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On October 15, thirty-two theaters across the country will screen our biggest Film Festival yet.

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Eyes Underwater

So much of the world's waters remain unexplored — but this portable underwater drone could change the tides of ocean exploration.
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Something Weird

The American Genre Film Archive needs your help to preserve cult classics for the next generation of experimental film lovers.
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Staff-picked projects

People I've Loved's Pressing Matters

by People I've Loved

We are raising funds to make a great print shop to grow our business, and host workshops and classes.

Focus Shift: Volume One

by Lee Milewski

An adventurous science fiction comic that follows a young pilot, K, as she journeys through a forgotten land to prove her worth.

7th Element - Organic - Vegan - All Purpose Balm

by Nicholas Shepard

Vermont Vegan Supply has created an amazing all purpose balm just in time for winter! It's Organic, Vegan and anyone can use it!

"Braxon Vs. Oregon" San Francisco Premiere

by ENTITY Contemporary Dance

"Braxon Vs. Oregon," an emotive dance theater production surrounding the Death with Dignity Act, makes its San Francisco debut!

Holga Digital - Restyle the Retro Vintage Into New Condition

by Holga Digital

Revolutionize digital camera with the World’s Most Creative Digital Camera System Packed all the Fun Features. Adopted from the Vintage

Kalish & Sons: World's Best Collection of Quality Essentials

by Kalish & Sons Team

World renowned artist Michael Kalish creates a lifestyle brand by remaking classic pieces every man should own and pass down.

Everything is a Remix: Five Year Anniversary Celebration

by Kirby Ferguson

It's been five years since the launch of the popular Everything is a Remix video series. Celebrate by picking up a t-shirt or poster.

ButcherBox: Open your door to healthy, 100% grass-fed beef

by ButcherBox

Take the stress out of eating healthy. Our All Natural 100% grass-fed beef is delivered directly to your door from the best farms.

Allison Road - First Person Next-Gen Survival Horror

by Lilith

Follow us deep inside the house and discover Allison Road

The Beauty Clause

by Melissa Sievers and Jordan Harshman

The Beauty Clause is a book project dedicated to discovering, understanding, and celebrating beauty in cultures around the world.

A new Rainbow Kitten album made only from your samples

by miket

This album will be made exclusively from samples sent to me by you, my friends, fans, family, and backers. Let's make some music!

Project of the Day

Homeschooled: A Photobook

by Rachel Papo

A glimpse into the enchanting world of homeschooled children living in the Catskill mountains of New York. Published by Kehrer Verlag

Understanding Jim Crow: Racist Memorabilia & Social Justice

by PM Press

Help us spark intelligent discussions about racism, teach tolerance, and promote social justice by publishing Understanding Jim Crow.

Salto - Captures your every move. VR, AR, film, VFX, gaming

by Rokoko Electronics Inc.

An entire motion capture studio in one wireless suit. Ready to use in less than a minute for gaming, VR, AR, film, VFX, sports etc.

All-Star Video: A 90's Trope

by Bryan Ortiz

Grab your flannel because the 90s are back at the Overtime Theater.

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