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Staff-picked projects

Hip Hop Legends 'My Name Is' Print Collection.

by Martin Donnelly

A limited edition print collection of hip hop's finest as they momz originally intended. By artist Martin Donnelly 'Known As Unknown'

The Adversary: comic book one-shot

by David Crispino

A sword and sorcery tale about the perils of adventuring and the differences between perceived heroics and villainy.

Knitcircus Studio: Gradient Yarns and Craft Community

by Jaala Spiro

Move Knitcircus Yarns out of the house into a studio to make gradient yarn faster and create a space for knitting classes & community!

The Material of Attention

by Christian Burns & Hope Mohr

The Material of Attention, a collaboration between Christian Burns & Hope Mohr, pushes the choreographic possibility of improvisation.

The Light Phone

by Light

A credit card-sized cell phone designed to be used as little as possible. The Light Phone is your phone away from phone.

EMPATHY Shoes; comfy sneaks, personalised x LASERS & TATTOOS

by David Bonney

Super-comfy, handmade, minimalist shoes, laser-embossed with any design you like! From the makers of ATHEIST Shoes.

When I Stutter...

by John Gomez

From the depths of hopelessness to the heights of redemption, these stories will change how you view stuttering...

Dr. Charles Levine GIN KIT – Make your own gin

by Dr. Charles Levine GIN KIT

The Dr. Charles Levine GIN KIT allows you to make your own gin at home. All you need is this kit and a bottle of ordinary vodka.

The Titan Series

by Ray Wehrs

A series of gateway games by the world’s greatest game designers—perfect for introducing your friends to your favorite hobby!

Chicas Poderosas Stanford

by Mariana Moura Santos

Empowering Latin American women in technology in newsrooms, training the leaders of Chicas Poderosas globally.

I’m Making a Boy Band: EXP Mini Album

by Bora Kim & Karin Kuroda & Samantha Shao

The 1st New York based K-pop boy band is coming to you!


by Leon Borensztein

An unconventional photographic essay documenting struggles of a single father and his severely disabled daughter.

Peeps Magazine Issue One

by Peeps Magazine

An indie mag with stories from around the world by anthropologists immersed in foreign cultures. Anthropology for non-anthropologists.

Project of the Day

The Køben - a modern electric bike for the human race.

by Karmic Bikes

The Karmic Koben is a modern ebike that lets you ride faster, go farther, all while having more fun than ever before.

BODY Play - New Draft New England Tour

by Kaycee Filson

BODY Play, a solo performance piece about our bodies, hits the road this June with a NEW DRAFT!

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