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The 2015 Arctic Circle Residency

by Maggie Casey

Help a sculptor to join a community of artists and scientists working together aboard a tall ship in the arctic territory of Svalbard.

NINJASAUR Vol. 1 and 2

by Jason Horn

Ninjasaur: Volume Two is a 100 page color collection of the newest three stories. You can also order Volume One, now in full color!

Celtic Woodturning

by Cornelius (Con) O'Neill

Making high class turned wooden bowls & artifacts using English and exotic woods and offering for sale throughout the Uk and worldwide.

Get Matthew Brookoff's Dances Onstage!

by Matthew Brookoff

Help Matthew Brookoff take three stunning ballet works from studio to stage. May 1st and 2nd at City Center Studios.

Little Bishop – A Ceiling Hook for Cable Hung Pendant Lights

by Antony Richards

Skilfully shaped and cast by hand, the Little Bishop holds your light fittings in saintly style.

Princess Awesome

by Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair

Girls shouldn't have to decide between dresses and dinosaurs or ruffles and robots. We're a different kind of girly.

Yoga Schmoga: The Web Series

by Tom O'Brien & Jessie Barr

Grace is not your typical green-juice-drinking yoga teacher. She doesn't have it all figured out but she's trying...

Project of the Day

Im/migrant Nairobi: A Cookbook

by Sandra Zhao & April Dodd

We're making a cookbook that supports & celebrates the fascinating, unexpected, and delicious diversity of Nairobi, Kenya.

Floating Market - A Game of Diced Fruit!

by Matthew D Riddle

Floating Market uses polyhedral dice to create a unique and accessible game experience from the designers of Fleet and Eggs & Empires.

Scalawag: The new magazine for Southern politics and culture

by Scalawag

Scalawag will help build a freer and more just South through storytelling and conversation—in print, online, and in person.

Spoken // New Album 2015

by Matt Baird

2015 is not just a new chapter for Spoken, its a fresh start. PRE-ORDER THE NEW ALBUM FROM SPOKEN NOW!

The British Abroad : Hardback Photo Book

by Peter Dench

The merry antics of the [young] British abroad photographed in all its glorious splendour and excess.

RoboTales Children's Chapter Books

by Jill Williamson

In each story, Robo the robot dog befriends a child who helps him gather a clue to the mystery of who built him and why.

Rayger: Bring Your Music To Life

by Jason Smith

A music frequency responsive LED light show that follows the beat in a unique new way.

Peter/Wendy goes to the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

by Michael Berry-Berlinski

Peter/Wendy at 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Presented by Oakland School for the Arts

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