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  1. Spaces, Places, and Architectural Projects

    No place ever stays the same for long. Maybe that's why we're all always thinking about place, how to define it, and what our own involvement is in it — because there's no place like home, and we all just want a place to call our own, and we don't like feeling out of place. The projects below range from outdoor spaces to neighborhoods to hotels and more, but they have one thing in common: they all focus on a memorable physical location of some kind. And as always, you can find more space-related projects here

    The SoHo Memory Project

    NYC's SoHo has changed a lot over the years, morphing from a tight-knit neighborhood where everyone knew each other, to an artist haven, to the glitzy shopping district that many people think of today. But until now, there's been no organization dedicated to the preservation of SoHo's multifarious history. Artist Yukie Ohta, who grew up in the neighborhood, is taking on the monumental task with the SoHo Memory Project. As she puts it: "Knowing the story of our neighborhood and its significance in the larger history of New York City will enrich the experiences of SoHo residents and visitors alike and will influence how they interact with the people, streets, and idea of SoHo."

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  2. An Important Conversation About Urban Waterways

    Thames Baths
    Thames Baths

    Working at Kickstarter means that exciting trends within the ecosystem of the site are easier to spot. So when we noticed that Chris Romer-Lee, Matt Bamford-Bowes, and James Lowe had launched a project to create swimmable portions along the river Thames in London, we immediately thought about the +POOL, an equally ambitious project based here in New York, that will clean the waterways even as people swim in them.

    We thought it would be a good idea to get on the phone with Romer-Lee, Bamford-Bowes, and Archie Lee Coates of +POOL to talk about how they got where they are now, and how, when they're completed, their projects just might change the way we look at some of the biggest cities in the world.

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