5 Tips for Running a Comics Project

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The lovely Vera Greentea of triple-project fame knows more than a thing or two about how to run a successful Kickstarter project. Having both launched a new comic and campaigned for its next issue, she has a solid grasp on what it takes to rally — and grow — her audience. Just take a look at the backer counts on all three of her projects: 37, 123, then 543. Pretty cool. Vera was kind enough to share her tips on running a comics Kickstarter, so check 'em out below.


Right now, creator-owned projects are a big deal in comics. The message is clear; people are worried about selling their comics along with their rights to the wrong company. (Actually, as far as I can tell, the copyrights conversation is being held in many creative fields right now). So, show your readers that you can create just as a good of a project as any corporation, and they’ll be interested in following your progress.


If you’re new to the industry, Kickstarter is a great way to make yourself accessible to an audience that may become your future fanbase. But you have to make it easy for them monetarily. A PDF costs you nothing but may award you with a lifetime fan. Make it the reward for $1 ($3 at most). Now you have a person that will read your work AND Kickstarter will be emailing them your post updates. Doubly awesome.


Show the goods, and by goods, I mean the art. As a writer, I know perfectly well how little writing matters in comics if the art isn’t there (unless your name is Randall Munroe and you’re brilliant). So, show it in the video, on your homepage and in the updates. The last is so that people keep checking in and actively reminding themselves about your project.


If it’s your first project, start with a fairly low goal. The good thing about comics is that they’re much cheaper production-wise than many other creative endeavors. So start low and print at a smaller scale, then as people see the quality of your work, they’ll be happy to donate/buy the next time.


Be lively. Post updates, answer questions, do a voting poll! Do whatever you can to engage with your audience and make them feel like they are a part of your project. Whatever you do, don’t just post your project and disappear forever. If you do that, you’re kind of missing the point of Kickstarter.

    1. Gabriel Monade on

      Now I just need to collaborate with an artist.

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      melissa o'grady on

      Thank you for this great advice! I'm new to comic making (writing and drawing) and have been wondering how to fund a project I'm in the middle of. It's not as flashy as some, but your advice might give me the courage to put it out there. Thanks!!

    3. Lorenzo Ross on

      Very helpful information and greatly appreciated!

    4. Stephen Synchronicity on

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    5. Vera Greentea on

      Thanks so much for allowing me to write these, Daniella! And thanks, everyone, for reading!

    6. Margaret on

      What a good post, Vera--really good advice!

    7. Steve Broome on

      Lots of good ideas, thanks.

    8. Vera Greentea on

      Wow, thanks so much for the terribly kind comments!!

    9. Ethan Tarshish on

      Very good tips! Thank you

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      Namaku Keren on

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