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Back in the studio after eleven years, De La Soul is making a new album. Be part of it!
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Electric Objects
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Project of the Day

WUNDERCUB: Educational Temporary Tattoos

by Lindsay & Anthony Lane

We create temporary tattoos that incorporate letters, numbers, and colors with basic objects to promote and inspire learning.

Thoughts From Iceland, a Travelogue Comic

by Lonnie Mann

An autobiographical travelogue comic about my experiences on my first trip to Iceland. Plus new stories about my second trip!

Automata and Mechanical Toys

by Clare Pattinson

Bespoke, quirky automata and mechanical toys with a lively and humourous steampunk, seaside and fairground vibe.

The 2nd Annual Richmond Dance Festival!

by Dogtown Dance Theatre

COLLABORATE, CONNECT, EDUCATE, and THRIVE with the Richmond Dance Festival! Help support a community as they create from the ground up!

Makes Grilling / BBQ safe, easy & quick

by KonExcel International LLC

Flip over all skewers simultaneously to make grilling SAFER, QUICKER, and UNIFORM.

Smak Parlour Collection: Prints Just Want to Have Fun!

by Abby & Katie

Our fashion collection is made from a new generation textile that inspires one-of-a-kind designs, proudly made in the USA.


by Daniel Moya

At the last ever movie rental store, a worker on his final shift explores the romantic eccentricities of cinema.


by Darren and Sylvia Cheverie

We want to bring an authentic French Canadian restaurant to our French Canadian hometown of Beaumont, Alberta.

The Evolution Game System

by North Star Games

Evolution is the first board game to accurately depict a dynamic ecosystem. It features original watercolors by Catherine Hamilton.

Piece NI

by The Piece Process

Piece is an online magazine, shop & production house that tells the story of Northern Ireland through its food, drink & people.

De La Soul's NEW ALBUM

by De La Soul

Welcome 2 making magic. The time has finally come: De La Soul is ready to record a new studio LP.

Lost in the Wilderness

by Kalpesh Lathigra

I would like your support in making my first book Lost in the Wilderness. Thank You

Fresh Romance - An Ongoing Romance Comics Anthology Magazine

by Janelle Asselin

Fresh Romance forges a new future for romance comics with diverse stories for passionate readers.

G-Quencer || Guitar Sequencer Effect Pedal by Molten Voltage

by Molten Voltage

G-Quencer .:. The Riff Dispenser .:. Take a Sonic Expedition .:. Discover Unexplored Audio Frontiers .:. by Molten Voltage

Pointless Brewery & Theatre

by Tori and Jason Tomalia

Creating a home for improvisational theatre and experimental ales.

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