The Lost Poems of Pablo Neruda

Archivists have unearthed a cache of Neruda’s previously unpublished works. Help bring this literary treasure to the public.
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Call Me Ishmael

In this novel installation, vintage payphones are transformed into interactive tools for the discovery and celebration of new books.
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Odyssey Works: Six Proposals for a More Beautiful World

by Odyssey Works

A radically new approach to art and performance based on nearly 15 years of performances for one-person audiences.


by Brian Pulido

Help Lady Death’s creator, Brian Pulido, bring hard-boiled revenge story La Muerta #1: Descent -- to life!

Nod | Real-life messaging

by Robert Staines

If you have something worth saying, don't say it through a screen. Do it with a twig, a bottle or a flag – send a nod.

The Brooklyn Nutcracker Sweet!

by Brooklyn Ballet

Be a part of Brooklyn dance history--The Brooklyn Nutcracker Sweet!, a sparkling production updated from the original Nutcracker.

KEAP: Candles made better

by Keap

Superior scents and design at an honest price—all while supporting a cause.

THE UTILITY JACKET: 4 Ways to Wear for Every Occasion


Made with luxury eco-fabrics in Denver, CO. Wear it as a jacket or a vest in 4+ different styles.

Treasure Trapped on DVD & BluRay

by Cosmic Joke

Fresh from its theatrical tour, and by popular demand, the LARP documentary 'Treasure Trapped' is coming home on DVD and BluRay!

Fungi Ally Mushroom Lab

by Fungi Ally

Join Fungi Ally in making mushroom cultivation more accessible and productive in the Northeast U.S.

Dark Mages: Card Game

by Eric Bleney

Dark Mages is a 2 to 8 players Card Game in which Mages are waging a Magic Battle.

Help Reveal Go Weekly

by The Center for Investigative Reporting

Reveal combines in-depth investigative reporting with first-rate storytelling. Help us get to the bottom of our next story!

PATAGONIA - A new full-length album from Sheridan Fox

by Sheridan Fox

Help Sheridan finish manufacturing his new album so he can send it to you. Yeah, you! @thesheridanfox #patagoniaalbum

New York Said: Volume Two - Photography by Amon Focus

by Amon Focus

NEW YORK SAID is a photo series by Amon Focus that explores the subtle messages hidden in plain sight around New York City.

The Velocipede Races

by Elly Blue

In Emily June Street's exciting feminist steampunk novel, an 18 year old is forbidden from bicycle racing. Guess what happens next.

Turn Signals, Brake Lights + More. App Driven, All-Connected

by Lumenus

Performance & Style by Day, Ultimate Safety by Night. Automate...Everything #BeBrighter

"Material Witness" by Spiderwoman Theater

by Loose Change Productions Inc.

Material Witness explores personal and family stories of violence and the healing journeys of Indigenous women in our global community.

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