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Staff-picked projects

Chromacon Indie Arts Festival 2015

by Allan Xia

Chromacon is a free New Zealand Arts Festival that showcases illustrations, comics, animations, videogames & more from indie creatives.

Rob Kutner's SHRINKAGE

by Farrago Comics

A 4-issue series written by 5-time Emmy Award winning writer Rob Kutner (Daily Show, Conan) & illustrator John Lucas (X-Men, Deadpool)

Create Shoppe

by Jessica Nowlan

DIY Gift Kits to make your family and friends, beautiful, unique and one of a kind gifts..

Get Matthew Brookoff's Dances Onstage!

by Matthew Brookoff

Help Matthew Brookoff take three stunning ballet works from studio to stage. May 1st and 2nd at City Center Studios.

Hillary Clinton Action Figure


FCTRY is making Hillary Clinton into an awesome, iconic Ready-for-Action Figure.

Victor Athletics: A responsible, USA made clothing company

by Victor Athletics

Organic, vintage-inspired athletic wear for men & women, made by small-town American factories and delivered directly to you.

Project of the Day

The Last Film Festival: Dennis Hopper's Unseen Final Film

by Linda Yellen

Dennis Hopper's final film is nearly complete, but we need YOUR help for the final push!

CRAFT KOMBUCHA: Inspired by craft beer, co-founded by a dog.

by Craft Kombucha

A neighborhood kombucha brewery looking to bring refreshing, seasonal flavors of kombucha to other neighborhoods of Washington, D.C.

RED FLAGS, the new party game from the creator of SUPERFIGHT

by Darin Ross

Red Flags is a game where players use white cards and red flags to create romantic matches for other players. Best terrible date wins!

Recens Paper Issue 2 - Exploration

by Elise By Olsen

Recens Paper is a biannual publication giving voice to the young, unknown creative artists.


by Elizabeth Issa

2015 Goal=EP=Music Video=Tour=sharing & connecting with people=1 step closer to the dream Please get behind this & support my campaign

The Veteran Vision Project — A Photo Book

by Devin Mitchell

A stunning photo book of true images depicting veterans, their struggles, families, commitment and service. These are their stories.

Draw 'Em With the Pointy End: A Game of Thrones Art Book

by Grace Fong

100+ artists contribute to a book honoring George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones!

Speakers Thinner Than Paper! PVDF Piezo Film Technology

by Richard Haberkern

This amazing material is only 80 microns thick and can produce rich sounding audio. Get the DIY kit now!


by Gene Duffy

Broadway or bust! From nutty Hollywood types to drag queens to dancing sandwiches, this musical has it all.

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