A Few Great Indie Bookstores

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A lot of us here at Kickstarter are passionate book lovers, so we're always stoked to see new independent bookstores popping up and growing into community hubs. Here are six that are doing incredibly cool things.

Ancestry Books, North Minneapolis, MN

Ancestry Books is a community bookstore dedicated to featuring books by authors of color and Indigenous authors who are under-represented in other places. It was originally envisioned as pop-up bookstore that would be run from the creators' porch over the summer, but as people started responding to the idea with excitement, Chaun Webster and Verna Wong decided to find a real storefront.  

Boneshaker Books, Minneapolis, MN

Also in Minneapolis, Boneshaker Books established itself as a radical and progressive bookstore in 2010. Do you need a book delivered by bicycle? No problem! They've done that.

In 2012, they expanded their store to include a nano-cinema, gallery, and larger children's books area. 

Reading Frenzy, Portland, OR

After losing their lease in 2012, this twenty-year-old Portland institution triumphantly relaunched its bookstore and space for indie presses to share their wares. They carry a great selection of zines and small press items, and they also boast a space for art and gatherings. We're big fans of their website, too. 

Hullabaloo Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY

Michael de Zayas wanted to create a bookstore and cultural space in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to support local writers and readers — and so Hullabaloo Books was born. He also established an events series, which host adult literacy classes, teen writing workshops, and poetry readings.

Books and Brews, Indianapolis, IN

This is not just a used bookstore — Books and Brews is also a nanobrewery, with beers named after classic books and literary figures. You can try their Canterbury Tales Pale Ale or Clifford the Big Red Ale while reading — another interpretation of getting lit.

Uncharted Books, Chicago, IL

The folks at Uncharted Books wanted to do more than make a bookstore — they wanted to create a haven for writers and artists (and dogs). They encourage "browsing, loitering, chit-chatting, socializing, drinking, eating, writing, working, hanging out, and staying in," which seems like pretty much every activity possible.

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      Wow, you guys missed an obvious one, The Last Bookstore in LA!!
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    3. Margot Atwell

      This post just highlighted indie bookstores that have used Kickstarter, and only a small portion of those. If I were to list all my favorite indie bookstores in general, it would be a MUCH longer blog post!

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