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FLORA community Library

by FLORA ars+natura

FLORA is a space for art + nature in Bogotá. We plan to build a new library/meeting place that will become the heart of our activities.

Rob Kutner's SHRINKAGE

by Farrago Comics

A 4-issue series written by 5-time Emmy Award winning writer Rob Kutner (Daily Show, Conan) & illustrator John Lucas (X-Men, Deadpool)

Khaki's Bomb Balm-Natural, Small Batch Skincare. It's BOMB!

by Khaki Paquette

Expansion of my hand crafted skin care line, studio space for production and providing all natural skincare services.

Caley & Kelsey- An Homage to Tap

by Caley Carr & Kelsey McCowan

Help donate to keep tap dancing alive! Support your local artists, musicians, film makers, and local theater.

BOOKNITURE- Furniture Hidden in a Book


BOOKNITURE unfolds from a book to a multifunctional furniture. In just a flip, you will never run out of tables and seats.

The Quarter Century Pant | A 25 Year Guarantee

by Manuel Rappard

HELP US MAKE A BETTER PAIR OF PANTS: Made in America and backed by a 25 year guarantee.

The Yellow Feather: An Original Horror-Fantasy Film

by Lincoln and Lucas Smith

The Yellow Feather is an emotional, character-centric horror fantasy film, about a young woman's struggle to survive against all odds.

Project of the Day

The Quest for the World's Best Teas: Face to Farmer™

by Paul Adamson

We are creating a new line of quality, single-origin teas that will help support more family farms. Staff Pick!

Between Two Cities

by Jamey Stegmaier

Design unique and beautiful cities in this partnership-driven, 20-minute, competitive tile-drafting game for 2-7 players.

GlobalPost Senior Conflict Correspondent

by GlobalPost

GlobalPost’s award-winning reporters focus on telling the human stories behind violent conflicts. Help us do more.

Motion Device NEW Full Length CD

by Christina Menoudakis

Motion Device is ready to ROCK the world with their first full length studio album!!

Vistas of Italy: A Collection of Photographs

by Ted Davis

A truly magnificent Photo Book of stunning Italian landscapes, seascapes, and the small city charm and glamor of Italy.

Andromeda Speaks: A Feminist Literary Magazine

by Rebecca McNair

Andromeda Speaks is a feminist literary magazine dedicated to redefining what it means to be female or feminine today.


by YikeBike

YikeBike UNDISCOVERED is the latest evolution of the original fully electric folding bike, award winning design and quality

INDIGO GREY Immersive Show Experience - STAFF PICK!

by Hammerstep

Blurring lines between today/tomorrow, audience/actor, technology/reality in a theatrical, walkthrough, "Digital Reality Experience"

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