A Day at the Beach

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Your sandaled feet sink just a little as you step off the boardwalk and onto the sand, walking towards the water. The sun shines mightily in the wide sky, which is only rivaled in blueness by the undulating ocean before you. You even remembered the sunscreen and towels. Yes, it's the first beach trip of the season, and everything is perfect.

But wouldn't things be even more perfect with the help of these projects?

Mr. Everything: All-in-One Charging, Power & Speaker Station

The last thing you need when chilling out beachside is for something to harsh your mellow. And nothing harshes a mellow faster than a dead battery. Mr. Everything is here to prevent that. This weatherproof, all-in-one, smart device will charge your phone, store your valuables, play some tunes, illuminate the party, or even jump start your car. Mr. Everything is one device that truly lives up to its name. 

BevPod | The Slim Cooler

The best cooler is the one you have with you. So why are most coolers barely even portable? BevPod is a revolutionary new cooler that is only three inches thick, for maximum portability. Just freeze the BevPod ice pack, slip in up to 10 cans, zip it, and throw it in a backpack. No matter where you go, you'll be drinking ice cold beverages for up to eight hours. Chill.

Popperball - Portable Paddle Sport Kit

There's nothing quite so satisfying and refreshing as taking a dip in the ocean after a little physical exertion. That's why serious beachgoers bring a football or a frisbee. But now Popperball takes beachside sports to the next level. This super portable paddleball game comes with everything you need to work up a sandy sweat and have fun doing it. Finally, you'll be out of breath from exercise instead of inflating a beach ball.

A New Chapter For Denim - Solid Denim Sunglasses

Blue jeans and sunglasses are the unmistakeable mark of a cool person. So, what if you had sunglasses made out of blue jeans? These Solid Denim Sunglasses are just that – denim infused with resin, layered, and then handcrafted into a super slick pair of shades. This way, even if it's too hot to wear jeans to the beach, you can still rock that denim.

Rebel Swim - Men's swim shorts, designed with a purpose!

The only thing with better vibes than swim shorts are swim shorts that benefit endangered animals. Rebel Swim has created a line of swim shorts featuring five different prints of endangered and threatened animals. The prints are super cute, the shorts are well-designed, and each pair purchased will directly benefit the partner organization of that respective animal. So if you want to get on the whale shark's good side, you know what to do.

Sand Away Spray

It's sad leaving the beach, but that doesn't mean you want to take all the sand home with you. Sand Away Spray is the solution to the longstanding problem of, "Wait, how do I get this sand off?" Before you step foot in the car, just spray those piggies with Sand Away Spray and wipe the mess away. It's good for adults, great for kids, and made of all-natural ingredients that grab that sand and make it stay at the beach where other people can make it into beautiful castles one day.

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