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Staff-picked projects

Experience The Commonwealth of New Island

by Lee Walter Mothes

The New Island Guidebook is ready to print! Be one of the first to explore this 12,000 square mile work of art. It's a BIG island!


by Claire Connelly

Two new graphic novels from indie comics creator CLAIRE CONNELLY. Both books are a collections of short stories.

Vice Yarns - a little vice is always nice

by Elizabeth Inman

Professionally hand painted yarns, vibrantly unique hues in skeins and long color changing cakes.

The Material of Attention

by Christian Burns & Hope Mohr

The Material of Attention, a collaboration between Christian Burns & Hope Mohr, pushes the choreographic possibility of improvisation.

Project of the Day

The Hermann Zapf Sketchbook Project

by The Kelly-Winterton Press

A facsimile edition of an unpublished masterpiece of calligraphy and painting by Hermann Zapf.

The Thirst Windbreaker

by Sam Winslow

USA made performance windbreakers inspired by the nautical 80s. Fusing style+modern design to create a classic shell for men and women.

Neurophreak, a sci-fi / horror short for Damnationland

by George Dalphin

A unique vision of the future, Neurophreak is the story of a woman rediscovering her humanity while identity itself is dissolving.

Twist Cupcakery

by Alexandra 'Kate' Rivers

Twist Cupcakery needs your help launching our gourmet Cupcakery in Downtown Dayton

Herald - An Interactive Period Drama

by Wispfire

Herald is an interactive period drama about colonialism. A choice-driven, 3D point and click adventure game for PC, Mac and Linux.

Mary Review

by Mary

A magazine, by women, for everyone.


by The Band Called FUSE

The Band Called FUSE records a one-of-a-kind live album and concert movie in Brooklyn!

"I Used To Be You"

by Kyoko Hamada

Hamada has been photographing herself as her elderly alterego since 2012 confronting ageing, mortality and one's own legacy.

Bowie + Kraftwerk inspired Synthpop, the 80s + The Future


How David Bowie, Kraftwerk and cheap synths displaced rock'n'roll, changed what it meant to be "in a band" and invented Modern Pop:

Wakē - Changing the Way the World Wakes Up

by Lucera Labs

Wakē is a modern alarm clock that wakes you up with a personal sunrise and focused sounds - waking up each person in bed individually.


by Amy Rush

Created for event entertainment, Depict-O-Mat is modeled after a vintage photo booth and dispenses short, personalized stories.

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