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FLORA community Library

by FLORA ars+natura

FLORA is a space for art + nature in Bogotá. We plan to build a new library/meeting place that will become the heart of our activities.

NINJASAUR Vol. 1 and 2

by Jason Horn

Ninjasaur: Volume Two is a 100 page color collection of the newest three stories. You can also order Volume One, now in full color!

The Sanguine Sock -- Circular Knitting Machine - Startup

by Amber Wilson

Through the purchase of a circular sock machine, I will create quality wool socks that are fun to wear and make people happy.

Tampopo Redux

by Mistaya Hemingway

Welcome to the kitchen of Tampopo Redux- an alternate reality where movement and taste collide. Sensual. Delicious. Astonishing.

LEAFXPRO - Umbrella (leaf) for your Bike


LEAFXPRO was designed with aerodynamics and ergonomics in mind, providing you a solid cover for those stormy days.

Babylon Road : Backpack Removable Pocket

by Babylon Road

Babylon Road backpack's concept : two bags in one. You can remove the bag’s front pocket and use it as a purse or handbag.

SOMEONE ELSE: a feature film

by Nelson Kim

We've made the movie. Now we need your help to launch it on the film festival circuit, into theaters, and onto DVD and VOD!

Slop Shoppe Specialty Sandwiches

by Frances Medina & Jillian Stricker

Slop Shoppe is a specialty sandwich shop that uses local, farm fresh ingredients, with unique flavor combinations.

Floating Market - A Game of Diced Fruit!

by Matthew D Riddle

Floating Market uses polyhedral dice to create a unique and accessible game experience from the designers of Fleet and Eggs & Empires.

Reports from the Energy Battlegrounds

by National Observer

Hot temperatures. Brutal conflicts. From ground zero of climate change, a new publication.

Classics on Hudson

by Helena Baillie and Gwen Gould

We present celebrated artists in music from the classics to the present day in dynamic concerts at the Hudson Opera House

The Maui Coast - Legacy of the King's Highway

by Daniel Sullivan

A fine art photography book that captures the stunning beauty of the Maui Coast and the legacy of the ancient King's Highway.

Rudi Rainbow: An educational children's app for the iPad

by Hello, November

Oh no, Rudi Rainbow is all black and white! In this app, kids help Rudi retrieve his lost colors and learn a lot about the weather.

Radium - the Professional, Easy to use Geiger Counter

by Sergey Vladimirov

Radium is a next-generation, state of the art geiger counter that aims to be small, simple to use, affordable and developer friendly.

Send The Bad Arm to Edinburgh. Meet the Dodgy Irish Dancer!

by Máire Clerkin

Please help me bring 'The Bad Arm', which has toured America for 6 years, to the biggest & best arts festival in the world: Edinburgh!

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