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Staff-picked projects

Museum of Science Fiction: "Future of Travel" Exhibition

by Regan Samul, Curator Washington, DC

The Museum of Science Fiction is almost here! With a little funding, we can open our first exhibition this summer at Reagan Airport.

Mars Attacks Occupation Trading Cards

by The Topps Company

Mars Attacks: Occupation is the all-new trading card set based on Topps' infamous and iconic sci-fi series.

Kobeiagi Kilims: traditional hand-woven rugs with a twist

by Kobeiagi Kilims

Our kilims feature a contemporary design and are hand-woven in Bosnia using traditional techniques.

Angie Pittman to Vienna for danceWEB!

by Angie Pittman

For dance artist Angie Pittman to participate in danceWEB in Vienna, Austria this summer!

The Light Phone

by Light

A credit card-sized cell phone designed to be used as little as possible. The Light Phone is your phone away from phone.

The Thirst Windbreaker

by Sam Winslow

USA made performance windbreakers inspired by the nautical 80s. Fusing style+modern design to create a classic shell for men and women.


by Grey Cusack

A quirky social satire about a young woman always embarrassing herself and the old friend with a secret that will change everything.

Montclair Bread Co.

by Rachel Crampsey

A bread bakery, with a doughnut addiction, creates a community space.


by Matt Hein

Your wūka is a silent, educational toy that consists of individual squares held together by a binding called a “link.”

Project of the Day

Rebuild Radio with WLPN in Chicago

by Public Media Institute

Help us build a radical non commercial Low Power FM station in Chicago called Lumpen Radio

Ayatollah presents: COLOSSUS (limited vinyl hip hop release)


We're pressing an instrumental Hip Hop LP (500 vinyl copies) never to be re-pressed again. De La Soul inspired our use of kickstarter!!

The story of the Spanish Hunting Dog - a photography book

by Martin Usborne

These majestic dogs have had a dramatic fall from grace. Help bring their story to a wider audience in a large photography book.

Bowie + Kraftwerk inspired Synthpop, the 80s + The Future


How David Bowie, Kraftwerk and cheap synths displaced rock'n'roll, changed what it meant to be "in a band" and invented Modern Pop:

Nüdel : Evolutionary Making System

by Tim Black

Nüdel is an online evolutionary making system that allows community members to create and order custom construction kits

Cicada Studios presents "Miss Sarah"

by Cicada Studios

Cicada Studios presents, as their inaugural production, a new-writing world premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

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