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The Flying Martha Ornithopter

Named after the world’s last passenger pigeon, this wind-up flying machine soars through the air — just like a real bird.
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Projects We Love

Project We Love
Project image

Trevor Paglen: Orbital Reflector

by Nevada Museum of Art

In collaboration with Nevada Museum of Art, artist Trevor Paglen will launch the first satellite to exist purely as an artistic gesture

Project We Love
Project image

Stormcaller - Graphic Novel

by Clare Thompson

When Stormcaller blows into your life, you may have more than a spell of turbulent weather to deal with...can you face the storm?

Project We Love
Project image

WOODSPIRIT Handmade Swiss Skis

by Bessard

Fabrication artisanale de skis personnalisés en association avec la nature.

Project We Love
Project image

Burden of Joy Costume and Set

by Maureen

Costumes and set add color, warmth and humor to a dream like dance work which potentially challenge the viewers’ notions about death

Project of the Day
Project We Love
Project image

GROW: A Lamp YOU Grow from Mushroom Mycelium

by Ecovative & Danielle Trofe Design

Inspired by nature, designed in Brooklyn, GROWN by you!

Project We Love
Project image

swrve CORDURA® combat wool™ CAPSULE collection

by swrve inc

clean modern shirts and jackets in a luxurious yet durable wool fabric ideal for the office, bar, outdoors, and beyond

Project We Love
Project image

Layers: A Short Animated Film

by Scott Wiser

A love letter to all who struggle with the challenges of life! A beautiful film about a weary traveler versus a mountain!

Project We Love
Project image

Liquid State Brewing Company - Ithaca's New West End Brewery

by James Dean

We are a startup brewery and beer hall in Ithaca, New York, and a community gathering space for all to enjoy.

Project We Love
Project image


by Francois Duret

A sci-fi sandbox game set in an immersive galaxy, with a focus on creative freedom and exploration.

Project image

Hood Digest Goes Global

by Elmer G. Roldan

We say the things you can't and we know you love it. Because it is the truth & it must be spoken. Help #HoodDigest deliver more!

Project We Love
Project image

Georgie and Phoebe's Debut Album

by Georgie and Phoebe

Our debut album - a journey through folk song and percussive dance.

Project We Love
Project image

Words In Sight

by Gillian Hyland

'Words In Sight' is a narrative photography book compiled over 10 years, drawing inspiration from poetry written by the artist.

Project We Love
Project image

Maine the Way - Issue 01

by Maine the Way

Introducing a new kind of publication about Maine. Maine the Way is focused on high-quality art direction and long-form journalism.

Project We Love
Project image

Turtle Rover - waterproof programmable RC robot

by Kell ideas

World's first land drone designed by Mars rover engineers. | Projects of Earth

Project We Love
Project image

The New York Sorta Marathon

by Zach Broussard

The first ever SHORT marathon that anyone can finish.

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