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The Flying Martha Ornithopter

Named after the world’s last passenger pigeon, this wind-up flying machine soars through the air — just like a real bird.
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Projects We Love

Project We Love
Project image

Blights Out for Mayor

by Blights Out

A year-long campaign that occupies public billboard space to expand the public's political imaginary around land, housing, and debt.

Project We Love
Project image

DESTINY NY: Volume Two

by Pat Shand

Logan McBride was a magical girl with a destiny. Now, she's a 30-year-old New Yorker with rent to pay. ("Projects of Earth" spotlight.)

Project We Love
Project image

Party supplies celebrating children of color.

by Craft My Occasion

We create party supplies especially for children of color, which helps them to develop a positive and loving self-image.

Project We Love
Project image

Burden of Joy Costume and Set

by Maureen

Costumes and set add color, warmth and humor to a dream like dance work which potentially challenge the viewers’ notions about death

Project We Love
Project image

Krowd Karl - mountainbike hardtail frame w. pinion gearbox

by Alex Clauss

Krowd Karl - stahl - enduro - cross country - mountainbike - hardtail - inkl. c1.12 pinion getriebe - made in Germany by portus cycles

Project We Love
Project image



The beautifully adventurous pack for outdoor & city wanderings. Waxed cotton, British leather, stainless steel. Hand-crafted in the UK.

Project We Love
Project image

Those Who Wait: A Film About The End Time

by Chani Bockwinkel & Tyler Burdenski

A poetic retelling of a 19th century Christian doomsday movement through a queer feminist lens. A Project of Earth.

Project We Love
Project image

Liquid State Brewing Company - Ithaca's New West End Brewery

by James Dean

We are a startup brewery and beer hall in Ithaca, New York, and a community gathering space for all to enjoy.

Project We Love
Project image

Full Quiet - A New Adventure Game for the NES & PC

by Retrotainment Games

Full Quiet is our latest game for the NES and PC. Something has taken your son, you must venture deep into the forest to find him.

Project image

The Common Sense Network | 100% People Funded News Network

by Mike Omoniyi

Tired of the billionaire funded mainstream media? Fund the first ever 100% people funded online news network for millennials in the UK.

Project of the Day
Project We Love
Project image

Dead Moon: The Book

by Mississippi Records

Cloth & faux leather bound 300ish page art book & 2 LPs featuring the complete history of Dead Moon - the greatest rock band on earth.

Project We Love
Project image

GIRLS by Luo Yang

by Luo Yang & MO-Industries

Empowered Chinese Femininity: GIRLS (2007-2017) by Acclaimed Chinese Artist Luo Yang

Project We Love
Project image

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian: Big Words for Little Kids

by Barry Rodges

Whoa...that's a big word! Embarrass yourself by reading this book with your kids.

Project We Love
Project image

Fluent Forever, The App: Learn to *Think* in Any Language

by Gabriel Wyner

Language is a memory game. Fluent Forever is the cheat code. Announcing the first app that can teach you to think in a new language.

Project We Love
Project image

Help Build The BIG Theater in Baltimore, MD

by The Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) Theater

The Baltimore Improv Group presents 2017: A BIG Space Odyssey to make The BIG Theater the premier comedy venue in the region.

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