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Help Bill Nye and The Planetary Society revolutionize citizen access to space!
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The World’s First $9 Computer

CHIP is tiny — but its potential is huge.
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Project of the Day

Museum of Science Fiction: "Future of Travel" Exhibition

by Regan Samul, Curator Washington, DC

The Museum of Science Fiction is almost here! With a little funding, we can open our first exhibition this summer at Reagan Airport.


by Craig Rousseau

it's an ALL NEW original PERHAPANAUTS hardcover graphic novel adventure!

Kobeiagi Kilims: traditional hand-woven rugs with a twist

by Kobeiagi Kilims

Our kilims feature a contemporary design and are hand-woven in Bosnia using traditional techniques.


by Alexandra Beller

Funding the final leg of a 2.5 year creative process to put our evening length work up for a two week season at La MaMa in June.

KAZbrella - Revolutionary Inside Out Umbrella

by KAZ Designs

Drip free, dry to handle, opens/closes in confined spaces. The much needed redesign of the umbrella!

EMPATHY Shoes; comfy sneaks, personalised x LASERS & TATTOOS

by David Bonney

Super-comfy, handmade, minimalist shoes, laser-embossed with any design you like! From the makers of ATHEIST Shoes.

Chronically Metropolitan (Feature Film Sound Track)

by Chronically Metropolitan Team

To have a kick-ass movie we need a killer sound track. We are trying to raise additional funds to have the best sound track possible.

Union of Genius: you need more soup

by Elaine Mason

Help us build a bigger, better kitchen so that we can develop new soup and bring more soup to Edinburgh and beyond.

Guardians of the Forest

by Ratalaika Games SL

Grab bunnies. Slay bears. JUMP ON RACOONS! Guardians of the Forest is a multiplayer brawler game for PC, PlayStation 4, Wii U & OUYA

Mary Review

by Mary

A magazine, by women, for everyone.

The Doubleclicks' New Album: PRESIDENT SNAKES

by The Doubleclicks

An album about being yourself and dealing with tough times—plus one song about a group of snakes running for President.

Prypyat mon Amour

by Alina Rudya

Photo essay documenting people, who, like me, were evacuated from Pripyat, Ukraine in April 1986 after Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.

Marshmallow Microcosm 2016 Calendar

by Heather Applegate

The fifth edition of my Marshmallow Microcosm series in calendar form for 2016. Everyone loves a monthly marshmallow.

CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer

by Next Thing Co.

Built for work, play, and everything in between! \(•◡•)/

BODY Play - New Draft New England Tour

by Kaycee Filson

BODY Play, a solo performance piece about our bodies, hits the road this June with a NEW DRAFT!

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