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Help make an iconic piece of Chicago’s transportation infrastructure into interactive art.
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The Wabash Lights - The Beta Test

by Jack C. Newell

A site-specific light installation created by the public on the Wabash stretch of elevated train tracks (L) in Chicago’s loop.

Murder at the Hollywood Hotel by Rick Geary

by Mark Rosenbohm

MURDER AT THE HOLLYWOOD HOTEL is not a comic book, not a graphic novel, but a lavishly illustrated story set in Hollywood's early years

Don't Starve Chester Plush

by Erick Scarecrow

Chester is a furry & loyal friend from the game Don't Starve. Klei & ESC-Toy want to bring him to life as a functional plush replica!


by BOINK! Dance & Film

BOINK! is a modern dance company that explores the infinite possibilities in the world of film and live performance.

Baselamp - The Best Lamp Ever Made

by Luke Kelly

A dimmable LED light designed to turn almost anything into a lamp – handmade in New York and built to work anywhere in the world.

UNIFORM: World's Softest Tee

by Liberty & Justice

Beyond basics - the t-shirt that’ll touch you in ways you won’t forget.

"LOVE AT FIRST HEIST" - a Lo Sci-fi Visual Comedy in Paris

by Ed & Jack McWilliams and Rémi Anfosso

A sci-fi short film about a Parisian street magician whose antics bring him together with an outcast girl.

From Jane Green: Good Taste. Good Food, A Good Life.

by Jane Green

Author and cook Jane Green fills the pages of this cookbook with impressively easy comfort food to turn your house into a happy home.

14 Days: A game about life with migraines

by Hannah Shaffer

A 2-player tabletop game about balancing day-to-day responsibilities around life with migraines.

The IndyGraf - What the others don't tell you

by Franco Fracassi

Graphic news, Wiki news, Social news, Multilingual, No Ads: that's why we need The IndyGraf, what the others don't tell you.

Geto Boys' new album "Habeas Corpus"

by Geto Boys

Architects of horrorcore and reporters of a world gone mad, the Geto Boys are making a new album. Be a part of history, pre-order here!

LA Airspace | A Photo Book of Los Angeles from Above

by Mike Kelley

LA Airspace is a fine art photography book showing an aerial view of the landscapes, architecture, and people of Los Angeles.

Lost Quarterly

by Anthony, Mike & Caitlin

Share your adventures, get lost in photography and sustain your environment

Gloveone: Feel Virtual Reality

by NeuroDigital Technologies

What if you could feel Virtual Reality? Gloveone lets you use both hands to sense & interact with virtual objects on screen/VR glasses

Choose Your 90's Adventure

by 4 Days Late Productions

4 Days Late needs your help to bring this interactive romp through the 90’s to life!

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