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Trevor Paglen: Orbital Reflector

Visible from Earth, it will be the first satellite to exist purely as an artistic gesture. Join Trevor Paglen in launching this reflective sculpture into space.
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Projects We Love

Project We Love
Project image

2018 Robot Calendar

by Matt Dixon

An A3 sized wall calendar featuring robot paintings taken from my Transmissions art books.

Project We Love
Project image

The Foxglove Wood

by Katie Whittle

An experimental one-shot horror comic.

Project We Love
Project image

WOODSPIRIT Handmade Swiss Skis

by Bessard

Fabrication artisanale de skis personnalisés en association avec la nature.

Project We Love
Project image

The Dance Cartel presents: WET CLUTCH

by Ani Taj

A groundbreaking DRIVE-IN DANCE EXPERIENCE reimagining heroines from the last four decades of American cinema.

Project We Love
Project image

MOVI: the Designer Standing Desk to Improve Your Health

by MOVI Workspace

MOVI is the most innovative, ergonomic, spacious standing desk add-on. Sit and stand effortlessly with one-touch electric lift.

Project We Love
Project image

Çaplait Shoes: Help Support Ethical Fashion

by Çaplait Shoes

We’re on a mission to preserve a traditional handcrafted sandal of Pakistan and support ethical fashion while doing so.

Project We Love
Project image

Holy Trinity Movie

by Full Spectrum Features NFP

A story about a queer girl named Trinity who huffs the contents of a magic aerosol can and develops the ability to speak to the dead.

Project We Love
Project image

Misen Cookware

by Misen

Incredible Cookware at an Honest Price. Featuring 3.0 millimeter thick, 5-ply stainless steel.

Project of the Day
Project We Love
Project image

Evolution - The Video Game

by North Star Games

Can you adapt to the changing environment or will your species go extinct? The award-winning Evolution is coming to PC, Mac and mobile.

Project image

The Common Sense Network | 100% People Funded News Network

by Mike Omoniyi

Tired of the billionaire funded mainstream media? Fund the first ever 100% people funded online news network for millennials in the UK.

Project We Love
Project image

FOREST FULL OF WOLVES/by Americana songwriter, Bill Mallonee

by Bill Mallonee

FOREST FULL OF WOLVES~ Coming January 2018. "A passionate, guitar & lyric driven, Americana rock record...and timely." ~ Bill Mallonee

Project We Love
Project image

GIRLS by Luo Yang

by Luo Yang & MO-Industries

Empowered Chinese Femininity: GIRLS (2007-2017) by Acclaimed Chinese Artist Luo Yang

Project We Love
Project image

Delilah, The Yoga Goat - A Children's Book

by Mary Miller-Jordan

True story about a little goat that was born different and became a goat yoga Superstar. Co-created by a 6 yr old and her mother.

Project We Love
Project image

TEAMOSA: Your Personal Tea Brewing Master


An automated tea brewing machine that uses ultrasonic extraction to retain up to 20% more antioxidants than traditionally brewed tea

Project We Love
Project image

The 3rd Hawaii Sketch Comedy Festival

by The Hawaii Sketch Comedy Festival

It's like "Saturday Night Live" in Hawaii! Comedy/Music/Awesome! Sat-Sun Oct 21-22, 2017 at Doris Duke & Arts at Marks in Honolulu!

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