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Joel and the bots are ready to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000 — and you can have a front row seat.

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The Maya Angelou Documentary

Support the film that will memorialize the life and legacy of Dr. Maya Angelou, and share her voice with future generations.
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Support a pioneering VR experience that will give you a telepathic glimpse into the minds of strangers stuck in a dark subway car.
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Staff-picked projects

The Monster Project

by The Monster Project

Kids draw monsters. Artists from all over the world recreate them in their own styles. Magic for all!

Project of the Day

The Lost Work of Will Eisner

by Locust Moon Press

The very earliest comics by the great Will Eisner have recently been discovered. We intend to collect them in a beautiful edition.

Nod | Real-life messaging

by Robert Staines

If you have something worth saying, don't say it through a screen. Do it with a twig, a bottle or a flag – send a nod.

Where the Heck is Matt?

by Matt Harding

Matt is dancing around the world again. This time, YOU tell him where to go.

The Blaze Burner - the best back light for bikes.

by Emily Brooke

We set out to create the ultimate back light - focusing on performance, safety and simplicity.

Melula Shoes: Colourful shoes for kids

by Louise Møllermark & Søren Hougesen

Well-designed kids shoes for colourful steps in life.

Fight Hate with Love

by MediaStorm

Fight Hate with Love is a story of one family’s journey to come together after years of incarceration.

U-Rok - Food from the heart for our communities.

by Jacquelyn Jai Waggoner

We are turning our new garage into a commercial kitchen so we can sell local, fresh baked goods and probiotic drinks to our community!

Secret Hitler

by Max Temkin

A social deduction game for 5-10 players about finding and stopping the Secret Hitler.

The Embassy: Audio history and multimedia archive

by Aamer Rahman

An online audio history and multimedia resource dedicated to the 1972 Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, Australia.

The Brothers Comatose NEW ALBUM: City Painted Gold

by The Brothers Comatose

The new album is hatched, it is strong, it is ready to fly - now help us push its lazy ass out of the nest.

'Transfiguration' Photo-Project Exhibitions by Ben Hopper

by Ben Hopper

Help to produce 3 unique photo-exhibitions showcasing international dancers & circus artists in Paris & London.

The Unsplash Book

by Mikael Cho

The first fully crowdsourced open book featuring 250 pages of photos, essays, and art with contributors receiving a % of all profits.

Obscura MIDI 8-bit NES & C64 Chiptune Synthesizer

by Arcano Systems LLC

An Arduino-compatible 8-bit MIDI synth for creating Nintendo, C64, and Amiga-style chiptune music

SPEAKEASY - a new musical

by Danny Ashkenasi

A rollicking musical joining Roaring Twenties Queer NYC with Lewis Carroll's Alice books - performing Feb/Mar 2016.

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