Design in Unexpected Places

Help transform the interiors of Mumbai’s taxi cabs into canvases for local designers.
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Picturing Inequality

Support a group of renowned photographers who are reframing the global conversation on wealth disparity.
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Staff-picked projects

HYBYCOZO - Deep Thought - A 2015 Burning Man Installation

by Yelena Filipchuk & Serge Beaulieu

A laser-cut geometric wonderland, interactive light installation, and a sanctuary for contemplating life, the universe, and everything.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Volume 1

by Isabella Reeves

Printing of the webcomic Hidden in Plain Sight: a futuristic story about celestial aliens and learning what it means to be human.

parillaworks: wooden boxes

by John Parilla

Handmade boxes with original designs. Choose an existing design or work with me to design one from scratch.

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY inaugural campaign

by Shannon Gillen

VIM VIGOR is an exciting new dance-theater company in NYC and this campaign will raise funds in support of our 2015/2016 season.

StemBox: Subscription Science Kits for Girls

by Kina McAllister

STEMbox is a subscription box that makes real science accessible to young girls and empowers them as young scientists.

BADbandana 3: Spirited Bones

by Don Moyer

Spry skeletons frolic and flounce on this somber tribute to the classic bandanas of yesteryear.

Jason and Shirley

by Stephen Winter

The 1966 power struggle between a black gay hustler and a wealthy female director in a 12-hour filming session at the Chelsea Hotel.

Killer Cocktails From Outer Space

by Stephen Wollett

Cocktail recipes inspired by your favorite science fiction. Campy, fun, and maybe even a little crazy.

Relative Paradox: A Tabletop Time Travel Game

by Rian Heist

Collect lost pieces of the broken timeline and restore history before a Paradox closes the link causing the extinction of time itself.

Out of Eden Walk - Year Three

by Paul Salopek

Help us grow the nonprofit organization at the heart of Paul’s global storytelling journey.


by Swing Original Monks

We are Swing Original Monks, a band that mixes everything. We want to finish our album and play it around the globe.

Resonators - The Photographic Book

by Scarlet Page

RESONATORS is a book project of b&w photographs and words featuring some of the most talented and established guitarists in the world.

Project of the Day

A Manual for Urban Projection (MUP)

by Ali Momeni

MUP is a guide for people projecting images in public places, providing concepts, tools, resources, and recipes for urban projection.

BLINKY.SHOES - Blinky LED strips to light up your shoes

by Ultimate Celebration

Add these reactive, customizable LEDs to your favorite shoes and melt brains wherever you go.

Good People by David Lindsay-Abaire at Waterfront Playhouse

by Body Electric Productions

Bringing David Lindsay-Abaire's award-winning story of our times to the East Bay.

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