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On October 15, thirty-two theaters across the country will screen our biggest Film Festival yet.

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Eyes Underwater

So much of the world's waters remain unexplored — but this portable underwater drone could change the tides of ocean exploration.
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Something Weird

The American Genre Film Archive needs your help to preserve cult classics for the next generation of experimental film lovers.
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Staff-picked projects

Mini Museum 2

by Hans Fex

The Mini Museum is a portable collection of rare curiosities from Earth and beyond. Every specimen is authentic, iconic, and labelled.

The Poet and the Flea: Ode to William Blake (Volume 1)

by G. E. Gallas

A graphic novel about the poet-painter William Blake and The Ghost of a Flea that is said to have haunted him.

Deluxe Essential Oil Storage Box

by Dr. Rory Stern - Instant Essentials

The unique one-of-a-kind Essential Oils Storage Box holds 62 bottles and was designed by our Essential Oils community.

"Braxon Vs. Oregon" San Francisco Premiere

by ENTITY Contemporary Dance

"Braxon Vs. Oregon," an emotive dance theater production surrounding the Death with Dignity Act, makes its San Francisco debut!

Luminoodle: Versatile USB Lighting Solution

by Power Practical

Use-everywhere portable LED light rope & lantern that sticks, ties, hooks, or hangs on virtually anything.

Vortex Dress

by Laura Thapthimkuna

Fashion designer creating her very first fully 3D printed dress inspired by space and black holes.

AGFA and Something Weird


AGFA needs a 4K film scanner to preserve 35mm film prints from the Something Weird collection and share them with the world!

Boneheads 2016

by Funproductive

Fed up with politicians? Now your dog can get fed up with these Boneheads too. Dog biscuits with integrity.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

by Plug In Digital Label

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is an African-Fantasy Action-RPG based on a frenetic and creative combat system.

Conceivable Future website

by Conceivable Future

Conceivable Future is a women-led network of Americans bringing awareness to the threat climate change poses to childbearing.

Gwen and the Good Thing's Debut EP

by Gwen and the Good Thing

Gwen and the Good Thing need you to play a crucial part in bringing their debut 4-track EP to life.

Project of the Day

Homeschooled: A Photobook

by Rachel Papo

A glimpse into the enchanting world of homeschooled children living in the Catskill mountains of New York. Published by Kehrer Verlag

The Monstrous Makeup Manual: Book 3

by Mike Spatola

The 3rd installment in The Monstrous Makeup Manual series by Mike Spatola. With More Monsters! More techniques! More Amazing Artists!

Salto - Captures your every move. VR, AR, film, VFX, gaming

by Rokoko Electronics Inc.

An entire motion capture studio in one wireless suit. Ready to use in less than a minute for gaming, VR, AR, film, VFX, sports etc.

The Book's the Thing - Welcome to Hamlet's Library

by Librarian Theatre

The first regional library-touring show from new UK company Librarian Theatre - transforming local libraries into magical theatres

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