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Staff-picked projects

Help us host the world's largest hammock gathering...ever.

by Hammock Initiative

We're hosting the world's largest hammock gathering (and setting a world record) in Fargo, ND this spring. Come sway with us!

Obscura: Collected Edition

by David M. Brown

A savage collection of pulp horror and other weird tales! 152 pages of totally unique dark stories await you! Collects Obscura # 1-4.

Davies Drums Co. Handmade Snare Drums

by Andrew Davies

I am building handmade custom snare drums that match the quality of high end companies, at a price all drummers can afford.


by ilvs strauss

Manifesto is a playful, queer dance narrative performance that explores Womanhood. And California Red Sea Cucumbers.

Adaptalux: An Adaptable Miniature Lighting Studio

by Adaptalux Ltd.

A portable macro photography and videography adaptable lighting studio. The only limit is your imagination.

The Original Inside Pocket Company Hoodie

by Brad Dubrowsky

Our project embraces the union of fashion, tech gadgets and safety. We are The Original Inside Pocket Company. Check out our video.

Project of the Day

Subway Sets - The Documentary

by Dan Pierson

We bring NYC's best underground musicians up to rooftops above the city. Now, we're making a film to tell their stories.

Bear Roots Brewing Co.

by Terry and Page Little

On our way to opening a new micro-brew shop and brewery in Vista, Ca. We are inspiring to bring good people together around great beer!

Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics

by Jason B. Thompson

A hilarious, creative card game where you & your friends play comic artists competing for fame over 4 rounds of frantic drawing!

Meet the Composer | Season Two

by Q2 Music

Help us make five new episodes of a podcast about today's exciting, dynamic and all-around inspiring composers, with host Nadia Sirota.

Uncle Art: Elite II Orchestral & Retrogaming Music Remakes

by Holly Jazz Lowe

Dave Lowe remakes some of his most famous Amiga Atari ST C64 ZX Spectrum game music & records Elite Frontier themes with real orchestra

Jamaican Dancehall, an Exploration

by Ireashia Bennett

A multimedia project that documents the culture and people involved in the production of Dancehall music in Kingston, Jamaica.

Tuna on Toast — A Memoir

by Sherri Bobzien

A memoir of growing up with six siblings in the 1970s in Portland, Oregon.

EcoQube C- Your Window to Nature

by Aqua Design Innovations

Plants filter the water. It's the most beautiful and low maintenance way to keep a piece of nature in any space!

Butcher Holler Here We Come, NYC Premiere

by Aztec Economy

Aztec Economy finally brings Butcher Holler Here We Come to NYC after successful runs in Texas, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, & Maryland.

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