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Staff-picked projects


by scott teplin

I'd like to complete a large, architectural drawing of a weird hospital and make really nice prints for those who might want/need it.

Project of the Day

Comics Uniting Nations

by Reading With Pictures

A series of comics to educate people everywhere about the United Nations’ Global Goals and inspire them to become heroes for change!

Knitcircus Studio: Gradient Yarns and Craft Community

by Jaala Spiro

Move Knitcircus Yarns out of the house into a studio to make gradient yarn faster and create a space for knitting classes & community!


by Alexandra Beller

Funding the final leg of a 2.5 year creative process to put our evening length work up for a two week season at La MaMa in June.

Help Atlas: DIY Build a New Home!

by Atlas: DIY (Developing Immigrant Youth)

Become a part of our family by helping Atlas: DIY (Developing Immigrant Youth) build a new home in Sunset Park, Brooklyn!

Kurt's Amsterdam - T-shirts made from hemp & indigo

by Sebastian Gerritsen

Kurt’s Amsterdam makes high quality hemp t-shirts with modern designs, that are durable and produced locally by real craftsmen.

Death Metal

by Chris McInroy

A practical effects driven splatter comedy featuring a metalhead, his guitar and carnage.

CleanCandy Organic & Fair Trade Hard Candy - SUGAR GONE GOOD


Cleaning up the candy dish with old-fashioned favorites you can feel good about! Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Allergy-Friendly!

Umbra (PC and Linux)

by SolarFall Games

Open world, free progression hack 'n' slash! Turn into a personalized Apocalyptic Form and unleash your powers upon your foes!

Chicas Poderosas Stanford

by Mariana Moura Santos

Empowering Latin American women in technology in newsrooms, training the leaders of Chicas Poderosas globally.

Creating music with eyes & 1 finger. Batrano Music Project

by Michael Batrano

Chris Batrano is all but fully paralyzed with ALS, yet still creates music with his eyes & 1 finger. He's launching his debut CD

"I Used To Be You"

by Kyoko Hamada

Hamada has been photographing herself as her elderly alterego since 2012 confronting ageing, mortality and one's own legacy.

The Catalyst Literary Arts Magazine

by The Catalyst

We are a student-run, eco-friendly literary arts magazine that features local UCSB artists and writers.

Introducing Liteseeds, LED Stickers

by Jill MacKay

Liteseeds LED stickers are tiny, bright, little LEDs made in the form of a sticker. They are peel and stick lights! Safe & easy to use.

Strange Weather

by Alexa Andreas

The music of Tom Waits, a wild, whiskey-soaked underworld, a spectral band, and the living memories of a troubled man.

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