11 Tips to Assemble your Project Dream Team

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Behind every project is a creator, or team of creators, working to make it happen. And while it's perfectly fine to work on a solo project, collaborating with friends or colleagues can be fun and rewarding, too. Sharing the work of running a campaign also means more time and energy to focus on what you're making, and someone to share the successes and challenges with. Here are some tips to help you collaborate more effectively and produce work that you and your dream team can be proud of. 

1. Enlist help from your community—this could be your fellow bandmates, people who you've gone to for advice in the past, or simply anyone who knows you and your work. Make a list of all these people, how you think they could help, and then ask.

2. Once you’ve drafted your campaign messaging, share it with your team. This will ensure that you’re all on the same page about your project’s story and how you’ll communicate it. 

3. Before you launch, ask for feedback on your project draft. Guide the conversation by asking them to pay particular attention to your video, rewards, and description. 

 4. Throw a project promotion brainstorming party. The more places you can plan to share your project, the better. And don't forget to write down those ideas in your launch day plan.

5. Ask people you know with social media skills for help writing up a few Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts. Start by sharing these pointers and best practices.

6. Introduce anyone that’s helping out with your project in your description, or do a “Meet the Team” themed project update.

7. Let your team know when you plan to launch, and how important their early support of your project will be.

8. Ask them to help promote the project within their own circles. Help them help you by sharing your own social media posts or sample copy that they could use.

9. Make sure that you’re working with folks that’ll stick with you through your entire project. Have you worked with them before? Are they available during your entire timeline or do they have other projects coming up?

10. Hold regular check-ins to set clear expectations and to make sure everyone is meeting their responsibilities. Keep each other accountable.

11. Look out for our project collaborators tool, which will allow you to assign specific permissions (like commenting or posting updates) to your project’s team members.

Rob discusses how yMusic collaborates on projects.
Rob discusses how yMusic collaborates on projects.

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This post is part four in a series that shares how you can promote your project on your own. Part one focused on organizing your contacts, part two was all about creating a communications strategy, and part three gave tips on reaching the press.