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Project of the Day

Lacuna: library + public art space built with 50,000 books

by Bay Area Book Festival

A participatory art installation, a library, and a monument to books, made with 50,000 books that can be removed from its walls.

Skies of Fire: #1-2 Print

by Ray Chou

An airship story of loyalty and revenge.

Cooper LightWood: A bright [green] idea.

by Joshua Cooper

A unique, new business dedicated to using salvaged or reclaimed wood (saving trees) to create beautiful, custom-built light fixtures.

The 2nd Annual Richmond Dance Festival!

by Dogtown Dance Theatre

COLLABORATE, CONNECT, EDUCATE, and THRIVE with the Richmond Dance Festival! Help support a community as they create from the ground up!

InfiniteUSB - one usb port, unlimited devices

by InfiniteUSB

Having your mobile phones or tablets stay connected to your laptop. It’s time to bring elegance back to your desk.

Accidental Gentleman-Screen Printed Ties

by Jeremy Garcia

We screen print freaking sweet ties.


by Rachel Knoll

9 holes of improvised conversation about international relations from look-a-like political impersonators.

The Runaway: Not Your Average BnB

by The Runaway

A community-oriented luxury bed & breakfast on Jamaica’s north coast, focused on amazing local food and curated cultural experiences.


by Nathanael Weiss

Explore millions of unique and lush worlds rife with re-awakened evil, forgotten artifacts and heroes jailed for centuries.

Save Film Threat and Bring Back DVDuesday

by Chris Gore

Help save Film Threat and bring back DVDuesday, the popular segment from G4TV's Attack of the Show.

De La Soul's NEW ALBUM

by De La Soul

Welcome 2 making magic. The time has finally come: De La Soul is ready to record a new studio LP.

Woman: Redefined - dignity, beauty and breast cancer

by Kristina Hunter and ML Kenneth

A photo book of women who have had breast cancer surgeries, distributed free of charge to Breast Health Centres in the U.S. and Canada.

Constellations by Esther Mathieu

by Lucas Hunt

Hunt & Light is an independent publisher raising funds to publish its second book of poetry; Constellations by Esther Mathieu

Parva Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

by futuresonus

Introducing a revolutionary new synthesizer combining the classic warmth of analog synthesis with the convenience of digital control.


by Francesca Spedalieri

A movement play in translation: a woman dances backwards through memories to be reunited with her husband and re-live their love story.

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