The World’s First Underground Park

Join the Lowline in transforming an abandoned subway station into public greenspace.
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Staff-picked projects

My Still Life Project

by Lucile Chaurin Ablanedo

My Still Life project: A series of transatlantic paintings

Elflord REBORN

by Outland Entertainment

The acclaimed Elflord comic series from Barry Blair REBORN!

The Wooden States of America

by Benjamin Aroh

Each state of the union is carved from Pennsylvania Cherry, with hidden magnets to hold anything from banjo picks to bobby pins.


by BOINK! Dance & Film

BOINK! is a modern dance company that explores the infinite possibilities in the world of film and live performance.

The ultimate sleep sanctuary: Kokoon EEG headphones

by Tim

Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.

Save Artisans - Bring Real Kimono to New York Fashion Week

by Hiromi Asai

Kimono artisans and stylist bring Kimono on runway to New York Fashion Week for Saving Kimono Artisans and Arts of Kimono Creation

Forbidden Trim

by George Trimm

A film about a commando's mission to unveil a global crime syndicate. Using surfers as cover, he travels deep into the unknown.

Help Us Build A Youth Food Movement in North Minneapolis

by Appetite for Change

Appetite For Change offers leadership development training to young people who are interested in creating a local food system.

Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition

by Victory Point Games

Defend the city of Farmingdale and its citizens against hordes of Zeds in an effort to survive until the very end in Dawn of the Zeds!

Renegade Inc.

by Renegade Inc.

An international media platform for those who think differently.

10 years of Afro-Peruvian Jazz Music! The Sextet on VINYL!

by The Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet

The Afro-Peruvian Sextet has been together for 10 years. We are putting out a CD and a VINYL record and we would love your support!

Tides & Timber- The First Instant Film Timelapse

by Jeremy Nielsen

Merging the old technology of instant film with the modern trend of timelapse videos in a community project.

Project of the Day


by Hoxton Mini Press

A new book about craft and skill celebrating inspirational makers from London's creative hub

Bartesian: the Ultimate Home Cocktail Machine

by Bartesian

Bartesian mixes you the perfect cocktail in seconds; insert your capsule and select your strength. It's cocktails, liberated!


by Almost Legal Productions

Are there any zombies out there? Don't say that! What? That! What? That! The Zed word.. Don't say it.

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