$500 Million Pledged to Games: Thanks, Backers!

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Sometime last night, one of you went and did it — pushed us over the line, hauled us up to a huge milestone: $500 million pledged to games on Kickstarter. That’s half a billion dollars pledged to a wild array of mobile games, party games, artsy games, silly games, FPSes, and MMORPGs. 

What does a half a billion dollars even look like? From our perspective, it looks like 758 backers who took a chance on a little game called Cards Against Humanity back in 2010. Not only did they help launch a phenomenon that’s still going strong — they’ve also stuck around. A full 440 of them had never even backed a project before they supported Cards Against Humanity, but since then they’ve backed 4,474 other projects, an average of 10 each!

Cards Against Humanity (and, um, the Winkel Rattle) dominating Amazon.
Cards Against Humanity (and, um, the Winkel Rattle) dominating Amazon.

And then 219,382 of you supported Exploding Kittens, making it the most-backed Kickstarter project of all time, in any category. Almost half of those backers were new to Kickstarter. Since then, they’ve backed projects like Joking Hazard, Yooka-Laylee, Bloodstained, the Dark Souls board game, Million Dollars, But…, Awful Fantasy, and Chronicles of Elyria.

Overall, more than 2 million people have backed Games projects on Kickstarter, successfully funding nearly 8,000 projects. And more games backers sign up every day. We’re grateful to have a growing community that loves games and loves to show their support for the people who make them. Here’s to the next $500 million!

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