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Help a museum in Detroit transform the cityscape with public art.
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Staff-picked projects

Into the Wild: A Colouring Book About Nature

by Kelly Blake

A colouring book for adults that explores the natural beauty of the world we live in; but in a slightly abstract way.

Rude Dude Nexus and The Moth Comic Strip Newspaper

by Steve Rude

We’re excited to bring something rare & unique to the comic book industry. A weekly newspaper strip and a monthly mailed subscription!

ONE Spark, ONE Light, ONE Candle: A New Collection

by Wick+Wax

A candle collection inspired by the American democracy. Created to stir action, thought and debate, and still stimulate the senses.


by BOINK! Dance & Film

BOINK! is a modern dance company that explores the infinite possibilities in the world of film and live performance.

LiliLite: The All-in-One Book Lamp, Shelf, and Mark.

by LiliLite Team

A bookshelf, reading light, and bookmark combined into one smart product. LiliLite's built-in sensor turns the light on and off.

Save Artisans - Bring Real Kimono to New York Fashion Week

by Hiromi Asai

Kimono artisans and stylist bring Kimono on runway to New York Fashion Week for Saving Kimono Artisans and Arts of Kimono Creation

Help fund Eccentric Orbit, A Meditation on Romantic Love

by deborah dickson

Award-winning filmmaker Deborah Dickson seeks finishing funds for her playful documentary about the mysteries of romantic love.

Kickstart our Root Cellar. Feed our community!

by Food Farm

Help us complete our new earth-sheltered root cellar for year-round access to local food AND open-source the plans for other farmers.

14 Days: A game about life with migraines

by Hannah Shaffer

A 2-player tabletop game about balancing day-to-day responsibilities around life with migraines.

Renegade Inc.

by Renegade Inc.

An international media platform for those who think differently.

Chrono Cinematica- Symphonic Chrono Trigger Tribute Album

by Sam Dillard

An epic symphonic tribute to one of the most beloved game soundtracks of all time, by composer Sam Dillard!

Bring back the legendary Trioplan soap bubble bokeh f2.8/100

by Meyer Optik USA

Recapture the beauty, art and essence of the 'soap bubble' bokeh with the new Trioplan f2.8/100 for DSLR and mirrorless cameras

Project of the Day


by Hoxton Mini Press

A new book about craft and skill celebrating inspirational makers from London's creative hub

MOYUPI - Play with your imagination!

by Juan Ángel Medina

Turn children's drawings into unique 3D printed toys with MOYUPI. It's easy, safe and fun!

Billy Through the Window

by Bellow Theatre

Not everyone is normal. In fact, no-one is. A thrilling and tender new play about two extraordinary boys. #BillyTTW

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