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On October 15, thirty-two theaters across the country will screen our biggest Film Festival yet.

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Eyes Underwater

So much of the world's waters remain unexplored — but this portable underwater drone could change the tides of ocean exploration.
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Something Weird

The American Genre Film Archive needs your help to preserve cult classics for the next generation of experimental film lovers.
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Staff-picked projects

People I've Loved's Pressing Matters

by People I've Loved

We are raising funds to make a great print shop to grow our business, and host workshops and classes.

Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction

by Margins Publishing

Dates is a queer historical fiction anthology focused on showcasing positive queer experiences throughout time and across the world.

REFOUNDRY: Restoring Furniture, Restoring Lives

by Refoundry

We train formerly incarcerated people to repurpose discarded materials into home furnishings & incubate them into their own businesses

"Braxon Vs. Oregon" San Francisco Premiere

by ENTITY Contemporary Dance

"Braxon Vs. Oregon," an emotive dance theater production surrounding the Death with Dignity Act, makes its San Francisco debut!

Meyou: Classy Furniture for Discerning Cat

by Aude & Guillaume

Meyou is reconciling our cat's needs with our design expectations.

Honey Soles | Transform your shoes. Forget the socks.

by Honey Soles

Make your shoes feel like a pair of flip-flops with Natural Cork shoe insoles.

Soul City -- Historical Doc Short about a Multiracial Utopia

by Soul City Film

In the 1970s, a band of idealists and city-slickers attempt to build a multiracial utopia in the heart of Klan Country, NC.

INSA's Karaoke Experience

by Insa Brooklyn's Karaoke Experience

Please help us build the Ultimate Karaoke Experience in Brooklyn at INSA - Korean Fun Time Place for Celebration!

XTRONAUT™: The Game of Solar System Exploration

by Dante Lauretta - Xtronaut Enterprises

Designed by space-mission experts, the XTRONAUT™ game allows players to face the challenges and thrills of exploring the solar system.

Conceivable Future website

by Conceivable Future

Conceivable Future is a women-led network of Americans bringing awareness to the threat climate change poses to childbearing.

Rick and Morty Album & Music Video

by Allie Goertz

Rick and Morty concept album written by Allie Goertz + music video directed by Paul B. Cummings!

Project of the Day

Homeschooled: A Photobook

by Rachel Papo

A glimpse into the enchanting world of homeschooled children living in the Catskill mountains of New York. Published by Kehrer Verlag

Wilderness - Issue 01

by Wilderness Collective

Imagine if McQueen, Kerouac, Muir & Whitman started a magazine. Let's make Wilderness; a men's mag about exploration, character & grit.

Unique - make any watch a smartwatch

by uBirds

Turn your classic watch into a smartwatch with Unique, the revolutionary watch strap.

Spies Are Forever: A New Comedy Musical

by The Tin Can Brothers

A new spy-themed comedy musical from the Tin Can Brothers and TalkFine coming to Los Angeles and YouTube.

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