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5 Tips for Running a Dance Project

Our project creators make good teachers. Once a week, we ask one post-success project creator to take a break from the packing and shipping, put pen to paper, and give us their best lessons learned for making and running a great Kickstarter project. Today we talk to Indelible dance company about their gorgeously lighted performance project, Illuminate.


Invest time and energy in creating a good video. Dance is a moving art. Make sure you represent it well!


Make tickets to your performance a backer reward. The show is the culmination of your project, and backers will want to see the finished product.


Don't attempt to reward backers with things that have nothing to do with dance (e.g., homemade dinners, brownies). Stick to what you know.


Tell your mom to tell her friends about your campaign. She's probably your biggest cheerleader.


Believe in the awesomeness of your project. If you think you're great, chances are others will too!


    1. Missing_small

      Creator Scott Sanders on January 20, 2012

      Not just great advice for dance but for any creative project. Especially #5 - your positive energy will be picked up by the people around you - and the people you need to be around you!

    2. 580803_425705734137497_1420329742_n.small

      Creator Vincent Tran on June 7, 2012

      Thanks great advice!