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Staff-picked projects

The 2015 Arctic Circle Residency

by Maggie Casey

Help a sculptor to join a community of artists and scientists working together aboard a tall ship in the arctic territory of Svalbard.

TerraQuill Collected

by Shawn Daley

TerraQuill is a collection of short story comics. Each story showcases the citizens of TerraQuill; their struggles, joys, and losses.

Soaps for SCIENCE!

by Renée Grace

Making things my way, but I need help! I love making soap! I would like to make more of it more efficiently! That's where you come in!

The Cypher Spot (Step 1): Floor

by Corey "Rev" Stiver

HipHop studio (Art, dance, music, knowledge) coming to Los Angeles. This step is to gain enough funds for the Dance/Conference floor.

SCION : A Revolution in Snow Sledding

by Snolo Sleds

SCION : High performance sport sled that feels like you are flying a fighter jet.

NiK Kacy, luxury footwear designed to fit all genders.

by NiK Kacy Footwear

Style shouldn't be limited by gender. We want to make shoes that fit YOU, and help you Walk Your Way!

Project of the Day

Help Find the Lonely Whale with Adrian Grenier & Josh Zeman

by Adrian Grenier and Josh Zeman

Join Adrian Grenier, Josh Zeman & world renowned scientists to find the elusive '52 Hertz' whale and fight Ocean Noise Pollution.

Stoke: Gourmet BBQ Meats and Appetisers

by Ruth and Chris

Stoke BBQ parcels are filled with artisanal meats and appetisers. A "farm to table" experience delivered right to your door.

Hitman Holiday: A Game Of Sunshine And Death

by Medieval Lords

Ten assassins gathered in one resort. Only one gets to be called the Number One Killer. Enough said. A game of deduction and strategy.

Scalawag: The new magazine for Southern politics and culture

by Scalawag

Scalawag will help build a freer and more just South through storytelling and conversation—in print, online, and in person.

Alice Tan Ridley's Debut Studio Album at 62!

by Alice Tan Ridley

I've been singing in NYC subway stations for 25 years. I need your help to complete my album of soulful originals & classic renditions.

The Maui Coast - Legacy of the King's Highway

by Daniel Sullivan

A fine art photography book that captures the stunning beauty of the Maui Coast and the legacy of the ancient King's Highway.

Emily Books: Bigger, Better, Bookier

by Emily Gould and Ruth Curry

Help the first feminist publishing project of its kind grow as a community, improve as a website, and support more authors!

Cuberox – six-screen waterproof linux-powered computer

by Cuberox

Cuberox is an old-style cube that has six 16x16 displays able to run various apps, is waterproof & has a magical wireless charging base

INDIGO GREY Immersive Show Experience - STAFF PICK!

by Hammerstep

Blurring lines between today/tomorrow, audience/actor, technology/reality in a theatrical, walkthrough, "Digital Reality Experience"

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