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FLORA community Library

by FLORA ars+natura

FLORA is a space for art + nature in Bogotá. We plan to build a new library/meeting place that will become the heart of our activities.

Casefile: Arkham

by Team Kaiju

A hardboiled detective in H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham. Created by Patrick McEvoy (Call of Cthulhu) & Josh Finney (World War Kaiju).

Celtic Woodturning

by Cornelius (Con) O'Neill

Making high class turned wooden bowls & artifacts using English and exotic woods and offering for sale throughout the Uk and worldwide.

The Cypher Spot (Step 1): Floor

by Corey "Rev" Stiver

HipHop studio (Art, dance, music, knowledge) coming to Los Angeles. This step is to gain enough funds for the Dance/Conference floor.

CamCarry - The ultimate way to store & carry your camera

by Andrew and Alex

You don't take a photograph, you make it. The same should go for your camera case. We're making this one together.

everything in colour

by grace clark and anna crawley

sustainable fashion - unique, high quality, contemporary clothing + accessories made and sold in london from donated/end of line fabric

Queen of Glory's Post-Production Campaign!

by Nana Mensah

Queen of Glory is the female-directed dark comedy of a maladjusted PhD student who becomes sole proprietor of a Christian bookstore.

Stoke: Gourmet BBQ Meats and Appetisers

by Ruth and Chris

Stoke BBQ parcels are filled with artisanal meats and appetisers. A "farm to table" experience delivered right to your door.

Windwalkers, the game


An ACTION RPG for PC/Mac, XBox1, PS4, single/multi-player with co-op, set in a new sci-fi and fantasy world where you have to survive.

Surveillance Valley: The Rise of the Google-Military Complex

by Yasha Levine

A book by Yasha Levine about how Silicon Valley turned the Internet into the greatest surveillance apparatus in the history of mankind.

Spoken // New Album 2015

by Matt Baird

2015 is not just a new chapter for Spoken, its a fresh start. PRE-ORDER THE NEW ALBUM FROM SPOKEN NOW!

Ohio Landscapes

by Tom Croce

To publish a book of monochrome images of Ohio in order to help gain an appreciation of, and a desire to protect it's natural beauty

Color-Along Ukulele: A Method Book for People Drawn to Play

by Heidi Swedberg

Uke book for kids of all ages: song-based instruction, zany recordings, full-page illustrations for coloring at home or the classroom!

ScreenStick: Sensitive Joystick for Tablets & Smartphones

by Craig Sheldon Thomas

The Ultra-Sensitive Joystick for Tablets and Smartphones. Plugged onto the screen it supports all kinds of simulation & action games.

The Republic - Immersive Theater Experience

by The Republic - Immersive Theater

Immersive theater meets gaming in this interactive performance experience. Step into a fully themed world where you control the ending.

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