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See the hot device that’s unlike anything that’s come before it.
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Sailing Boldly into the Future

Help Bill Nye and The Planetary Society revolutionize citizen access to space!
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Staff-picked projects

Experience The Commonwealth of New Island

by Lee Walter Mothes

The New Island Guidebook is ready to print! Be one of the first to explore this 12,000 square mile work of art. It's a BIG island!

Atomic Robo Reprint Regalia!

by Tesladyne LLC

Atomic Robo is out of print and the sadness is REAL. So we're reprinting the whole series in hardcover and need your help!

VEGAN TATTOO SOAP! Help sustainably package it!

by Nicholas Shepard

VERMONT VEGAN SUPPLY, LLC First product: 100% Vegan-Organic-Pure-Natural TATTOO SOAP We need help supplying the eco-friendly packaging!

The Material of Attention

by Christian Burns & Hope Mohr

The Material of Attention, a collaboration between Christian Burns & Hope Mohr, pushes the choreographic possibility of improvisation.

Project of the Day

The Hermann Zapf Sketchbook Project

by The Kelly-Winterton Press

A facsimile edition of an unpublished masterpiece of calligraphy and painting by Hermann Zapf.

Kurt's Amsterdam - T-shirts made from hemp & indigo

by Sebastian Gerritsen

Kurt’s Amsterdam makes high quality hemp t-shirts with modern designs, that are durable and produced locally by real craftsmen.

TRAPPED → A Documentary to Protect Women's Rights

by Dawn Porter

We are so close to reaching our goal. Please share our project with you networks so we can cross the finish line.

CleanCandy Organic & Fair Trade Hard Candy - SUGAR GONE GOOD


Cleaning up the candy dish with old-fashioned favorites you can feel good about! Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Allergy-Friendly!

Mare Nostrum - Empires

by Uwe Eickert

'Mare Nostrum - Empires': Lead your Empire to greatness and glory!

Mary Review

by Mary

A magazine, by women, for everyone.

Helios and Mint Julep Album Release

by Keith Kenniff

Help composer Keith Kenniff release new albums under his monikers Helios and Mint Julep.

"I Used To Be You"

by Kyoko Hamada

Hamada has been photographing herself as her elderly alterego since 2012 confronting ageing, mortality and one's own legacy.

No Depression Magazine 2015

by No Depression

Seven years is long enough. We're taking No Depression back into print with the first annual edition, coming this fall.

LightSail: A Revolutionary Solar Sailing Spacecraft

by Bill Nye, CEO, The Planetary Society

Unlimited free energy from the sun will provide CubeSat propulsion and revolutionize access to space for low-cost citizen projects.

Bring I DREAMED OF RATS to Dell’Arte International!

by Terence Cranendonk

Terence Cranendonk is invited to perform his hilarious one-man tour de force at Dell'Arte International's 40th Anniversary Celebration.

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