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Support a pioneering VR experience that will give you a telepathic glimpse into the minds of strangers stuck in a dark subway car.
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Staff-picked projects

Breakfast Cereal Mascots Mandala: Limited Edition Print

by Jon Adams

From the pages of Lucky Peach magazine, find inner peace while meditating to over 40 breakfast cereal mascots.

Future of Comics: From Peow

by Patrick Crotty

5 NEW WORLD COMICS: Guillaume Singelin, Wai Wai Pang, Mathilde Kitteh, Luca Oliveri, Mackenzie Schubert and Patrick Crotty

Nod | Real-life messaging

by Robert Staines

If you have something worth saying, don't say it through a screen. Do it with a twig, a bottle or a flag – send a nod.

Where the Heck is Matt?

by Matt Harding

Matt is dancing around the world again. This time, YOU tell him where to go.

DIY Mini Whiskey Barrel

by Kyle Brown

Ages and improves the taste of spirits, wine and cocktails - in a matter of hours.

Comfortable & fashionable design shoes with a twist

by Anke & Inge Kuipers

Shoes of true quality created with amazing materials, fair labor and outstanding design. Dare to walk your dreams with Bend-it!

Paper Chase

by Lauren Domino & Angela Tucker

A comedy set in New Orleans about a young girl raising money for college by any means necessary!

The Deep End - Dive Into Your Imagination

by The Deep End

The Deep End: Lovingly prepared comfort food and unforgettable events in NYC. Help us create a magical space for our community!

New World Magischola: A College of Wizardry Larp

by Learn Larp, LLC.

Realize your dream of being a wizard at a magical school and help make the North American magical universe come to life!

10,000 RIDES: What it's REALLY like driving for Uber & Lyft

by Chris Lin

My illustrated journal driving thousands of strangers in San Francisco!

Music for Cats

by David Teie

Now that we are fully funded, the album featuring the first-ever music scientifically proven to enrich cats' lives can be ordered here.

New York Said: Volume Two - Photography by Amon Focus

by Amon Focus

NEW YORK SAID is a photo series by Amon Focus that explores the subtle messages hidden in plain sight around New York City.

The Dark North - Illustrated Nordic Sci-Fi & Fantasy

by Charles Wood AB

The Dark North – Volume 1 is a premium coffee table art book with new stories from Scandinavia's best illustrators and concept artists.

Project of the Day

Tingbot - Raspberry Pi made even more fun!

by Tingbot

Transform your Pi into a platform for creative applications. Make fun things, get coding and share amazing projects.

The Mountains of Madness by HP Lovecraft - Live!

by Icarus Theatre Collective

Icarus Theatre Collective brings you the first theatre adaptation of H.P.Lovecraft’s chilling masterpiece “At the Mountains of Madness"

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