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24 Hours

There are crazy days and then there are days like yesterday. Kickstarter has experienced some frantic hours but nothing like what happened in the 24-hour span between Wednesday at 6:54pm and Thursday at 6:44pm. Two million-dollar projects, a major political speech involving Kickstarter, an amazing band launching a project for a comeback 20 years in the making... the list goes on. Here's a minute-by-minute breakdown of the day's events.

Wednesday, 6:54pm: Elevation Dock sees its $942,579th dollar, passing the TikTok to become the largest project in Kickstarter history.

Wed, 8:52pm: Double Fine Adventure, a new game project from Tim Schafer and 2 Player Productions, launches.

Wed, 9:38pm: Everyone (us included) starts freaking out.

Thursday, 12:38am: Double Fine crosses $200,000 in pledges.

Thur, 1:51am: Beloved indie band (and office favorite) Black Tambourine launches a project for new material and reunion shows, their first appearance since 1991. Any other time this is the day's big news.

Thur, 5:31am: Double Fine Adventure reaches its $400,000 goal in just eight hours. It's the fastest start to any project in Kickstarter history.

Thur, 7:33am: We notice that Double Fine creator Tim Schafer stayed up all night watching it happen (us too!).

Thur, 9:41am: We announce that Kickstarter will be featured on Portlandia on Friday at 10pm on IFC, and we talk to Fred Armisen (he was very nice). One of the coolest things that's ever happened to us but just another moment on a day like today.

Thur, 11:46am: Newly crowned Kickstarter record-holder Casey Hopkins of Elevation Dock posts an update expressing love for his backers and giving props to TikTok creator Scott Wilson.

Thur, 12:45pm: We're in attendance at the State of the City address at New York's City Hall where New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announces a new effort by the city to support New York-based Kickstarter projects. The proposal gets a huge round of applause.

Thur, 1:15pm: TikTok creator and longtime record-holder Scott Wilson posts an update congratulating Double Fine on their achievement.

Thur, 2:08pm: Elevation Dock becomes the first Kickstarter project to see $1 million in pledges! Wow!

Thur, 2:46pm: Excitement grows...

Thur, 3:20pm: Kickstarter passes $1,000,000 in pledges for the day and it's still light out. The previous single-day record: $736,730, set the day before. The final tally for February 9th: $1,605,981 pledged.

Thur, 3:33pm: A crew from China's CCTV comes to film at the office. Oddly they speak French.

Thur, 5:40pm: Every computer in the office is refreshing Double Fine. When will it hit a million?

Thur, 6:31pm: The team gathers to watch the project on the big screen. When will it hit???

Thur, 6:40pm: USA Today marks Double Fine's impending achievement.

Thur, 6:41pm: Like everyone, we're repeatedly hitting refresh on the project page. When will it hit????

Thur, 6:42pm: DOUBLE FINE HITS $1,000,000 IN JUST 24 HOURS!!!! After not having a single million dollar project in Kickstarter's first two-plus years, there are suddenly two within four hours of each other.

Double Fine celebrates in SF:

And Kickstarter celebrates in NYC:

Thanks and congratulations to everyone on an unforgettable 24 hours. YES!!!!!


    1. Creator Andrew Cornett on February 10, 2012

      What a day.

    2. Creator Idan Cohen on February 10, 2012

      You guys are awesome!

    3. Creator Jonathan Jaeger on February 10, 2012

      The last time I refreshed a page that often was when I was trying to buy concert tickets.

    4. Creator Joe Avella on February 10, 2012

      Amazing what's possible. Future's looking beautiful.

    5. Creator Paul Carpenter on February 10, 2012

      That's awesome! Kickstarter is a fantastic platform and built so very well. It's wonderful that Kickstarter can allow everyday people like me to pursue a dream and make it real. The world is an awesome place these days, that's for sure.

    6. Creator kendel ratley on February 10, 2012

      Teared up reading that! What an unforgettable day.

    7. Creator Jonathan Mann on February 10, 2012

      Congrats everybody!! Yay!!!!!!! Can't wait to play that game...

    8. Creator Eli Rogers on February 10, 2012

      I've never even HEARD of Double Fine. Apparently they have a huge following. Congrats to both of the million dollar projects.

    9. Creator Christy Reedy on February 10, 2012

      The power to make dreams come true....I love it!!!!!

