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Staff-picked projects


by More Art

Borrowed Light is a sculpture and sound installation with community-driven workshops and performances in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Mystery Science Storybook

by Dave Chadwick

Bedtime Tales Based on the Worst Movies Ever. Written and illustrated by Sugar Ray Dodge.

The Sanguine Sock -- Circular Knitting Machine - Startup

by Amber Wilson

Through the purchase of a circular sock machine, I will create quality wool socks that are fun to wear and make people happy.

Get Matthew Brookoff's Dances Onstage!

by Matthew Brookoff

Help Matthew Brookoff take three stunning ballet works from studio to stage. May 1st and 2nd at City Center Studios.

Deadline Skateboards - Handcrafted in Northern Ireland

by Oli Edgar

Inspired by a passion for skateboarding and an appreciation for craftsmanship, I handcraft skateboards here in my workshop in N.Ireland

Takaokami - Rainwear for the urban life style

by Emma Jorn

Feminine and bike friendly rainwear designed for graceful and fashionable living in rainy cities. Danish fashion meets practical wear.

Who Owns Yoga?

by Bhanu, Micah and Marie-Helene

Who Owns Yoga? is a feature length documentary film that explores the changing nature of yoga in the modern world.

Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen: the home stretch!

by Laura Sorensen

Seriously great coffee + farm-to-table, conscientious, nourishing, crazy delicious food in a bright, modern space that just feels good.

Cat-Shaped Life

by Gamawilo

A 2D point-and-click RPG cat life simulator which plays like Munchkin meets Princess Maker or Long Live the Queen.

Russia Insider - Challenge the Media. Let's Push Back!

by Charles Bausman

Stretch goal of $60,000! Non-profit, alternative news media. Exploring bias, corruption in corporate media. Global citizen journalism.

Make Music Upper Perk 2015

by Cathy Sweeney

3rd Annual Free Music Festival in the Upper Perkiomen Valley on June 21st; open to everyone!

Alpamayo to Yerupaja

by Eric Hodges

Raising awareness to the effects of global warming through photographs of the high mountains of Peru.

Children's Book - "Astray and the Shelter Dogs"

by Katy McDermott

Children's book about dogs at a shelter looking for homes. Wide-eyed pup "Astray" unites his new friends to help one dog in particular.

Project of the Day

BoXZY Rapid-Change FabLab: Mill, Laser Engraver, 3D Printer

by Justin and Joel Johnson

Rapidly transforms into 3 kinds of machines: CNC Mill, 3D Printer & Laser Engraver while enhancing precision & power with ballscrews


by Catherine Galasso and Keith McDermott

THE FLOATONES, a play by late downtown theater legend, Jim Neu, makes a comeback at La MaMa 20 years later with an all new cast.

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