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The "GRACE" E.P. by Complex Inc. by Complex the Exec

This is not merely the release of my company with a debut album, but a journey of Grace the tells all of our stories at once

  • 2% funded
  • $235 pledged

Fantasy Football University - An Interactive How-to Guide by Mike Barkley

A fun, interactive how-to guide for strategizing, drafting, managing, and winning your Fantasy Football league.

  • 72% funded
  • $7,220 pledged

Two Proof Films: The 2014 48 Hour Film Project by Mike Watkins

Exhausting yet completely fulfilling, Two Proof Films is making another film from scratch in 48 hours. And you're coming with us!

  • 142% funded
  • $996 pledged

Citizen of the US - Spinning Challenge Coin by Andrew Levi

We are Citizens of the United States!

  • 55% funded
  • $722 pledged

Why does Mommy Hurt? by Elizabeth Christy

"Why does Mommy Hurt?" is a book to help children cope with the stress of having a parent with chronic pain or illness.

  • 133% funded
  • $1,330 pledged

Minion - Epic multiplayer strategy card game! by Daniel Eichler

Minion - The creature-fighting strategy card game! Don't spend a fortune on your habit, get epic and hilarious with Minion!

  • 55% funded
  • $14,323 pledged

HowMyDoin: The future of feedback. by Buermeyer, Kelly & Rudolph

Do you really know how you are doing? Meaningful and continuous feedback will help you get better at the things that matter most.

  • 36% funded
  • $9,781 pledged

Faces of the Tarnished Souk: An NPC Collection (PFRPG) by Steve Russell

A collection of 30 complex Non Player Characters, supported by custom classes, templates, races, traits, feats magic items, etc.

  • 146% funded
  • $2,628 pledged

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