from which to select: "All", "None" and "Relevant". I think 'relevant' should be the default, which can be changed by the backer for each project (with a master override option), but "All" should be the default for backers on projects for which they have pledged an amount that is higher than the reward tier level (plus postage) because they are presumably possibly wanting an add-on item.

      Also, somewhat along the lines of Sarah's excellent post, I think that this feature should only become usable on a campaign once its funding period is over because people always might want to change their reward tier if they like (or dislike) some news brought by an update; so if this feature can be used while a campaign is still active, then project creators who (possibly not thinking clearly) are limiting the notification settings on an active project's update should get an "Are you sure?" warning (with the explanation/reminder).

      On the subject of updates, I would really like to be able to see all of a project's updates' titles listed (as links to the update) on a single page, rather than having to navigate through pages and pages of updates to find the one I'm looking for.

      So in general, while it seems it may need some improvement, I really like this new feature.

      Spare the in-box indeed! :¬)

    17. Gylbert Coker on

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    19. soki22 on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    20. Erin Duquette & Elisabeth Menter on

      this is a great idea, and has been very helpful for our project, thank you!

    21. Wim Jansen

      I was expecting a news entry on the changed menu / look&feel of Kickstarter in the blog, but nothing....
      Is there any report on this. Apart from the changed look (which is ok), the list of updates has been removed from the menu altogether! Why? The only way to see updates now is to go to the activity page, which is 2 more clicks and then some scrolling... Very disappointed; I hope this gets fixed.

    22. Tawnly Pranger on

      I too have been waiting for an entry on the new layout. What's more annoying about the new layout is that I can no longer easily tell the difference between an update and a message. I will often ignore updates until later, but messages usually need more rapid attention. The new layout looks nicer, but functionally it is a train wreck.

    23. Missing avatar

      Elia Charalambides on

      Please consider allowing users that star a project to also opt-in to the email updates.

      The star is an effective way of being reminded before a project ends but it does nothing to emotionally invest me in the progress of a project I may be interested in.

      I think this simple feature will play a major role in pushing a user into funding a project they have starred.

    24. Missing avatar


      Yeah, I'm sorry, but this new layout is terrible from a user perspective.
      We've lost the ability to quickly see what the five most recent updates and messages are about. Not only that, but it keeps having that little dot even when I've checked the updates, and I can't even tell if there's really anything new without going to that page all over again. It doesn't even tell us how many messages or updates we have, just that there is one.
      The activity page is terrible. It looks like something made for my phone and we can no longer see the most recent few messages right away. The page loads new ones in as you scroll down instead of letting you jump to the next page. This sort of thing isn't a big deal with profile pages and the like when it's just loading a single little image for each thing the person backed, but the updates can have multiple images, and even videos, all of which get loaded up and then tucked away behind a 'Read more' button.

      I can understand wanting to change things up, but shouldn't that involve adding functionality instead of taking it away?

    25. Remas Haytham on

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    26. Missing avatar

      GT on

      No where to share so I have to comment here. The new menu bar sucks, now I can't see new activity without clicking into the upper right name tab. Even I finish reading new activity, the green dot is still there. Waste of the white space above. Been clean doesn't mean user friendly, hidden it away doesn't mean they are organized.

    27. TheChosenOne on

      I'd prefer to receive all updates aswell. Make stuff optional please instead of (en)forcing it.
      And I massively agree with GT aswell. Every update Kickstarter does is 2 steps backwards 1 step forwards.
      These updates in an endless scrolllist is horrible... its harder then ever to keep track of stuff now.

    28. Missing avatar

      Diane Dorman on

      I am waiting for the project investment I made to deliver, I can't delete my email or they can't contact me. I can't get in to my account to change my password and I am annoyed at the whole mess

    29. Occipital on

      Starting on January 25th, our Google Analytics stopped listing Kickstarter as a traffic/conversion referral source. Was there something else that you pushed to the site for this update that may have caused this problem with Google Analytics?

    30. amir on

      i cant verify my bank acount is there any other way?

    31. amir on

      I'd prefer to receive all updates aswell. Make stuff optional please instead of (en)forcing it.

    32. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    33. amir on

      I'd prefer to receive all updates aswell. Make stuff optional please instead of (en)forcing it.

    34. The Red Ronins on

      Simple and effective! Love it!

    35. Missing avatar

      Namaku Keren on

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    36. Missing avatar

      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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