Art as Activism

Ai Weiwei and the Royal Academy of Arts are collaborating to create something incredible — be part of it.
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A Legacy in Print

Learn how one reporter's inspirational work transformed the way the New York Times covered AIDS.
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Staff-picked projects


by Open Space

Open Space is a home for diverse and innovative makers, artists and cultural enthusiasts, and a place for gathering and dialogue.

Eat More Comics! The Best of The Nib

by Matt Bors

We're gathering the best comics we've published in one giant 300 page hardcover.

Wheel of Flame Candle Set with Embedded Metal Dice

by Lauren Rock

A beautifully designed set of candles for tabletop gaming, or for any place you want to smell terrific!

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY inaugural campaign

by Shannon Gillen

VIM VIGOR is an exciting new dance-theater company in NYC and this campaign will raise funds in support of our 2015/2016 season.


by Samira Boon

The "playful window mosaic", a small toy with endless possibilities.

Save Artisans - Bring Real Kimono to New York Fashion Week

by Hiromi Asai

Kimono artisans and stylist bring real Kimono on runway to New York Fashion Week for saving artisans and the art of Kimono creation

SIMBI ZOMBIES - a fantasy band feature film

by Dae_Hoon

Jam in the production of this movie, to mosh again to raw sub pop, and destroy the commercial sacrifice of art, music and food.

Myrtlewood - Home Cooking from the Pacific Northwest

by Andrew Barton

A cookbook created in a home kitchen, using ingredients from a backyard garden, farmer's markets, and small shops.

One Dreamer

by Gareth Ffoulkes

A psychological gaming experience conveying a powerful and unique story using pixel art and voice narration.

Pollock l’acchiappa-panzane

by Pagella Politica

Una campagna di fact-checking animati per rendere più difficile la vita ai politici che “sparano panzane”

Andrei Tarkovsky, Location Recordings & Search Ensembles

by and/OAR

Raising funds to re-issue three early rare and/OAR CDR releases on CDs, plus the first album by Dale Lloyd's Search Ensembles project.

Release The Crowd by Nic Bezzina

by Nic Bezzina

A photography book by Australian Photographer Nic Bezzina about music festival crowds. Spanning 5 countries, and 11 unique festivals.

ABC Disgusting

by Greg Pak

A children's alphabet book about disgusting things from "Princess Who Saved Herself" creators Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa.

Project of the Day

Introducing Sensory Percussion

by Sunhouse

The nuance and control of an acoustic drum. The limitless possibilities of digital sound. A true leap forward in drum technology.

Francesca, Francesca...

by Chelsea DuVall

A new play inspired by the work of photographer, Francesca Woodman. Experimental projection and beautiful photography

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