    10. Creator MasterCosmo Solutions on February 10, 2012

      so amazing! Well done everyone. Kickstarter is the place for dreams to come true :)

    11. Creator Andy Baio on February 10, 2012

      Incredible. Hey, old media middlemen: No industry is safe. Kickstarter's coming for YOU.

    12. Creator Steve Niebauer on February 10, 2012


    13. Creator Jacqueline Willis on February 10, 2012

      Congratulations!!! I've actually teared up reading this post. What kickstarter is doing is beyond incredible.

    14. Creator Josh Hartung on February 10, 2012

      Holy crap guys. You continue to kill it.

    15. Creator Nick Crocker on February 10, 2012


    16. Creator Game Company No. 3 on February 10, 2012

      Way to go, keep changing the world!

    17. Creator Kunal on February 10, 2012

      Incredible day- disruption at its finest!

    18. Creator mgalpert on February 10, 2012

      Keep up the AWESOME!

    19. Creator Faruk Ateş on February 10, 2012

      Now *that's* a day of record! Wow.

      I think the most amazing thing is how on Wednesday you set a total daily pledges record, and the _very next day_ it not only gets broken, but it gets _more than doubled_!

    20. Creator Gary Ploski on February 10, 2012

      Astounding stuff. Congrats on the epic day. Wow.

    21. Creator Andy Kickstart McCabe on February 10, 2012

      Stay calm. Remember to breath.
      Nothing will be the same again.
      Your dent in the universe just got a little deeper.

    22. Creator Andy Kickstart McCabe on February 10, 2012

      OH, and do you have a good PR guy? Might need one, or a few.

    23. Creator Added Source on February 10, 2012

      Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously

    24. Creator Julian Tysoe on February 10, 2012

      And a record breaking comic this week too!

    25. Creator Ivan on February 10, 2012

      Any job openings?

    26. Creator Ed Costello on February 10, 2012

      Congrats guys!

    27. Creator Danny Pier on February 10, 2012

      So awesome. Congrats Kickstarter!

    28. Creator AJ Quick on February 10, 2012

      This is absolutely amazing!

    29. Creator Reuben Pressman on February 10, 2012

      Fucking Congrats!!

    30. Creator Lich King on February 10, 2012

      Amazing... I was refreshing all day. Congrats to everyone that had such a great day yesterday!

    31. Creator Andrew & Teresa Lahser on February 10, 2012

      Simply amazing. So is Kickstarter becoming a cultural phenomena?

    32. Creator Marykate Clark on February 10, 2012

      it just feels so cool to know i helped in the making of such an awesome day... =-) ...and there's a Double Fine game in it for me... bonus bonus... =-)

    33. Creator Rick Backus on February 10, 2012

      This is SO inspirational. What a freaking day!

    34. Creator Maura McGovern on February 10, 2012

      way to go kickstarter - congratulations!

    35. Creator Minter Tweed on February 10, 2012

      That is truly awe-inspiring. Congratulations to Double Fine Adventure and Elevation Dock! You give me hope. And none of this would have been possible without Kickstarter. Amazing!

    36. Creator Brian Riemer on February 10, 2012

      so awesome. congrats.

    37. Creator Angel Leon on February 10, 2012

      screw vcs

    38. Creator Aaaaa on February 10, 2012

      Good job Kickstarter.

    39. Creator Paramendra Kumar Bhagat on February 10, 2012

      Now This Is What I Call A Blog Post Like Denzel says in Training Day: "What a day! What a m____f_____g day!"…

    40. Creator Cassie Marketos on February 10, 2012

      THIS DAY! I woke up this morning certain that everything had been a dream — huzzah huzzah huzzah!

    41. Creator Alysara Mayers Green on February 10, 2012

      Amazing, amazing, amazing!! Congrats to all!

    42. Creator Ray Sumser on February 10, 2012

      Amazing.. Way to go!

    43. Creator Stephen Megitt on February 10, 2012

      That's a prefect day. Cue Lou Reed! or Susan Boyle !?!?! wait, what?…

    44. Creator Slim on February 10, 2012

      Wow! That is truly amazing! You guys are not only making dreams come true, but proving that there is an abundance of love in this world!

    45. Creator Jessica Rendall on February 10, 2012

      This update gave me chills! Truly incredible.