A Living Canvas

Help a museum in Detroit transform the cityscape with public art.
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Invent Anywhere

The first MakeyMakey made it to MoMA — now you can take it on the go.
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Staff-picked projects

Mother & Muse

by Nikoleta Sekulovic

Redefining Motherhood

The Complete Beautifully Banal

by Alexander Culler

A graphic trilogy that combines the technical rigor of architectural drawing with the story-telling whimsy of comic books.

Waffle Kisses Sewing and Art Studio at Mad About Patchwork

by Laura Piggott

Psssst...Laura of Waffle Kisses is creating a sewing and visual arts classroom/studio in Mad About Patchwork's new space.

Help Us Create for the 2015 ACE Awards!

by Teddy Tedholm

We need financial help to secure costumes, studio space, projector rentals, and payment for dancers for our performance in California.

Web Typography – a handbook

by Richard Rutter

A handbook for designing beautiful and effective typography in modern websites.

Technical Weatherproof Outerwear with Style

by Todd Listwin

One Man Outerwear and Mia Melon, leaders in technical outerwear with style and on trend designs, using special developed fabrics

Forbidden Trim

by George Trimm

A film about a commando's mission to unveil a global crime syndicate. Using surfers as cover, he travels deep into the unknown.

Ash Apothecary: Small Batch, All-Natural Simple Syrup

by Demetrious O'Neil and Ashleigh Crowther

We make small-batch simple syrups for bartending, mixology, coffee, cocktails, soda, ice cream, chai, and more. Try all our flavors!


by Chris Crawford

A game requiring social intelligence and emotional intuition, not fast reflexes or logical strategy.

The IndyGraf - What the others don't tell you

by Franco Fracassi

Graphic news, Wiki news, Social news, Multilingual, No Ads: that's why we need The IndyGraf, what the others don't tell you.

Tristina Miller's First Full Album: When The Smoke Clears

by Tristina Dupree *Miller

I am creating my first full length album from the deepest parts of my heart that deal with being lost and being found. I cannot wait.

Sweet Ruin: The Brooklyn Domino Sugar Refinery

by Paul Raphaelson

A stunning photography book about the abandoned factory, its history, and the surreal interior during its final days standing.

Project of the Day


by Hoxton Mini Press

A new book about craft and skill celebrating inspirational makers from London's creative hub

Makey Makey GO: Invention Kit on Your Keychain

by Jay Silver

Tech is going Bananas! Slip'n Selfie, Dog-o-Phone, Flappy Jello. Invent on the GO!

Choose Your 90's Adventure

by 4 Days Late Productions

4 Days Late needs your help to bring this interactive romp through the 90’s to life!

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