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On October 15, thirty-two theaters across the country will screen our biggest Film Festival yet.

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Eyes Underwater

So much of the world's waters remain unexplored — but this portable underwater drone could change the tides of ocean exploration.
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To the Moon

Join a mission to redefine the parameters of space travel.
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Staff-picked projects


by James Weingrod

What happens when you combine 1 artist, 15 students, countless hours of labor and 1 BIG idea? An immersive, transformative experience!

Duck! Third Time is the Charm

by Tana Ford

Duck and her lesbian entourage descend on PTown for Memorial Day weekend and have themselves a crazy time.

Parenting Merit Badges by One Bad Mother

by Maximum Fun

We've created merit badges for parenting. Like girl scout badges, but for cleaning up baby barf and getting your kid to sleep!

The Goodbye Studies Tere O'Connor

by Tere O'Connor

A new choreographic work created with 12 dancers engaging complexity as its generative motor.

Luminoodle: Versatile USB Lighting Solution

by Power Practical

Use-everywhere portable LED light rope & lantern that sticks, ties, hooks, or hangs on virtually anything.

L O U I S E K Ö R N E R - Contemporary Womenswear Label


High end Contemporary Womenswear label creating clothing with unique prints focusing on great fit and comfort #LKMovement #WearCosmic

New Video Music "Struck You" by City Kay

by City Kay

City Kay prépare la réalisation de son prochain clip : "Struck You". Nous avons besoin de votre soutien pour mener ce projet à bien !

The 8x8 Cookbook--Square Meals for Weeknight Dinner

by Kathy Strahs

Getting a delicious "square meal" on your dinner table just got a whole lot easier!

Little Pig

by Tim Eisner

Outwit the other pigs to be the first to build three houses in this mischievous game of deduction and double think for 2-3 players.

Conceivable Future website

by Conceivable Future

Conceivable Future is a women-led network of Americans bringing awareness to the threat climate change poses to childbearing.

Project of the Day


by Daniel Boyle

Help us Produce Max Romeo's new album - Using original the vintage 'Black Ark' equipment, and original players of instruments!

Making Contact: An Emulsion-based Photography Exhibit

by The Halide Project

A photography exhibit showcasing a variety of traditional and alternative processes in Philadelphia, with free educational programming!

TIA Girl Club: The World's Best Empowerment Box for Girls

by Vanessa Schenck

We send tween girls monthly Treasure Boxes with inspiring female role models & positive messaging to help empower girls to be great!

ZeroPi - Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatible development kit

by ZeroPi Team

ZeroPi is a new generation development kit for robotic motion structure system and 3D printer with Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatible.

All-Star Video: A 90's Trope

by Bryan Ortiz

Grab your flannel because the 90s are back at the Overtime Theater.

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