Reporting Between the Lines

Support an initiative to expand journalistic coverage of North Korea’s border.
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Little Libraries, Big Impact

Help get books into the hands of those who need them most.
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Staff-picked projects


by scott teplin

I'd like to complete a large, architectural drawing of a weird hospital and make really nice prints for those who might want/need it.

✔ Check, Please!: Year One

by Ngozi

Help bring the first volume of Check, Please! to print!

Wee Beasties Plush RPG (Roleplaying Game) Fantasy Creatures

by Andi Smith (Whimsy Works)

Cuddle a Manticore! Snuggle an Owlbear! Help us create adorable and soft plush versions of these classic fantasy RPG creatures!

#BLAZEVISION | Underground Choreography | "Don't Tell 'Em"

by Kelly Blaze

Kelly Blaze is working on his 5th video for the #Blazevision "Underground Choreography" dance project | Song: Jeremih - Don't Tell 'Em

Valencia Street Parklet in front of Dandelion Chocolate

by Greg D, Todd Masonis & Dana Crary

With your help, we are going to transform a spot on busy Valencia Street into a beautiful and functional community space.

Photochromia: Creating a future where garments respond

by PAOM + The Crated

Creating a future where garments respond to our environment through Photochromia, an apparel collection of UV responsive digital prints

Subway Sets - The Documentary

by Dan Pierson

We bring NYC's best underground musicians up to rooftops above the city. Now, we're making a film to tell their stories.

Firkin Ales Real Ale House

by Ruth & Lauren

Help us bring Columbus its first Real Ale House. A brewery and taproom devoted to cask-conditioned ales.

Fall of Magic – a role playing game of profound fantasy

by Ross Cowman

Elegant and immersive – featuring a handmade scroll that unrolls as we travel revealing new roads, strange hosts, and perilous choices.

Project of the Day

Marine ecosystem assessment of the Big Sur coast

by Reef Check California

Create a marine ecosystem assessment of California’s remote Big Sur coast to contribute to the conservation of this unique environment

Arms and Sleepers has lots of new music - help us release it

by Arms and Sleepers

Arms and Sleepers is looking to release even more new music and content, but we need your help to make it happen.

1972 - Nakagin Capsule Tower

by Noritaka Minami

1972 is a photobook that investigates the current state of the Nakagin Capsule Tower, an experimental apartment complex in Tokyo, Japan

joe4: read, listen, play or hack!

by Salem

A science fiction book kit. Traditional paper, digital and audio book. NOW microcontroller compatible. Alien music included.

Cycloid Drawing Machine

by Joe Freedman

A Gear Driven Wooden Machine to Make Wonderful Drawings!

Temper Theatre present 'TRIBE'

by Finn Morrell

We are re-developing our show 'TRIBE' and taking it to the Edinburgh fringe festival this summer. We need your help to get us there!

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