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Mary Lambert's Bold

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter is back on Kickstarter with an EP celebrating radical self-acceptance — be one of the first to hear it.
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NOVA: Beyond the Elements

Inspire audiences to fall in love with science by supporting a new special from the longest-running science program on American TV.
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Projects We Love

Project We Love
Project image

The Crenshaw District Hieroglyph Project

by Lauren Halsey

We're building a public installation of hieroglyphic carvings that allows communities in South Central LA to author their own stories.

Project We Love
Project image

Boston Metaphysical Society Trade Paperback

by Madeleine Holly-Rosing

An ex-Pinkerton detective, a spirit photographer, and a genius scientist battle supernatural forces in late 1800's Boston.

Project We Love
Project image

PICHINKU Naturally Dyed Peruvian Yarn

by Dana Blair

100% naturally dyed knitting yarn from Peru! Pledge and help us develop a thriving social enterprise that supports women artisans!

Project We Love
Project image

SILVERBACK - An Evening-Length Dance Theater Production

by LoudHoundMovement

LoudHoundMovement’s newest evening-length work, Silverback, premieres April 7-8 at the Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn, NY

Project We Love
Project image

Luxury Light Piece Refreshes Your Home – Nymphs Lamp

by Vainius Kubilius

Precisely Crafted Lamp that creates Mesmerizing Light Patterns in your home for less than 200 dollars.

Project We Love
Project image

Orsden Slope Pants | Uncompromising Ski Gear

by Orsden Skiwear

The Orsden Slope Pants don't compromise delivering the elusive trifecta of performance, fit, and value directly to you

Project We Love
Project image

My Love Affair With Marriage

by Signe Baumane

Signe Baumane's new animated feature film infuses music and neuroscience into a personal story of love, gender and marriage.

Project We Love
Project image

LA HUERTA DE ELISA │Returning native foods to our children

by Rosalino Molina

Mexico’s first all-natural baby food company focused on native fruits, vegetables & grains.

Project We Love
Project image


by Spiritwalk Games

A Tactical Collectible Card Game that gives streamers and their viewers exciting new ways to interact and play together on Twitch!

Project of the Day
Project We Love
Project image

Off Assignment

by Off Assignment

Help today's journalists go "off assignment" and tell the fullest truth.

Project We Love
Project image

Oginalii Album and SXSW Tour Dates

by Oginalii

Hi! We're Oginalii! We're excited to announce we've written a bunch of new songs and we're looking for your help to record our next EP!

Project We Love
Project image

Exist To Resist: Activism, History and Having It...

by Mattko

Join us as we celebrate the lost freedom of DIY rave, festival and protest culture in 1990s Britain with a book called Exist To Resist.

Project We Love
Project image

The Art of CursiveLogic - Relax. Color. Learn Cursive.

by Nathan Shrewsbury

A revolutionary handwriting instruction method artfully woven into a relaxing, adult coloring book.

Project We Love
Project image

Herbert – Grow fresh organic food at home

by Ponix Systems

The hydroponic vertical farm for your home. Simple, clean and 40% more efficient. Salads and more in your indoor garden all year around

Project We Love
Project image

Charleses at The Brick Theater

by Carl Holder

Glass Bandits helps The Tank NYC present the World Premiere of Charleses, a new play this April 2017 at The Brick Theater.

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