The World’s First Underground Park

Join the Lowline in transforming an abandoned subway station into public greenspace.
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The Genius of Einstein on the Beach

Help bring the story of a convention-shattering opera to the big screen.
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Staff-picked projects

Museum of Digital Art

by Digital Arts Association

Opening its doors with your help, the Museum of Digital Art will be Europe's first physical & virtual museum dedicated to digital arts.

Sketchbooks Based on the Adventures of the 19XX Comic Series

by Paul Roman Martinez

Blank sketchbooks/notebooks featuring Tesla, Hughes, Houdini, and Zeppelin—all characters appearing in the 19XX graphic novel series!

Stash Select: Fiber for a Friendly Planet

by Jo Ann Zimmerman

Help our boutique yarn shop kickstart our own brand of all natural locally made hand knitting yarns!

Help Improve the Floasis!

by Tara McManus

The Floasis is a flow and circus arts space that offers classes, shows, community events, and props for new spinners. Help us improve!

The Tree Bag

by reWrap

A fully biodegradable designer bag, made out of materials from trees

UNIFORM: World's Softest Tee

by Liberty & Justice

Beyond basics - the t-shirt that’ll touch you in ways you won’t forget.

Forbidden Trim

by George Trimm

A film about a commando's mission to unveil a global crime syndicate. Using surfers as cover, he travels deep into the unknown.

Pili Manila Grill

by Kanel

Bring a NEW Taste to the LA Food Movement!

Helionox - The Last Sunset

by Zeroic Games

Helionox is a movement based sci-fi deck building strategy game where great leaders vie for control in a shattered solar system.

Dying Words: The AIDS Reporting of Jeff Schmalz

by Samuel G. Freedman and Kerry Donahue

An audio documentary and companion book about the brilliant journalist who covered the AIDS epidemic as he was dying of the disease

DJ Rob Swift's First New Hip-Hop Album in Six Years

by Rob Swift

I'm creating X-Files: Lost & Deleted, a collection of rare, remixed and reinterpreted songs feat. The Large Professor, J-Live + more!

Project of the Day

Sweet Ruin: The Brooklyn Domino Sugar Refinery

by Paul Raphaelson

A stunning photography book about the abandoned factory, its history, and the surreal interior during its final days standing.

ReadThisNext: Books are for sharing

by Elisha & Dani

We're connecting readers and authors like never before.

The ultimate sleep sanctuary: Kokoon EEG headphones

by Tim

Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.

or, The Whale: an original stage adaptation of Moby-Dick

by Kate Russell

Experience the great American novel like never before.... Through the magic of live storytelling in an epic and threadbare sort of way.

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