Illuminating Public Art

Help make an iconic piece of Chicago’s transportation infrastructure into interactive art.
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Do We Dream Under the Same Sky

Join Rirkrit Tiravanija in building an artist residency for everyone.
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Staff-picked projects


by Alexi Morrissey

Have You Seen Me? transforms the 1980s “kid on the milk carton” advocacy campaign into a memorial for those lost during the Slave Trade

The MyExtraLife Comic Definitive Collection

by Scott Johnson

Finally. Scott Johnson got off his rump and did the thing people have been bugging him about for years now. The MyExtralife Collection!

Stash Select: Fiber for a Friendly Planet

by Jo Ann Zimmerman

Help our boutique yarn shop kickstart our own brand of all natural locally made hand knitting yarns!

Help Us Create for the 2015 ACE Awards!

by Teddy Tedholm

We need financial help to secure costumes, studio space, projector rentals, and payment for dancers for our performance in California.

Giant Unicorn Lamp

by Smoko Inc

Our design embodies the silhouette of our favorite magical icon, the unicorn. It glows a soft-light and has a kick-ass multicolor mode.

The All Day Every Day Pant || PUBLIC REC

by Public Rec

A more stylish alternative to sweatpants, a more comfortable alternative to jeans.

Join the New Doug Sahm Documentary in Spreading 'The Groove'

by Joe Nick Patoski

New Sir Doug documentary needs your help in securing music rights for the film. The time is NOW for the world to honor Doug Sahm!

The Knot & Twist

by The Knot & Twist Bakery

The Knot & Twist Bakery creates hand rolled pretzels, fresh-baked artisan breads, & decadent bread puddings, using local ingredients!

Steamroll: a steampunk puzzle and strategy game

by Jordi Rovira i Bonet

Steamroll is a puzzle and strategy game about solving puzzles by designing and shooting steamballs from your steampunk vehicle.

Pollock l’acchiappa-panzane

by Pagella Politica

Una campagna di fact-checking animati per rendere più difficile la vita ai politici che “sparano panzane”

Project of the Day

Real Vocal String Quartet - Americana EP

by Real Vocal String Quartet

Real Vocal String Quartet is making an Americana EP!

L’Œil de Clairvaux

by Marion Lachaise

Un livre d'artiste interactif sur la prison de Clairvaux. A interactive artist's book about the infamous prison of Clairvaux.

Commodore: The Amiga Years book

by Brian Bagnall

A beautiful hardcover book chronicling the Commodore Amiga years. First hand interviews, insane stories, and lots of laughs.

Oval - The First Digital HandPan

by Oval Sound

A new electronic musical instrument which allows you to play, learn and perform music using any sound you can imagine.

Open Letter Theatre presents 'Boys' by Ella Hickson

by George Naylor

Open Letter Theatre presents 'Boys' by Ella Hickson, at 2015's Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Four students, one flat, one last party!

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