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Staff-picked projects

Help Build ACRE's New Home in Chicago

by Emily Green

Help ACRE achieve our most ambitious project to date: the renovation of our new space and expansion of our Chicago programming!

Cash & Carrie

by Shawn Pryor

Cash & Carrie attempt to solve a bizarre mystery in their DEBUT comic book!

VEGAN TATTOO SOAP! Help sustainably package it!

by Nicholas Shepard

VERMONT VEGAN SUPPLY, LLC First product: 100% Vegan-Organic-Pure-Natural TATTOO SOAP We need help supplying the eco-friendly packaging!

U Dance by the Sea

by Ludus Dance

Help LYDC represent North West youth dance by supporting them to perform at the U-Dance national festival in Plymouth.

GoSun Grill: A Breakthrough Solar Oven that Cooks at Night

by Patrick Sherwin

Easier, faster and more delicious, this fuel-free cooker can bake, boil or fry a meal for eight, using only the Sun... day or night

Bryt Socks - The World's Brightest, Happiest Socks.

by Bryt

What Happens When A Professional Skier Designs A Line Of Socks? He Creates The Most Insane, Bold, and Bright Socks You Have Seen!!

Middle Witch - A Mythical Short Film

by Amanda Gotera

Follow and support this mystical brew of old-school special effects and tough-as-nails teen witches.

LAFAZA: Sustainable, Fair Trade Spices from Madagascar

by Dan Pargee

Help us achieve organic, fair trade & non-GMO certifications for sustainable spices from Madagascar. Over 1000 farmers will benefit.

Project of the Day

FOVE: The World's First Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset


Reads subtle eye movements to allow more precise control in video games and a more immersive VR experience.

Rebuild Radio with WLPN in Chicago

by Public Media Institute

Help us build a radical non commercial Low Power FM station in Chicago called Lumpen Radio

Fly High: SugarBeats Debut Album

by SugarBeats

Support SugarBeats in recording "Fly High" - A future funk album with live vocalists and session musicians featured on every song.


by Kyman Cheng

CSPLYeu is a 30cm by 30cm hardcover cosplay photobook containing over 50 cosplayers from 12 European countries.

Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters

by Outlier Linguistic Solutions

Learn characters more efficiently with this revolutionary, easy-to-use dictionary. Discover how Chinese characters actually work!

EcoQube C- Your Window to Nature!

by Aqua Design Innovations

Plants filter the water. It's the most beautiful and low maintenance way to keep a piece of nature in any space!

Riptide: New Immersive Theatre Company

by Alexander Palmer

Giving audiences real choice within performance. We transform the city into a stage, passers-by become extras and you become the hero

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