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Trevor Paglen: Orbital Reflector

Visible from Earth, it will be the first satellite to exist purely as an artistic gesture. Join Trevor Paglen in launching this reflective sculpture into space.
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Projects We Love

Project We Love
Project image

The Marigold Tarot

by Amrit Brar

A tarot deck rooted in life, death, and gold.

Project We Love
Project image

The Girl in the Midnight Gown - All Age, Diverse Fairy-Tales

by Simon Birks

A missing girl, a mysterious barbershop, a witch and some dragons - all is not what it seems in this modern-day fairy-tale for everyone

Project We Love
Project image

Party supplies celebrating children of color.

by Craft My Occasion

We create party supplies especially for children of color, which helps them to develop a positive and loving self-image.

Project We Love
Project image


by Walter Dundervill

A large-scale visually charged dance installation charting territories of the past to map possibilities for futurity and the infinite

Project We Love
Project image

The Tessera Oracle: Enamel Fortune Telling Charms

by Tory Woollcott

A simple, modern divination system inspired by the tarot, sacred geometry and enamel pins. Designed by artist Tory Woollcott.

Project We Love
Project image

Detale Studio - A long lasting wardrobe

by Anne Mertens

Detale studio is an international online fashion brand with a slow and sustainable philosophy. We focus on casual tailoring & knitwear.

Project We Love
Project image

Las Horas Después

by Elías Patiño

Cortometraje de tesis sobre la pérdida y el duelo ante la muerte. // Thesis shortfilm about loss and how we mourn someone's death.

Project We Love
Project image

The Little Pickle Commercial Kitchen

by The Little Pickle

Alex and Jess want to expand their growing catering business The Little Pickle by fitting out a flexible commercial kitchen.

Project We Love
Project image

Eat All The Things

by Stami Studios

A platformer with a stealth element. Now with Co-Op! For Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac/Linux, and Android.

Project image

The Common Sense Network | 100% People Funded News Network

by Mike Omoniyi

Tired of the billionaire funded mainstream media? Fund the first ever 100% people funded online news network for millennials in the UK.

Project We Love
Project image

The Discovery of Voyager: a show at New Orleans' Music Box

by Blato Zlato

A multimedia event, showcasing original & live reinterpreted music/images sent into space 40 years ago on the Voyager. #ProjectsofEarth

Project We Love
Project image

GIRLS by Luo Yang

by Luo Yang & MO-Industries

Empowered Chinese Femininity: GIRLS (2007-2017) by Acclaimed Chinese Artist Luo Yang

Project We Love
Project image

Every Girl: One girl's story; every country in the world.

by Sojourn Wallace

Every Girl is a children's book & Project of Earth. It tells the true, childhood story of one woman, from every country in the world.

Project of the Day
Project We Love
Project image

TEAMOSA: Your Personal Tea Brewing Master


An automated tea brewing machine that uses ultrasonic extraction to retain up to 20% more antioxidants than traditionally brewed tea

Project We Love
Project image

Activate! Art! Bushwick!

by House of Yes

Art creates connection, Art opens doors to opportunity, and Theater is what brings it all together.

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