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The Flying Martha Ornithopter

Named after the world’s last passenger pigeon, this wind-up flying machine soars through the air — just like a real bird.
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Projects We Love

Project We Love
Project image

Blights Out for Mayor

by Blights Out

A year-long campaign that occupies public billboard space to expand the public's political imaginary around land, housing, and debt.

Project We Love
Project image

WEST of OZ Vol 1 Issues #1 - #3 and Trade Paperback

by Sean Benner

WEST of OZ Vol 1 is an 88-page TPB combining Issues #1 - #3 of the 9-Issue comic series, selected cover, concept art, and more.

Project We Love
Project image

Snowman Greeting Card Collection

by ArtOrder

A collection of 10 whimsical and magical illustrated greeting cards by Mark Molchan.

Project We Love
Project image

Sit, Eat and Chew 五味杂陈

by Mei-Yin Ng

A guided immersive dance through NYC’s Chinatown uncovers stories in an apartment, hair salon, park and beyond.

Project We Love
Project image

Handsome Cycles Pillion Tandem Bike - Ride More Together

by Handsome Cycles

We've designed the perfect around-town tandem bicycle. It is tested to be super safe, easy to ride, and is poised to change some lives.

Project We Love
Project image

Detale Studio - A long lasting wardrobe

by Anne Mertens

Detale studio is an international online fashion brand with a slow and sustainable philosophy. We focus on casual tailoring & knitwear.

Project We Love
Project image

Mud (Hashtł'ishnii) - A Short Film by Shaandiin Tome

by Shaandiin Tome

A short film about a women's craving for a connection with her son, which is hindered by alcoholism.

Project We Love
Project image

Desserts in Duvets (Cookbook)

by SORTEDfood

A collection of the most delicious & indulgent desserts to enjoy whilst snuggled up in a duvet. We need YOU to bring it to life!

Project of the Day
Project We Love
Project image

Evolution - The Video Game

by North Star Games

Can you adapt to the changing environment or will your species go extinct? The award-winning Evolution is coming to PC, Mac and mobile.

Project image

Hood Digest Goes Global

by Elmer G. Roldan

We say the things you can't and we know you love it. Because it is the truth & it must be spoken. Help #HoodDigest deliver more!

Project We Love
Project image

FOREST FULL OF WOLVES/by Americana songwriter, Bill Mallonee

by Bill Mallonee

FOREST FULL OF WOLVES~ Coming January 2018. "A passionate, guitar & lyric driven, Americana rock record...and timely." ~ Bill Mallonee

Project We Love
Project image

The German Business Plants Photo Book

by Frederik Busch

A narrative artist photo book about the secret lives of German office plants by media artist Frederik Busch

Project We Love
Project image

Rise and Shine - a children's book

by Ara Elizabeth

A book calling to our children, and to all of us, to create change and illuminate goodness.

Project We Love
Project image

Cubroid - Teaching Coding with Lego-Compatible Blocks.

by Cubroid

Learn how to program in a new and fun way with Cubroid! Simply build and connect with Lego blocks and bring creations to life!

Project We Love
Project image

Bring Ryan Landry's 'Greece!' to New York City!

by The Gold Dust Orphans

Help Ryan Landry and the Gold Dust Orphans bring their new musical 'GREECE' to New York City this fall!

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