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Staff-picked projects

HELLO TODAY - Capitalist Collages

by Michael Bilsborough

HELLO TODAY is a book of capitalist collages made from magazine ads aimed at high-earning readers.

Tribes of Kai by Daren Bader and Lance HaunRogue

by Flesk Publications

A simple spark sets in motion a power struggle ablaze in conflict. Fully painted by Daren Bader and written by Lance HaunRogue!

KitRex Pterodactyl: The 3D paper dino puzzle!

by Lisa Glover

A fun and engaging paper dinosaur creation that inspires imagination! A toy, a learning tool, a challenge, and so much more!

O2 The Dance Company presents: Between the Branches

by O2 The Dance Company

The Calgary based contemporary dance company, invites audiences to interact with them in their latest creation 'Between the Branches'.

KP Cykler Bicycles - Timeless Design, Seamless Innovations

by KP Cykler

Our designs keep the aesthetics to their simplest, while incorporating the latest technologies. Join the ride, from Dream to Reality.

Snorf Industries, (Fun)ctional Hats and Hoodies for Dogs

by Dara Moss

Premium apparel for French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, & their friends. Designed to be both fun and functional.

Why Can't I Be A Sushi

by Hoda Yahya Elsoudani

Documentary revealing the journey of an 8 & 10 year old who are curious about ISIS & the on going sectarian conflicts amongst Muslims!

Project of the Day

Two Tablespoons - permanent home for vegetarian food vendor

by Two Tablespoons

Two Tablespoons is a beloved NYC-based vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free street food vendor. Help us fund our first permanent location

RED FLAGS, the new party game from the creator of SUPERFIGHT

by Darin Ross

Red Flags is a game where players use white cards and red flags to create romantic matches for other players. Best terrible date wins!

Broke Magazine

by Dylan Bell & Sarah Amormino

A bi-annual magazine shining a spotlight on young creatives in Toronto.

Make Music Upper Perk 2015

by Cathy Sweeney

3rd Annual Free Music Festival in the Upper Perkiomen Valley on June 21st; open to everyone!

Africa on Safari - The Book

by Kym & Tonya Illman

Fascinating angles, unique photo techniques & the story behind each of the 140+ images. Africa's wildlife like you've never seen it...

Sweet Pea & Friends in The SheepOver

by John Churchman

One Orphan Lamb's true journey from recovery to a celebration with friends. A beautiful photo illustrated children's book for all ages.

AUDIOCASE | Portable Sound System


Audiocase is the only sound system you are ever going to need. Connect wirelessly and enjoy premium sound in your home or on the go.


by Gecko Theatre

Help Gecko rebuild MISSING- The show was completely lost in a fire at Battersea Arts Centre but is due to tour from May.

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