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Staff-picked projects

Experience The Commonwealth of New Island

by Lee Walter Mothes

The New Island Guidebook is ready to print! Be one of the first to explore this 12,000 square mile work of art. It's a BIG island!

Comics Uniting Nations

by Reading With Pictures

A series of comics to educate people everywhere about the United Nations’ Global Goals and inspire them to become heroes for change!

VEGAN TATTOO SOAP! Help sustainably package it!

by Nicholas Shepard

VERMONT VEGAN SUPPLY, LLC First product: 100% Vegan-Organic-Pure-Natural TATTOO SOAP We need help supplying the eco-friendly packaging!


by Alexandra Beller

Funding the final leg of a 2.5 year creative process to put our evening length work up for a two week season at La MaMa in June.

KAZbrella - Revolutionary Inside Out Umbrella

by KAZ Designs

Drip free, dry to handle, opens/closes in confined spaces. The much needed redesign of the umbrella!

Bronxton - 3 New Minimalistic Wallets Handcrafted in the US!

by Dan Dapper

3 New Slim Minimalist Wallets made with Full Grain Horween Leather and high quality Elastic with optional RFID Protection! Made in USA!


by David Weaver

An "existential slasher" film crafted in the style of 70's-80's exploitation cinema, featuring genre icons Roger Perry and Jim Boelsen.

Skinny Piggy Kombucha: drink to your health!

by Algis Aukstuolis

We're bringing a fizzy, funky, and refreshing probiotic drink to you from the brew-crazed city of Cincinnati!

Project of the Day

Das Tal - PvP Sandbox MMO

by Fairytale Distillery

Sandbox MMORPG meets Arena PvP. Das Tal throws you into a dark fantasy prison world with Open PvP, Full Loot, Resource Warfare & Sieges

NOS Magazine

by Sara Luterman

NOS Magazine is a news and commentary source for thought and analysis about neurodiversity culture and representation.

My Fair Fiend's Sophomore Album

by Callie Crofts

Help My Fair Fiend record, release, and promote our sophomore album.

The Cubans

by Jay Seldin

A book of 80 black and white photographs, celebrating the Cuban people, their lives, and their cultures.

The OVERGROWTH Art Book for Ransom Limited EDITIONS

by Ransom Limited

OVERGROWTH is an artistic collaboration and earnest search for beauty expressed through humans and nature.

Build Upons: World's Tiniest Light Up Bricks

by Alicia Gibb & Lunchbox Electronics

Build Upons are amazingly tiny light up bricks that are LEGO® compatible


by G. Todd Buker

An original version of Shakespeare's masterpiece that emphasizes family and explores the destruction of blood ties

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