Reboot the Suit

Help the Smithsonian conserve Neil Armstrong’s historic spacesuit, and share it with explorers everywhere.
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Objective: Change the World

Bill Nye inspired a generation through science — now it’s time to bring his story to the big screen.
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Staff-picked projects

Painting Shadows in Finland

by Loretta Mae

I was invited to create a series of works on the ‘shadow self’ in Finland for the Arteles residency Silence.Awareness.Existence

HOME - forgotten places remembered - a Graphic Novel

by Anja Uhren

'Home is where the heart is' - or so people say. I've made a book about a journey to discover what 'home' means to me.

parillaworks: wooden boxes

by John Parilla

Handmade boxes with original designs. Choose an existing design or work with me to design one from scratch.

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY inaugural campaign

by Shannon Gillen

VIM VIGOR is an exciting new dance-theater company in NYC and this campaign will raise funds in support of our 2015/2016 season.

The Bouclier Visor: sun protection on your bike helmet

by Lydia Callaghan

The first bike helmet-mounted visor that shades your entire face: 98% UV blocking, detachable and easy to install. Sun-safe biking!

Superfit Hero - Size Inclusive High Performance Leggings

by Micki Krimmel

Designed to make you feel supported and confident in the gym and beyond. For women sizes XS-3XL. Unleash your superpower!

The Man Who Flew To Earth. Documentary in Post-Production

by Roy Taylor

Follow one stuntman's quest to achieve the impossible: to jump out of a helicopter at 2,400ft and land without using a parachute.

THINK JERKY | Healthy Jerky by Famous Chefs

by Think Jerky

We use sustainably-raised proteins, with restaurant quality ingredients, in recipes by famous Chefs

Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.'s Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter

by Ernest Gary Gygax Jr

The Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter is Ernest G. Gygax Jr.'s opening module for fantasy tabletop RPGs in The Hobby Shop Dungeon series.

Out of Eden Walk - Year Three

by Paul Salopek

Help us grow the nonprofit organization at the heart of Paul’s global storytelling journey.

Project of the Day

Against Nature by Marc Almond, Jeremy Reed and Othon

by Marc Almond, Jeremy Reed and Othon

Marc Almond, Jeremy Reed and Othon will recreate and record a musical album of JK Huysmans novel, Against Nature.

Resonators - The Photographic Book

by Scarlet Page

RESONATORS is a book project of b&w photographs and words featuring some of the most talented and established guitarists in the world.

Two Parts Mischief

by Wild Rumpus Press

Wild Rumpus Press will launch beautiful new stories out into the world starting with the spellbinding book 'Two Parts Mischief'.

Cerberus 500 Series Analog and Digital Chassis with MIDI I/O

by Emanate Audio


901 Nowhere Street

by Sam Tower

Sharply surreal theatre injects classic noir genre with a dose of hypnotic physical expression and an all-female gang of anti-heroines.

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