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Joel and the bots are ready to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000 — and you can have a front row seat.

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The Lost Poems of Pablo Neruda

Archivists have unearthed a cache of Neruda’s previously unpublished works. Help bring this literary treasure to the public.
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Support a pioneering VR experience that will give you a telepathic glimpse into the minds of strangers stuck in a dark subway car.
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Staff-picked projects

Cartoon Universe 2016 Calendar and Painting Studio Residency

by Ray Sumser

Get a calendar of I-spy cartoon craziness and support a yearlong studio residency. Original art ships regardless of funding.

Outliner: The Comic Book To End All Comic Books

by Arthur Delaney

A rulebreaking graphic novel about a young man with the power to redraw reality by bending the outlines of the drawings we put him in.

Nod | Real-life messaging

by Robert Staines

If you have something worth saying, don't say it through a screen. Do it with a twig, a bottle or a flag – send a nod.

The Brooklyn Nutcracker Sweet!

by Brooklyn Ballet

Be a part of Brooklyn dance history--The Brooklyn Nutcracker Sweet!, a sparkling production updated from the original Nutcracker.

"Don't Cuddle the Krampus" Retro 80's Toy Line

by Warpo

The first retro collectible toy line based on Krampus, Santa's wicked counterpart, reimagined as an iconic monster toy of 1986.

Comfortable & fashionable design shoes with a twist

by Anke & Inge Kuipers

Shoes of true quality created with amazing materials, fair labor and outstanding design. Dare to walk your dreams with Bend-it!

A Lilly in Bloom

by Evan Storch

A short film about a transgender woman who gets denied her prescription from two callous pharmacists .

Heather's Choice // Meals for Adventuring

by Heather Kelly

Dehydrated meals + snacks for your next adventure! Gluten, soy, and dairy free, sustainably sourced + delicious.

Treatment - a psychiatry card game

by Markus Takanen

A fun, elegant and inclusive psychiatry themed card game. Become the best and most popular psychiatry professional among your friends!

The Embassy: Audio history and multimedia archive

by Aamer Rahman

An online audio history and multimedia resource dedicated to the 1972 Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, Australia.

VERSUS VIDEO GAMES IV: The Metal Tribute To Video Game Music

by Daniel Tidwell

A new album of intense metal tributes to video game music from Daniel Tidwell (aka metaldaniel03). Warning: YOUR PANTS ARE NOT SAFE!

'Transfiguration' Photo-Project Exhibitions by Ben Hopper

by Ben Hopper

Help to produce 3 unique photo-exhibitions showcasing international dancers & circus artists in Paris & London.

RAW: A Hannibal/Will Fanthology

by Bad Influence Press

An anthology tribute to the relationship between Will Graham & Hannibal Lecter, featuring over 200 pages of art, comics, and fiction.

Project of the Day

ACPAD – The Electronic Orchestra For Your Guitar

by Robin Sukroso

Play hundreds of instruments, samples, effects and loops – on your acoustic guitar. ACPAD puts an electronic orchestra in your hands!

"Where was I" - an autobiographical play on Dementia

by Urša Adamič & Nina Šorak

A theatrical play on Alzheimer’s and the challenges of loving a person who keeps disappearing.

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