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Reading, Writing, Making

Help kids design, hack, tinker, and create by supporting a pilot program to build makerspaces in schools.
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Feed Your People

Help bring a collection of big-batch recipes from big-hearted cooks to the communal table.
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Something Weird

The American Genre Film Archive needs your help to preserve cult classics for the next generation of experimental film lovers.
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Staff-picked projects

Mason Hill Clay Studio

by Jackie Sedlock

Please help us build a multi-use clay collaboration studio with guest housing in beautiful, rural southern Vermont.

Awesome 'Possum, Volume 2

by Angela Boyle

Second volume of the natural science comic anthology collecting art from twenty-two artists.

AquaJar: A love story between fish and plant

by AquaJar

The coolest Mason jar you'll ever own. A non-electrical eco-system of life between fish and plant. And boy you'll love it!

"Braxon Vs. Oregon" San Francisco Premiere

by ENTITY Contemporary Dance

"Braxon Vs. Oregon," an emotive dance theater production surrounding the Death with Dignity Act, makes its San Francisco debut!

Authenticity 50: Made in USA Bed Sheets at Wholesale Prices!

by Jim and Stephanie MacDonald

Premium 100% Supima cotton bedsheets. Made 'Seed-to-Stitch' in the USA. Sold at wholesale prices, directly to you.

Redressing America With Hemp

by Superego

Changing the very fabric of reality with the softest, most comfortable hemp T-shirts. They're cut from a different cloth!

Soul City -- Historical Doc Short about a Multiracial Utopia

by Soul City Film

In the 1970s, a band of idealists and city-slickers attempt to build a multiracial utopia in the heart of Klan Country, NC.

GraceFull Community Cafe, Bringing People Together Over Food

by Heather Greenwood

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for guests to enjoy simple, affordable and healthy meals in an engaging community setting.

Lords of the Ash

by Andrew Valkauskas

The Viking gods and giants come alive in Lords of the Ash! Explore the divine worlds which hang upon Yggdrasil.

The Beauty Clause

by Melissa Sievers and Jordan Harshman

The Beauty Clause is a book project dedicated to discovering, understanding, and celebrating beauty in cultures around the world.

The Suffers Are Releasing Their Debut Album

by The Suffers

Our debut full-length album is done, but we need your help releasing it into the world! Be our record company!


by Heptagram Editions

A collaborative project that aims to bring us closer to our earth through experimental bookmaking.

Project of the Day

Eureka! The Art of Science

by Monkey Minion Press

An art book about scientists who changed the world.

solidLUUV: The All-In-One Camera Stabilizer

by LUUV Forward GmbH

Shake-free videos, every time! solidLUUV is the world's 1st all-in-one stabilizer for all action cams, smartphones and compact cams.

Spies Are Forever: A New Comedy Musical

by The Tin Can Brothers

A new spy-themed comedy musical from the Tin Can Brothers and TalkFine coming to Los Angeles and YouTube.

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