On October 15th, 32 theaters across the country will screen our biggest Film Festival yet.

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Summon Your Magic

Find out where your origins will take you in an epic new game from the creators of Divinity: Original Sin.
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The World’s Cleanest Power Plant

Support a team of architects who are working to reduce carbon emissions by making art in the sky.
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Staff-picked projects

Little Dipper—It All Starts With Fabric

by Emilie Drumm & Keith Anderson

We produce unique fabric + products, while celebrating artists, designers and makers.

Chief O'Brien at Work Graphic Novel

by Jon Adams

The beloved and painful Chief O'Brien at Work webcomic is now a big book! Perfect for fans of space travel, dead-end jobs, and ennui.

Paleo Pals ™ - Andy the Anomalocaris

by Chenoa Ellinghaus

Adopt a cuddly prehistoric plush sea-bug that encourages science, education, and fun! It's CUTE! It's WEIRD! IT'S PALEONTOLOGY!

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY inaugural campaign

by Shannon Gillen

VIM VIGOR is an exciting new dance-theater company in NYC and this campaign will raise funds in support of our 2015/2016 season.

Hand-Lettered from A to Z: An Alphabet Coloring Book

by Free Period

A coloring book (for adults and kids!) featuring one awesomely illustrated letter per page.

Borderland Goods Apron

by Borderland Goods

We are a craft-oriented outfit. Using quality materials and the integrity of lasting design, we bring our passion to you, our patron.

Funding 24 At-Risk Young Women to Learn Filmmaking

by Mythic Bridge

The mission of Mythic Bridge is to provide free hands-on, narrative filmmaking education to at-risk youth.

ILĀ | Essentials for a beautiful home by Sunday Suppers

by Karen Mordechai | Sunday Suppers

ILĀ is a collection of essential ingredients for your kitchen + home.

Vurt: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game

by Ravendesk Games

There’s a feather that opens a door in your mind. There’s a door in your mind that opens to infinite worlds.

Help Us Make Another Season of The Yarn

by Travis Jonker and Colby sharp

We'd like to continue to make a high quality audio show that takes listeners behind the scenes of children's literature.

Cellista: A First Solo Album devoted to the SF Bay Area

by Freya Seeburger

I am recording my first solo album of cello music. Love songs for the SF Bay and especially the artists of downtown San Jose.

Finding Shelter- Portraits of Volunteers and Shelter Animals

by Jesse Freidin

Finding Shelter chronicles the deep, intimate bond between animal shelter volunteers and the abandoned animals they care for.

Project of the Day

Soundimals: How to Sneeze in Japanese

by James Chapman

An illustrated guide to international onomatopoeia, compiling the sounds of eating, sneezing, clapping and many more into a fun book

HAIKU your bike assistant


Next generation of bike computer for smart urban cyclists: get on your handlebar just the info you need from your smartphone.

Never Ending Night

by Bonnie Adair

An immersive theatrical imagining of life within a community after a worldwide epidemic, to be performed at The London Waterloo Vaults.

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