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  1. So Your Project Blew Up. Now What? (Part One)

    Many successful projects follow a pattern: first, there's an initial burst of excitement from backers in the few days surrounding the start of the project. After that, momentum slows down a bit, and the pledges steadily rise through the middle weeks of the project. Then, 48 hours before the end of the funding period, there's another burst of pledges as the people who opted to be reminded of the project's end return to the page.

    But sometimes projects blow up quickly, reaching their goals many times over — often in no time at all. What should a creator do when the interest in their project is significantly larger than anticipated? How do they adjust their expectations on the fly?

    Some of the projects below had pretty big goals, while some were smaller — but all of the creators reached at least 400% of their funding goals. We asked them to share what it was like and what (if anything) they needed to do to adjust.

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  2. This Week in Kickstarter

    Recapping isn't just for soda bottles too big to finish. It's also what we do here every week, as we share a look inside Kickstarter HQ. Enjoy!

    Fire up the grill and dust off the lawn darts, because—here in the States, at least—it's Memorial Day weekend. That means three days of sun, fun, and this track playing on loop in the background. Some folks will even break out the flip flops, but we hope they're careful.

    Meanwhile, the most essential summer project ever, Coolest Cooler, just announced they'll begin shipping this July. We're stoked! That's a pretty incredible turnaround on one of the biggest projects of all time. They also shared this glimpse at their engineering pilot build—a complete, assembled, functional Coolest!

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