2018 Was a Record-Breaking Year for Games on Kickstarter

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Just when you thought the Games category on Kickstarter couldn’t get any bigger, it did. 2018 was the category’s best year yet, featuring over 3,300 funded projects from both household names like Homestar Runner and new voices like Miguel Angel Espinoza

We at Kickstarter are very proud to be part of such a powerful, positive, and proactive community. Here, we look back at 2018 in numbers and projects. 

Backers pledged $200.9 million to Games in 2018, up 18% from 2017 

In 2018, the Games category broke records in terms of both pledges and funded projects. Here are a few more stats from last year:

  • 3,301 Games projects funded in 2018, up from 3,023 funded in 2017. 
  • 868,084 backers pledged to Games projects in 2018, up from 768,818 in 2017. 
  • $946 million pledged to Games since Kickstarter launched nearly 10 years ago. 
  • 3.1 million people have backed a Games project on Kickstarter.

We saw old favorites reborn and new ideas burn bright

Here, our Games team shares some of their favorite projects from 2018:

Boyfriend Dungeon was a labor of love for the Kitfox team and it was so, so great to see the amount of work they put into this project immediately pay off. ‘Date your weapon’ really should have been the anthem of 2018.” —Anya Combs

Inhuman Conditions. Cory O'Brien and Tommy Maranges created a deception/hidden roles game that neither takes two hours nor creates divorces.” —Trin Garritano

“It’s too hard to pick one! I loved Deadball: Year II because the level of simulation, detail, and simplicity really speaks to me as a game designer. Super excited for the Nahual RPG, but I’m also so very curious about how Deus lo Vult is going to turn out!” —Luke Crane

Continuing the quest

Let's make more cool games in 2019! To start, Kickstarter Games will kick off the year with a nod to RPGs zines of yore with Zine QuestLearn how to take part.