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Support an initiative to expand journalistic coverage of North Korea’s border.
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Help get books into the hands of those who need them most.
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Staff-picked projects

PHONEBOOK: The Mobile Field Guide to the Art World

by threewalls

PHONEBOOK is a GUIDEBOOK and dynamic MOBILE APP to artist-run and underground culture, including over 800 projects from across the US!

Mars Attacks Occupation Trading Cards

by The Topps Company

Mars Attacks: Occupation is the all-new trading card set based on Topps' infamous and iconic sci-fi series.

Help us Kickstart Clover's Hemp! #kindbodycare

by Clover's Hemp

We believe in Kind Body Care. Clover's Hemp is a hand-crafted line of all natural hemp-based skin care products you can believe in too.

Us, Me, They, She

by Hannah Cullen

Ten people question their own identities and how to find freedom through facing the unknown within themselves and those around them.

THE HALOGRAPH An Unusual Mechanical Automatic Watch by XERIC

by Watchismo

The HALOGRAPH Automatic is a living time machine. YOU are the power source.

Fitesse: custom build your perfect fit bra

by Kim Castellano of Fashion First Aid

Tired of bras that don't fit you correctly? Fitesse is a bra system where you can choose every component to create your perfect fit.

THE BEEF SUMO SHOW © Animated Series!

by Graverobber Productions LLC

Please help us launch the first series from our new animation studio!

Super Mixes That Your Body Will LOVE

by Lindsay Walton

Love Superfood creates exciting and delicious baking mixes and high nutrition blends using superfoods. We love the food that loves you.

The Titan Series

by Ray Wehrs

A series of gateway games by the world’s greatest game designers—perfect for introducing your friends to your favorite hobby!

The 2015 School of Authentic Journalism

by School of Authentic Journalism

The school teaches journalists and community organizers how to tell effective and exciting stories to help peoples' movements to win.

Preorder Ben Mason's new album 'She'd Need a Heart'

by Ben Mason

Preorder Ben Mason's new album 'She'd Need a Heart' and grab yourself some extra treats.

Moon Photo Book

by Benjamin Freedman

Self published photo book featuring images taken in a remote town in northern Iceland.

Project of the Day

Tuesday; An Art Project

by Tuesday; An Art Project

Tuesday; An Art Project is a biannual, letterpress-printed journal of Poetry, Photography, and Prints.

CyPhy LVL 1 Drone: Reinvented for Performance and Control

by CyPhy Works

Our drone flies simply, shares intuitively, and captures high-quality footage effortlessly. The first drone for absolutely everyone.

Temper Theatre present 'TRIBE'

by Finn Morrell

We are re-developing our show 'TRIBE' and taking it to the Edinburgh fringe festival this summer. We need your help to get us there!

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