A New Way to Explore an Incredible Creative Universe

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Here’s some fun news: we just launched a whole new Discover experience. As of today, it’s even easier for you to explore incredible creative projects on Kickstarter. It’s a new world in there.

What’s different?

Well, start at the top of that main Discover page, where you’ll now have easy access to each of Kickstarter’s 15 creative categories. Interested in Games projects? Just click and jump right in. You’ll zoom straight to our Games page, where you can explore the entire category — from Staff Picks to Popular projects to Projects your friends backed, to every single subcategory. (If you’ve been watching this space lately, you’ll recall we now have subcategories for practically everything.)

Scroll further down the main Discover page, and you’ll see we've also added a section for Project of the Day — plus an easy way to flip through all previously featured projects. It's not a time machine, but it's a great way to look back on what's happened in the past. 

You’ll notice something similar on every single category page — a freshly featured project! We're going to start featuring a project in every category. Why? Because there are so many incredible projects out there — more than we have days to feature them! — but we’d love to show you as many as we can. And we’d love for you to show us, too. If there’s a project you think is exceptional, and think we should highlight for the rest of the Kickstarter community, just let us know in the comments, or email stories@kickstarter.com.

But hey, you don’t need us to tell you all about this new Discover page. Just head right over, give it a spin yourself, and have fun exploring a vast creative universe.

    1. Xanthocephalus on

      It's NOT easier to discover projects! How do I find recently launched campaigns? Is there any way to replicate that option? I tried searching for 'recently launched' but that does not work. Why was that option eliminated?

    2. Xanthocephalus on

      Whew, I figured it out. I just need to choose one of the categories and then do an advanced search under 'all categories' and 'newest'. A few extra steps now, but still workable.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gary on


      With the last "improvement" searching for newest, by default included the "staff picks" filter, which I then had to always remove.

      I regularly scan the "newest" projects... now it's even more of a pain in the ass.
      This is NOT better. It may look cooler, but not as functional.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      AND, where you used to be able to just scroll down after pressing the "more projects" button once, now you have to constantly click "more projects"....

      Put back to previous interface!

    5. KevinR

      Fortunately the unregulated joke food projects had already stopped me from looking for new projects outside of Games, so only new Games projects will lose my patronage because of yet another silly decision by Kickstarter.

    6. Menachem Cohen

      Most of my 81 backed projects were found by scanning the "ending soon" category EVERY DAY. I backed projects in categories I never would've seen otherwise. Now I'm not going to see and back projects I might've before, because I will not take the time to go through most categories.

      shalom v'ahava,

    7. Menachem Cohen

      Ok, I see I can search all projects and pick "end date" or "newest" but can you please put the on the "Discover" home page, making it easier to get to?

    8. BG on

      Definitely not a fan. Where is the ability to search "recently launched" across all projects?

    9. Missing avatar

      jeff taylor on

      Not happy with the new changes. I think it looks cheesy. Definitely not an improvment

    10. Stijn Hommes

      Hi Kickstarter, you always tell project creators to communicate with backers, so how is it that none of these people have had any answers in over 12 hours? I too would like to know why you have to select a category first before being able to use the advanced search to get to the latest new projects or the ones ending soon.

      KevinR, why would the games category lose your backing? You can still look at game projects, nothing has changed about that.

    11. Missing avatar

      Cheryl Harris

      I agree, the new UI makes it even more difficult to find what I want to see. I really just want to see 'all the projects I haven't seen before' so I can scan through the new ones (separated by category) for ones I'm interested in.

    12. Missing avatar


      I'm sorry, guys. I know you're trying your best but every chance to the website just makes things worse. Why do we keep losing useful functions in favor of these graphic 'improvements?'

    13. Chris Wynter on

      Oh no... changes. Where is the 'Ending soon' link? Why are projects with days left to run listed before those with just minutes and hours remaining? Being able to list all projects in order of time left was, well, perfect. Is there a way to list all projects as I really don't have time to be clicking on each category in turn? Thanks!

    14. Chris Wynter on

      Alrighty. I now have this link on my desktop. Phew. https://www.kickstarter.com/discover/advanced…

    15. Johnny Hrinda on

      I agree, its now extra clicks to find recently launched, and soon to end projects. And a hassle. I think most of us search these first..right? Cant you add to the existing, instead of taking away key searches? Thanks for listening.

    16. Jason Flora on

      I have been away from KS for a couple of months. I come back today & find the UI has been destroyed?! WTH? It is in no way easier to navigate, it is very difficult to narrow searches down - now requiring a jump to the advanced search form.

      As a backer looking for new projects it absolutely SUCKS! It means that I will no longer be spending time browsing for new projects to support. If I don't come across them on social media or via a news article I will likely never know about them which is sad as most of the projects I've supported have been found while browsing through the site.

    17. Missing avatar

      Katarthis on

      After trying the new interface for a couple weeks I still dislike it. Do you have an API or something that would allow users to dump all active projects into XML or the like so we can parse it ourselves?

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    20. Missing avatar

      indra on

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    21. Missing avatar

      Namaku Keren on

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      teguhbejo on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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