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  1. Talking Shop: Getting Started in Podcasting

    Everyone seems to be doing podcasts nowadays, but what does it take to get one started? Last week, we hosted a panel of five podcast producers on this exact topic. The panelists included Hillary Frank (host of The Longest Shortest Time), Benjamin Walker (host of Theory of Everything), Farai Chideya (host of One With Farai), Jaime Green (host of The Catapult), and it was moderated by PJ Vogt. 

    Some of the discussion points included getting a show started, the creative freedom the medium allows (you can do anything you want!), and why growing your audience can be a slow but ultimately satisfying endeavor.

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  2. The Process: Printing a Book

    In the 1960's, the signage within the NYC subway system was a total mess. The Transit Authority hired a design firm to come up with a solution, and thus the Graphics Standards Manual was born. It was a 3-ring binder loaded with pages that would dictate every minute detail of transit signage moving forward. Only so many copies were made, and most of them were ultimately lost or destroyed.

    Not long ago, Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth discovered an original copy of the Graphics Standards Manual in a gym locker. They scanned it, shared the scans online, and the site became so popular that they decided to reissue the manual as a hardcover book. We asked Jesse and Hamish to give us some background, and explain the process of printing a book.

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