Reinventing Kill Screen

Support the innovative magazine working to bring cultural dialogue to the forefront of the video game industry.
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Call Me Ishmael

In this novel installation, vintage payphones are transformed into interactive tools for the discovery and celebration of new books.
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Project of the Day

Odyssey Works: Six Proposals for a More Beautiful World

by Odyssey Works

A radically new approach to art and performance based on nearly 15 years of performances for one-person audiences.

HexComix : Next Level Launch

by HexComix

Take HexComix to the next level! Fund the printing of the Hex11 Volume One trade and each issue of Volume Two!

Nod | Real-life messaging

by Robert Staines

If you have something worth saying, don't say it through a screen. Do it with a twig, a bottle or a flag – send a nod.

The Brooklyn Nutcracker Sweet!

by Brooklyn Ballet

Be a part of Brooklyn dance history--The Brooklyn Nutcracker Sweet!, a sparkling production updated from the original Nutcracker.

The Light Clock

by Chris Carter

A more beautiful way to tell the time. The Light Clock uses hands of coloured light to create a stunning timepiece.

SewRaw • Modern Design. Traditional Construction.

by SewRaw Footwear

Colorful • Quality • Unisex • Leather shoes handcrafted in Thailand by lifelong craftsmen.

Big Fur – a taxidermy marries Bigfoot documentary

by Dan Wayne

If World Champion taxidermist Ken Walker can't find Bigfoot, he'll make one.

The Deep End - Dive Into Your Imagination

by The Deep End

The Deep End: Lovingly prepared comfort food and unforgettable events in NYC. Help us create a magical space for our community!

Not Your Space : Customizable Sci-Fi Real Time Strategy

by Bob Saunders

A fast-paced sci-fi RTS set in the over-populated galactic core, designed to let you play any way you want. Challenging,Fun, Gameplay++

In Other News: Reporters on Reporting

by Stephanie Forshee & Rosie Downey

Journalists Stephanie Forshee and Rosie Downey are writing a book about a dozen reporters who have made an impact in their field.

PATAGONIA - A new full-length album from Sheridan Fox

by Sheridan Fox

Help Sheridan finish manufacturing his new album so he can send it to you. Yeah, you! @thesheridanfox #patagoniaalbum

The Dream by Fabio Bucciarelli a Photo Book About Refugees

by FotoEvidence

Fabio Bucciarelli has documented the plight of refugees fleeing the revolutions of the "Arab Spring" since working in Libya in 2011.

Nadia Kaabi-Linke's Monograph, Matter Matters

by Dallas Contemporary

The book Matter Matters will organize and analyze the prolific output of artist Nadia Kaabi-Linke from 2010-2015.

Pulse - Your Camera, Upgraded.

by Kris Cheng

Stills. Timelapse. Video. Complete control of your DSLR or Mirrorless camera from your smartphone. Wirelessly.

"Where was I" - an autobiographical play on Dementia

by Urša Adamič & Nina Šorak

A theatrical play on Alzheimer’s and the challenges of loving a person who keeps disappearing.

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