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  1. The Process: Lisa Glover on Making Paper Dinosaurs

    We first talked to Lisa Glover when she was running her first project, a paper velociraptor that you could assemble yourself. It turned out the internet loves dinosaurs (who could have seriously seen this coming?), and the project blew up — and nowadays Glover is dedicating her time to all things KitRex. She's running a second project, and this time it's for a paper pterodactyl. We asked her to walk us through the process of putting one of these guys together. 

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  2. Introducing Spotlight

    After watching more than 80,000 new creations take off on Kickstarter, we know that a project doesn’t stop at funding. We’ve seen projects go on to win Oscars, open restaurants, send satellites to space, and become a part of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. We’ve watched tens of thousands of projects come to life. Every one of them has a story of its own — and we want to help creators share those stories with the world.

    That’s why we’re so thrilled to introduce Spotlight, a new feature that allows every successfully funded Kickstarter project to tell its story from beginning to end.

    With Spotlight, successfully funded projects will turn into living, breathing homepages for their work. We’ve added simple tools that let creators customize the look and feel of the page, share their progress, showcase what they’ve made, add links to where you can experience their work for yourself, and tell their whole story, from concept to reality, all in one place.

    Curious about how it works? Watch the video below. Curious to see what creators are already doing with it? Start exploring here.

    For creators, Spotlight means the freedom to create a real home for their work, and make sure visitors can see the things they’ve made. For backers, it means an even closer connection with the creative process, and a bird’s-eye view of a project’s progress. And for everyone else, it means never coming across a Kickstarter project and feeling like you’ve missed it all.

    Funding is just the beginning. Now, creators can turn the spotlight onto all the amazing work that comes next: creating great things and sharing them with the world.

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