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Staff-picked projects


by More Art

Borrowed Light is a sculpture and sound installation with community-driven workshops and performances in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Mystery Science Storybook

by Dave Chadwick

Bedtime Tales Based on the Worst Movies Ever. Written and illustrated by Sugar Ray Dodge.

SouthMade 2015

by SouthMade Team

We present a creative fair for hand made authentic products, we aim to encourage hand crafted quality and sustainability.

O2 The Dance Company presents: Between the Branches

by O2 The Dance Company

The Calgary based contemporary dance company, invites audiences to interact with them in their latest creation 'Between the Branches'.

Hillary Clinton Action Figure


FCTRY is making Hillary Clinton into an awesome, iconic Ready-for-Action Figure.


by Jennifer Muhm & Malorie Catchpole

buddingSTEM offers a complete line of girls' clothes celebrating science, space, dinosaurs, and other things all kids love!

Dead Ink Archive

by David C. Schendel

The story of a man with a surprising hobby, who lives for one day a year.

Re-enactment Bars

by Bespoke Reenactment Bars

Help us improve our historical bar service. To cope with demand from events and customers we would like to buy a new tent and seating.

Project of the Day

Descent: Underground

by Descendent Studios

Descent is back! Pilot your ship & battle foes through twisting, turning tunnels with unrestricted 3D movement & FPS action in Zero-G!

Obelisk - A Book on Art, Architecture, & Antiquities (New)

by Ashley Booth Klein

Please help print OBELISK: I. 36 articles on art, architecture, & antiquities. Hardcover, 240 pgs. Receive a copy w/a $75 donation!

Vita and the Woolf needs help to record our new EP, Tunnels!

by Vita and the Woolf

Help Vita and the Woolf put out a 7 song album with the help of a professional team. With your help it will be released in November!

'Darwin's Pigeons' - A photographic book by Richard Bailey.

by Richard Bailey

Darwin's Pigeons. A beautiful book full of photographs of fancy pigeons. High quality print and wonderful images.

Children's Book - "Astray and the Shelter Dogs"

by Katy McDermott

Children's book about dogs at a shelter looking for homes. Wide-eyed pup "Astray" unites his new friends to help one dog in particular.

Electric Eel Wheel - A Spinning Wheel for Fiber Lovers

by Maurice Ribble

An electric spinning wheel for knitters, crochets, and anyone wanting to make their own yarn.

The Republic - Immersive Theater Experience

by The Republic - Immersive Theater

Immersive theater meets gaming in this interactive performance experience. Step into a fully themed world where you control the ending.

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