A Living Canvas

Help a museum in Detroit transform the cityscape with public art.
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The Genius of Einstein on the Beach

Help bring the story of a convention-shattering opera to the big screen.
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Staff-picked projects

New Solar Technology to Build an Underground Park

by The Lowline

The Lowline will use new solar technology to transform an historic NYC trolley terminal into the world's first underground park.

Speculative Relationships: Volume 2

by Tyrell Cannon

We are back with more science fiction romance, after our first successful Kickstarter for Speculative Relationships: Volume 1!

Stash Select: Fiber for a Friendly Planet

by Jo Ann Zimmerman

Help our boutique yarn shop kickstart our own brand of all natural locally made hand knitting yarns!

Tall Women in Clogs

by The Tall Women

Four Brooklyn broads tackle gender politics and awkward footwear from their collective height of 29 feet and 1/4 inches.

Polar Ice Tray: The Perfect Ice for the Perfect Drink!

by U-Cube Designs LLC

Having trouble making great drinks at home? Ice plays a key role! Enjoy high-quality drinks without going out to a bar.

KnitYak: Custom mathematical knit scarves

by Fabienne "fbz" Serriere

Mathematical scarves knit in luxurious merino. Algorithmically generated patterns, no two scarves are alike. Knit in Seattle, WA.

These C*cksucking Tears

by Dan Taberski

A documentary about Patrick Haggerty, who wrote, sang, and released the first gay-themed country music album in 1973.

The Knot & Twist

by The Knot & Twist Bakery

The Knot & Twist Bakery creates hand rolled pretzels, fresh-baked artisan breads, & decadent bread puddings, using local ingredients!

Epic Card Game

by Robert Dougherty

A complete strategy card game from the creators of Star Realms. Two to four can play sealed, draft or constructed out of one small box!

NOS Magazine

by Sara Luterman

NOS Magazine is a news and commentary source for thought and analysis about neurodiversity culture and representation.

False Puppet - Warped Tour and Album Release

by False Puppet

False Puppet is an Alternative Rock band from Santa Barbara, California.

Project of the Day

Sweet Ruin: The Brooklyn Domino Sugar Refinery

by Paul Raphaelson

A stunning photography book about the abandoned factory, its history, and the surreal interior during its final days standing.

Miller's Compendium: a comprehensive writer's reference book

by Greg Miller

"Miller's Compendium of Timeless Tools for the Modern Writer" is an encyclopedic catalog of writing resources in clickable e-book form.

OWOW - A new breed of musical instruments.


Make music in a new and intuitive way at home, in the studio or live on stage.

Strange Weather

by Alexa Andreas

The music of Tom Waits, a wild, whiskey-soaked underworld, a spectral band, and the living memories of a troubled man.

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