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Staff-picked projects

I am a beautifvvrson. I have a great day. I have a great

by Stephen E. Dinehart IV

CAN YOU READ THIS//////////////////////_________________????? vvHELLO?=================// CAN YOU SEE THIS

MOLLY DANGER: Book Two Graphic Album and Audiobook

by Jamal Igle

The second book in the Adventures of Molly Danger! Molly and Austin's partnership is tested as "Father" gathers the Supermechs!

Punny Buns: Cute Plush Bunny Puns

by Holly Guenther

Punny Buns are adorable plush bunny bread and pastry puns created by Kimchi Kawaii.

Us, Me, They, She

by Hannah Cullen

Ten people question their own identities and how to find freedom through facing the unknown within themselves and those around them.

Tool Pen mini – Precision Bits

by mininch

An elegant yet powerful multi-tool. Same Pop-A-Point design for different works. Perfectly collaborate with your Tool Pen together!

DOOMEDnyc | the ultimate travel companion

by Rachael Inman

Bring us to the next level of manufacturing while maintaining the superior craftsman of yesteryear.

Subway Sets - The Documentary

by Dan Pierson

We bring NYC's best underground musicians up to rooftops above the city. Now, we're making a film to tell their stories.

The Runaway: Not Your Average BnB

by The Runaway

A community-oriented luxury bed & breakfast on Jamaica’s north coast, focused on amazing local food and curated cultural experiences.

Herald - An Interactive Period Drama

by Wispfire

Herald is an interactive period drama about colonialism. A choice-driven, 3D point and click adventure game for PC, Mac and Linux.

Piece NI

by The Piece Process

Piece is an online magazine, shop & production house that tells the story of Northern Ireland through its food, drink & people.

The Mendelssohn Mission

by Abigail Karr and Yi-heng Yang

The Karr-Yang Duo records the sonatas of Felix Mendelssohn on period instruments. Drew University Concert Hall; Jesse Lewis, producer.

Project of the Day

1972 - Nakagin Capsule Tower

by Noritaka Minami

1972 is a photobook that investigates the current state of the Nakagin Capsule Tower, an experimental apartment complex in Tokyo, Japan

The people behind the craft - Limited Edition Hardbound Book

by With Love Project

We are producing a limited edition book documenting our search to find people who create things with a passion and purpose.

kSafe: Stay motivated. Achieve your goals.

by kSafe

kSafe is a smart, connected, lockable safe that only opens when your goals have been achieved.


by Gene Duffy

Broadway or bust! From nutty Hollywood types to drag queens to dancing sandwiches, this musical has it all.

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