Reboot the Suit

Help the Smithsonian conserve Neil Armstrong’s historic spacesuit, and share it with explorers everywhere.
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Objective: Change the World

Bill Nye inspired a generation through science — now it’s time to bring his story to the big screen.
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Staff-picked projects

Sàn Art Laboratory: an artist-in-residency in Vietnam

by Sàn Art

‘San Art Laboratory: Session 7’: a 6-month artist-in-residency program showcasing the brilliance of Southeast Asian contemporary art

The Sunday Comics Are Back With Over 250 Creators & Pages!

by Golden Bell

The Sunday Comics is a new twist on the old traditional paper. We are bringing to you original content ranging from Comics to Classics!

Tiny Monsters - Tiny Skeletons You Assemble

by Herbert Hoover

Tiny mythological skeletons that you build with tweezers and glue.

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY inaugural campaign

by Shannon Gillen

VIM VIGOR is an exciting new dance-theater company in NYC and this campaign will raise funds in support of our 2015/2016 season.

The Everyday Messenger: A Bag For Cameras & Essential Carry

by Peak Design

Beautiful, intelligent, adaptable. The Everyday Messenger is more than just an innovative camera bag. It’s a giant leap for bag-kind.

Superfit Hero - Size Inclusive High Performance Leggings

by Micki Krimmel

Designed to make you feel supported and confident in the gym and beyond. For women sizes XS-3XL. Unleash your superpower!

Project of the Day

What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael

by Rob Garver

A full-length documentary on critic Pauline Kael's vision of 20th century movies. With Quentin Tarantino, Paul Schrader, many others.

Pimento! Bring Jamaican street food to Minneapolis

by Pimento Jamaican Kitchen

Join the movement! Bring authentic Jamaican street food to MPLS and help us feed the 1 in 9 Minnesotans that are food insecure.

Tsioque - An animated 2D adventure game.

by OhNoo Studio

A dark but playful point & click adventure, hand-animated in glorious frame-by-frame 2D.

Dying Words: The AIDS Reporting of Jeff Schmalz

by Samuel G. Freedman and Kerry Donahue

An audio documentary and companion book about the brilliant journalist who covered the AIDS epidemic as he was dying of the disease

Wrinkles Debut Album

by Wrinkles

Wrinkles Rock! Help them to record their debut album.

Bensinger's: Photographs by Helaine Garren

by Nor'wester Books

In 1970 Helaine Garren shot a series of images at Bensinger’s Pool Hall in Chicago, Illinois.

Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection

by Mr Bingo

A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.

Micro Rhythm

by Chris Kann

The Micro Rhythm is an open source drum machine that allows recording and playback of Linndrum, DMX, and TR-707 native samples.

Bacchic Project

by In the Water Theatre Company

Bacchic Project is an adaption of Euripides' The Bacchae and Emile Zola’s L’Assomoir created on Block Island and performed in Brooklyn.

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