2014: The Third Quarter in Numbers

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Isn’t summer supposed to slow things down? We kept plenty busy here at Kickstarter. In the last quarter we announced that we’re opening up to creators in Scandinavia and Ireland, encouraged our community to speak out about net neutrality, celebrated our first year in Canada, revamped our discovery tools, and blitzed the World Maker Faire with our first-ever Kickstarter creator zone. There were film fests, big projects, unexplainably viral projects, the works.

Here’s a quick rundown of stats for the third quarter (July 1 - Sept. 30): 

Dollars pledged to projects: $138,917,566 
Average pledged per day: $1,509,974 
Successfully funded projects: 6,124 
Total backers: 1,079,201 
New backers: 612,596

And even more numbers: 

62,642 people pledged $13.3 million to Ryan Grepper’s Coolest Cooler, making it the most-funded Kickstarter project ever

17,155 Kano computer kits were shipped to backers. (We’ve already installed Doom on ours.) 

10,141 people backed 10 or more projects in the quarter. 

3,000 people (more or less) came out to our first-ever Los Angeles Film Fest. It was a beautiful night! 

2,186 people have hit the “Start a project” button in Scandinavia and Ireland. Creators there will be able to launch their projects on Oct. 21. 

450 pounds of potato salad were served at Zach Brown’s PotatoStock 2014 party in Columbus, Ohio. 

335 people backed 50 or more projects in the quarter. 

203 backers helped bring a hot-tub-equipped Cadillac into existence. It made a guest appearance at the LA Film Fest (see above). 

139 video game and mobile game projects were successfully funded. (We’re especially excited for Moon Hunters!) 

87 maker-y Kickstarter creators showed off their work at the World Maker Faire in New York. 

14 new people joined the Kickstarter team at our headquarters in Brooklyn. 

13 knitting projects were successfully funded. Go crafts

10 backers of Wasteland 2, which was released last month to great reviews, told us about their other favorite Kickstarter-funded games

7 dogs were scientifically determined to be the top dogs of the Kickstarter Film Fest’s New York edition

4 members of the Kickstarter team launched projects on our company Hack Day. One involved pop music, feelings, and bananas

1 corner shop stocked with products made of felt opened in London, thanks to Lucy Sparrow's project.

For even more numbers, check out our stats page, which gets an update at least once a day.

    1. Karen Weiss Kart, Prodigi Kids on

      So awesome Kickstarter is expanding internationally.

    2. Richard Harlow on

      Kickstarter is a great resource leading the way to innovative product launches in the marketplace where the backers are equally important as the product itself. It takes a village people. It takes a Village. -BOLT by Richard Harlow

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      perry immerman on

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      perry immerman on

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      Anil Chandiramani on

      I couldn't find an API to get at the numbers. I would love to have a search API to sort through categories, funding levels, etc. too.

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      deleted on

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    7. Khürt L. Williams on

      Same question as JB. I want to know the number of successfully funded projects that miss deadlines (by 6 months or more), that fail to deliver on promised rewards, that are suspended, that fail etc. As a backer of several projects the numbers you stated in this blog post are meaningless.

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      indra on

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      Namaku Keren on

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