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Staff-picked projects

Abominable Icebox

by Allen Cruthirds

Abominable Icebox is a studio project focused on creating hand-carved, lightweight, interactive event props.


by Jason Horn

Ninjasaur is a dinosaur ninja who fights crazy bad guys. Aliens, rhinos, a dead robot luchador…no one is safe in this 100 page comic.

Jackson Hole Antler Company

by Jeremy Berrian & Alec Genge

Creating custom antler crafts with local, community found elk, deer & moose shed antlers.

Get Matthew Brookoff's Dances Onstage!

by Matthew Brookoff

Help Matthew Brookoff take three stunning ballet works from studio to stage. May 1st and 2nd at City Center Studios.

Aer Fit Pack: The Gym/Work Bag Designed for the City

by Aer

Carry your gym/work essentials in a stylish, versatile backpack. Take it to the office, gym and everywhere in between.


by Jennifer Muhm & Malorie Catchpole

buddingSTEM offers a complete line of girls' clothes celebrating science, space, dinosaurs, and other things all kids love!

Slave To The Grind - A Film About Grindcore

by Doug Brown

Slave To The Grind is the first feature length documentary on Grindcore

Third Street Goods : An Atlanta Neighborhood Grocer & Market

by Third Street Goods

Our mission is to compel and discover value, nourishment, and wholehearted relationships with our neighbors.

Mistfall - Legendary adventures for 1-4 fearless heroes

by NSKN Games - LudiBooster

Legendary heroes, vile monsters and true fellowship await in the perilous fantasy world of Mistfall!

The Cozy Bee Project

by Jim Fanjoy

The bees need our help, and it's science to the rescue! Help me study which hive design best keeps bees warm and dry.

Drive: Modern Diet Music Video

by Modern Diet

We just finished recording our debut ALBUM! Now we need YOUR help to produce a MUSIC VIDEO!

The British Abroad : Hardback Photo Book

by Peter Dench

The merry antics of the [young] British abroad photographed in all its glorious splendour and excess.

93.5 KNCE: True Taos Radio

by KNCE 93.5, True Taos Radio

Help improve the equipment, signal, and reach of 93.5 KNCE True Taos Radio, a new experiment in grassroots community media.

Project of the Day

BoXZY Rapid-Change FabLab: Mill, Laser Engraver, 3D Printer

by Justin and Joel Johnson

Rapidly transforms into 3 kinds of machines: CNC Mill, 3D Printer & Laser Engraver while enhancing precision & power with ballscrews

The Republic - Immersive Theater Experience

by The Republic - Immersive Theater

Immersive theater meets gaming in this interactive performance experience. Step into a fully themed world where you control the ending.

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