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Summon Your Magic

Find out where your origins will take you in an epic new game from the creators of Divinity: Original Sin.
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The World’s Cleanest Power Plant

Support a team of architects who are working to reduce carbon emissions by making art in the sky.
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Staff-picked projects

Red Devil: A collection of dark drawings

by Steven Russell Black

A 140 page full color 6"x 9" Hard Cover book collecting my favorite pieces and process shots from 2014 and 2015

Danger Wolf and Safety Bunny

by J. Hunter Richardson and James Thornton

Danger Wolf is a comic about the perils of vigilante justice set in the economic dystopia of San Lazaro.

The Mudhoneyz Kiln Build & Beyond

by Mudhoneyz Studio

Three women entrepreneurs raising funds to fuel our future, build our kiln, expand our business & support our handmade craft community.

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY inaugural campaign

by Shannon Gillen

VIM VIGOR is an exciting new dance-theater company in NYC and this campaign will raise funds in support of our 2015/2016 season.

Nebia Shower - Better experience, 70% less water

by Nebia

A showerhead that is better in every way. A superior experience, iconic design, and 70% water savings.

The Playsuit: The Ultimate Suit for The Modern Woman

by Kimber-Lee Lorraine Alston

A stylish, go-anywhere, do-anything suit engineered for the modern woman. The Playsuit is tailored to perfection and built for play.


by stretchandbobbito

A film about quirky friends who became unlikely hip hop legends by engaging their listeners and breaking the biggest rap artists ever!

Project of the Day

Steep Tea Co : Steep Jeep Mobile Tea Bar

by Steep Tea Co

Bringing better cups of tea to the Bay Area: loose leaf, custom-brewed and served from a 1967 Jeep Postal Truck.

Larry Elmore: SnarfQuest Tales

by Cellbloc Studios

SnarfQuest Tales is a point-and-click adventure video game featuring Larry Elmore's endearing Snarf comic character.

GovTrack Insider

by Joshua Tauberer

Help me uncover the daily activities of the United States Congress. I've been tracking Congress for 10 years.

Matt Doyle's Full Length Album

by Matt Doyle

After 2 successful EP's, we are doing a full length album! Thrilling new music and fan-favorite covers! All with a lush soul/pop sound.

Finding Shelter- Portraits of Volunteers and Shelter Animals

by Jesse Freidin

Finding Shelter chronicles the deep, intimate bond between animal shelter volunteers and the abandoned animals they care for.

Messier Observer's Planisphere

by Celestial Teapot Designs

The ultimate reference for stargazers! Identify stars and constellations in the night sky. Easily locate all 110 Messier objects.

OMO+ Lightshow & Sound device

by Andreas Haase

the OMO+ short for Optical Musical Object the only portable battery powered light-show and music player in the universe.

Colt Coeur's 6th Season

by Colt Coeur

2 world premieres: HOW TO LIVE ON EARTH by MJ Kaufman / CAL IN CAMO by William Francis Hoffman + workshops of 7 more plays!

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