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Staff-picked projects

Breakfast Cereal Mascots Mandala: Limited Edition Print

by Jon Adams

From the pages of Lucky Peach magazine, find inner peace while meditating to over 40 breakfast cereal mascots.

Terminal Protocol

by Jordan Alsaqa

A scientific genius pushes the limits of artificial intelligence and robotics in an attempt to save her husband's life.

Nod | Real-life messaging

by Robert Staines

If you have something worth saying, don't say it through a screen. Do it with a twig, a bottle or a flag – send a nod.

Where the Heck is Matt?

by Matt Harding

Matt is dancing around the world again. This time, YOU tell him where to go.

The Light Clock

by Chris Carter

A more beautiful way to tell the time. The Light Clock uses hands of coloured light to create a stunning timepiece.

The Revolutionary "NO SWEAT" Pant w/10 features & Nature2X®

by DU/ER performance denim

You no longer have to wear uncomfortable or restrictive pants that make you sweat and prevent you from performing or looking your best.

Selling Our Daughters - The Price of Lies

by Shine Global

Exploring the dark side of child advocacy through the story of an “activist” who misrepresents Thai girls as sex trafficking victims.

New World Ales Brewery and Hop Ranch

by Mark Denari

Bring back brewing tradition with New World Ales. Our estate grown hops and traditional brewing practices make our ales truly unique.

Song of Horror by Protocol Games

by Protocol Games

Song of Horror is a story-driven third person survival horror. 16 playable characters, permanent death and paranormal terrors await!

Help Reveal Go Weekly

by The Center for Investigative Reporting

Reveal combines in-depth investigative reporting with first-rate storytelling. Help us get to the bottom of our next story!

The Hip Abduction - New full length album

by The Hip Abduction

The Hip Abduction is an afro-pop/ indie-rock band hailing from St. Petersburg, FL. We have a new album you should hear :)

the AIDS activist project: Portraits & Stories, 1989–1998

by Bill Bytsura

A book of B&W photography by Bill Bytsura documenting the people and stories behind the AIDS activist movement between 1989–1998.

Agent of the Imperium: Marc Miller's Traveller Novel

by Marc "Traveller" Miller

Marc Miller has crafted his vision of the Traveller universe: a novel showing the grand sweep of the vast empire of the far future.

Project of the Day

Tingbot - Raspberry Pi made even more fun!

by Tingbot

Transform your Pi into a platform for creative applications. Make fun things, get coding and share amazing projects.

Crowley & Co.'s The Locker @ VAULT Festival 2016

by Crowley & Co.

Crowley & Co. are taking over an entire room of VAULT Festival 2016 for two weeks of new plays, music, workshops and comedy.

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