Musical DNA

Art and science converge as music is recorded onto DNA for the first time ever.
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A Bright Idea

Meet the levitating light bulb of the future.
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Staff-picked projects

New Maps of Historic North American Railroads

by David Edmondson

I want to take historic railroad timetables and maps and convert them into contemporary, beautiful, legible subway-style maps.

MAE Graphic Novel

by Gene Ha

Eight years ago Mae's sister Abbie ran away from home to a different more magical world. The monsters have followed her back…

Quick Brown Fox Letterpress: A Restoration Project

by Kate Murray

Help me to restore this salvaged, antique Golding Jobber letterpress and start my very own printshop in Brooklyn.

I Am You And You Are Me

by Anna Buonomo

A new interactive dance solo where it's not the audience who chooses what to watch but the performer who selects who he interacts with.

Project of the Day

Albert Einstein Font

by Harald Geisler and Elizabeth Waterhouse

Creating a font based upon Albert Einstein’s handwriting!

Rhea: Raising the Standard of Sandals

by Rhea Footwear

Technology meets sandals. Rhea Footwear is launching its line of sandals, integrating unsurpassed technology with innovative design.

Cat Island Documentary

by Landon Donoho

On a far off, rural island in Japan, hundreds of cats roam a secluded fishing village- home of an aging, beautiful, and fading culture.

Delicious, Allergen Free Cookies for All to Enjoy!

by Bakeovers

Bakeovers are delicious cookies that are so good, you won't believe they are good for you (& gluten, peanut, dairy, egg, & soy free)!

Shadowstar Corsairs

by Ryan Wolfe

Starship miniatures & ground troops in a space themed board game of commerce, coercion, and combat!

Heritage Radio Network: Website Rebuild Project

by Heritage Radio Network

A critical website rebuild/redesign for, the world's only food radio station broadcasting 39+ weekly shows.

State Of Green: It's All About The Smiles DVD

by Adam Rich

DVD retrospective from State Of Green, a pop/punk band attending Bowling Green State University in Ohio from 1994 to 1997.

Manhattan, Top to Bottom: 42 Neighborhoods, 1 Photo Book

by David Dyte

Exploring the island from north to south and finding things to love in every neighborhood, from massive skyscrapers to tiny flowers.

Life without lanyards: from public servant to entrepreneur

by Matthew Morgan Fenwick

The book for every public servant wanting to take the leap & launch their own business. Advice plus stories from people who've done it.


by Louis Vissepo

For CNC enthusiasts seeking affordability AND performance driven open source CNC machines.

The Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines

by The Winding Sheet Outfit (Amber Bjork)

A black tent. Three weird sisters. Short plays for audiences of 8 or less. A bit whimsical, a dash dreadful, all tiny, and all for you.

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