On October 15th, 32 theaters across the country will screen our biggest Film Festival yet.

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Emmett Louis Till, 1941–1955

His murder catalyzed the civil rights movement. Help make the film that will tell his story.
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The Kids Behind “Kids”

A behind-the-scenes look at the real-life individuals who inspired Larry Clark’s cult classic film, twenty years later.
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Staff-picked projects

Button Poetry Live!

by Button Poetry

Button Poetry is launching a live show series to further the art of performance poetry, with help from the Knight Arts Challenge Grant.

Chief O'Brien at Work Graphic Novel

by Jon Adams

The beloved and painful Chief O'Brien at Work webcomic is now a big book! Perfect for fans of space travel, dead-end jobs, and ennui.

ZeGoBeast - A DIY Mechanical Walking Creature

by ZeGoBeast LLC

ZeGoBeasts are biologically-inspired mechanical walking beings that teach you about basic kinematics and are awesome to build.

If I Were You - Project Israel

by Inside Out Contemporary Ballet

There's an old saying that to truly understand someone you must walk a mile in their shoes, but what about dancing in them?


by Mike Bond

A Modern Titanium Yo-Yo.

Borderland Goods Apron

by Borderland Goods

We are a craft-oriented outfit. Using quality materials and the integrity of lasting design, we bring our passion to you, our patron.

The Open Mic Tour

by The Open Mic Tour

4 budding NYC comics hit the road to perform everywhere they can; a camera rolls & a documentary is made. This is The Open Mic Tour.

Happy Cat Cafe: Grand Rapids, Michigan's First Cat Cafe

by Kati (Dodge) Palmurkar

HALF Coffee House, HALF Animal Shelter, ALL FUN! A revolutionary way to adopt your next pet or just relax with fellow cat lovers.


by All The King's Games

Purchase your robots and go to battle in this strategic card and polyhedral dice game.

Tote Bag Productions: Talking Machines

by Katherine Gorman

Talking Machines is a podcast about the reality of machine learning research. Help us make a second season!

Help release once-in-a-lifetime album with handmade artwork

by Scott Pinkmountain

Rhythm and color at the intersection of Afro-psych, Kraut rock, space jazz and vintage soul on wax with original letterpress packaging

Racing Age

by Angela Jimenez

Racing Age is a documentary photography book about masters track & field athletes of retirement age and older.

Project of the Day

49 Cities: 3rd Edition deluxe reprint

by WORKac

Help reprint WORKac’s long out-of-print book 49 Cities, with new contributions by Chip Lord of Ant Farm and Yona Friedman.

Mycroft: An Open Source Artificial Intelligence For Everyone

by Joshua Montgomery

Uses natural language to control Internet of Things. Built on Raspberry Pi this whole home A.I. plays media, controls lights & more.

Colt Coeur's 6th Season

by Colt Coeur

2 world premieres: HOW TO LIVE ON EARTH by MJ Kaufman / CAL IN CAMO by William Francis Hoffman + workshops of 7 more plays!

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