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Staff-picked projects

New Maps of Historic North American Railroads

by David Edmondson

I want to take historic railroad timetables and maps and convert them into contemporary, beautiful, legible subway-style maps.

Hunter's Lore: A Graphic Novel

by Lee Milewski

A single knight abandons his once proud Order in search of redemption and glory. A 94 page, full color Graphic Novel!

Quick Brown Fox Letterpress: A Restoration Project

by Kate Murray

Help me to restore this salvaged, antique Golding Jobber letterpress and start my very own printshop in Brooklyn.

EPIC Motion presents "επικός (Epikos)"

by EPIC Motion Dance Company

EPIC Motion presents "επικός (Epikos)", a journey through movement where the timeless myths of Ancient Greece come to pass once again.

Halfbike II

by Kolelinia

Halfbike - a vehicle that awakens your natural instinct to move.

Sole-Socks 2.0 -- Go sockless! The simple sock alternative

by Tanner & Taylor Dame

Get the sockless look this summer with the simple sock alternative. More than 30,000 of the original design, we now offer version 2.0

Bill Plympton's REVENGEANCE - An Animated Feature Film

by Bill Plympton

"REVENGEANCE is my 8th hand-drawn animated feature film and the first being done with a creative partner, writer/artist Jim Lujan!"

CKJ Smokehouse Jerky- All Natural Slow-Smoked Beef Jerky

by Chris James

Our uniquely seasoned jerky is slow-smoked, leaving a tender, never dry, preservative-free meat with a natural smoked flavor.

WAYNESAW: A game about a friendly chainsaw.

by AmazingSuperPowers

A game starring a friendly little pet chainsaw who has no idea how dangerous he is! Help reunite him with his terrified family!

Meet the Composer | Season Two

by Q2 Music

Help us make five new episodes of a podcast about today's exciting, dynamic and all-around inspiring composers, with host Nadia Sirota.

Morning Zephyr =::= Western Star

by Kip Jones

MZ is back after a 9-year hiatus with a new album! Mallets, strings, voices, energy - Music full of joy and strength.

Project of the Day

1972 - Nakagin Capsule Tower

by Noritaka Minami

1972 is a photobook that investigates the current state of the Nakagin Capsule Tower, an experimental apartment complex in Tokyo, Japan

REMARKABLE Magazine - Live Better, Harm Less

by REMARKABLE Magazine

Remarkable Magazine is the first digital and print platform to put a design-lead vision first when it comes to a planet conscious life.

Orbit1: A Tabletop Electroplater Turns Your Ideas into Gold

by Monolith Studio Inc.

Orbit1 is an efficient, easy to use electroplating device that coats almost anything in metal, at only $2/g.

Free For All

by Richard O'Brien & Rebecca Martin

A new verse play about free schools: Edinburgh Fringe & Midlands tour. Help us cover production costs for our talented creative team.

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