Power to the People

Help Stanley Nelson share the vital history of an American movement with audiences nationwide.
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Staff-picked projects


by David and Jessica Ludwig

Beautifully illustrated placemats that inspire curiosity in kids and lead to natural opportunities for faith conversation at the table.

Chicken Outfit #3 : Satirical Fantasy Horror Comic

by Joe Deagnon

Three unlikely heroes find themselves in the middle of an inter-dimensional war after they inadvertently open the Gates of Hell.

Quick Brown Fox Letterpress: A Restoration Project

by Kate Murray

Help me to restore this salvaged, antique Golding Jobber letterpress and start my very own printshop in Brooklyn.


by ilvs strauss

Manifesto is a playful, queer dance narrative performance that explores Womanhood. And California Red Sea Cucumbers.

Calamityware dinner plate 5

by Don Moyer

Pirates discombobulate tranquility of traditional blue dinner plate.

Eco Friendly + Cruelty Free Clothing Made in NYC

by Miakoda

we are making eco friendly + cruelty free (organic/ vegan) USA made tank tops that you can feel good about wearing and supporting!

Project of the Day

Subway Sets - The Documentary

by Dan Pierson

We bring NYC's best underground musicians up to rooftops above the city. Now, we're making a film to tell their stories.

Panda's Kitchen: Liqueur Emporium

by Stephen Bond

Wonderfully strange and unique liqueurs that are designed to thrill you, chill you and fulfil you. Something that little bit special.

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

by Steamroller Studios

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is an action/adventure game with a unique survival twist.

Piece NI

by The Piece Process

Piece is an online magazine, shop & production house that tells the story of Northern Ireland through its food, drink & people.

Susana Silva "Words of Power" Debut Album - Final Steps

by Susana Silva

Susana Silva Final stage of Debut Album "Words of Power" Video Clip + Live Studio Acoustic Session. A new step to a new beginning.

Woman: Redefined - dignity, beauty and breast cancer

by Kristina Hunter and ML Kenneth

A photo book of women who have had breast cancer surgeries, distributed free of charge to Breast Health Centres in the U.S. and Canada.

Life without lanyards: from public servant to entrepreneur

by Matthew Morgan Fenwick

The book for every public servant wanting to take the leap & launch their own business. Advice plus stories from people who've done it.

WEZR - The Industry's Most Precise Weather Tracker

by WEZR Corporation

Connect the WEZR sensor to get with real time, up to date and ultra local weather forecast on your smartphone.

The Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines

by The Winding Sheet Outfit (Amber Bjork)

A black tent. Three weird sisters. Short plays for audiences of 8 or less. A bit whimsical, a dash dreadful, all tiny, and all for you.

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