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The WCD Project

by Francisco Moreno

Performance in which a hand-painted classic sports car rebuilt by the artist executes donuts in front of a related large-scale painting

ONE OF US: The Making of Tod Browning’s “Freaks” Reimagined

by Michael Kriegsman

A Graphic Novel that reimagines the making of the most controversial movie of all time - and celebrates the differences in all of us!

Celtic Woodturning

by Cornelius (Con) O'Neill

Making high class turned wooden bowls & artifacts using English and exotic woods and offering for sale throughout the Uk and worldwide.

Caley & Kelsey- An Homage to Tap

by Caley Carr & Kelsey McCowan

Help donate to keep tap dancing alive! Support your local artists, musicians, film makers, and local theater.

Little Bishop – A Ceiling Hook for Cable Hung Pendant Lights

by Antony Richards

Skilfully shaped and cast by hand, the Little Bishop holds your light fittings in saintly style.

Awl & Sundry - Handcrafted Custom Shoes For The Modern Man

by Nikunj Marvania

Handcrafted shoes at a revolutionary price for the modern man. Democratizing the luxury of bespoke fashion.

Pioneers of African-American Cinema

by Kino Lorber

Landmarks of early African-American film, remastered in HD from archive elements, digitally restored, loaded with bonus content.

Project of the Day

Im/migrant Nairobi: A Cookbook

by Sandra Zhao & April Dodd

We're making a cookbook that supports & celebrates the fascinating, unexpected, and delicious diversity of Nairobi, Kenya.

Brewin' USA

by Adam Rehberg

"Refreshingly Crisp yet Bold, Overflowing with Interaction," This is the 2-5 player Euro Board Game for the Craft Beer Enthusiast.

Busted: Breast Cancer, Money, and the Media

by Peter Byrne

"Busted" can help save lives by reporting the actual breast cancer risks from California to Long Island. Inform yourself now!

Own Your Ocean - A symphonic rock EP

by Direct Divide

A year ago we left our lives for the road. Help us share our experiences with you through our next chapter of symphonic violin rock.

The Great Southwestern Suzuki Adventure!

by Joseph Cowlishaw

Utah photographer to travel Southwest documenting 'modern Americana,' while challenging the false construct of pristine wilderness.

Kickstart Curium Magazine Edition Two

by Jessi

Two print editions done and our third's so much fun! Help Kickstart Edition Two of Curium Magazine!

The Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience - Education VR

by David Whelan

Using Virtual Reality you will become Neil Armstrong on what is the 20th century's most enduring achievement.

The Rising Star Project (Documentary)

by The 5th Avenue Theatre

Join us in making a documentary of our groundbreaking musical theatre program for high school students.

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