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Staff-picked projects

Visualize Pi Perspective

by Ellie Balk

Students from The Green School in East Williamsburg Brooklyn combine mathematics and art to VISUALIZE Pi as a mural in their community!


by Stefan Vogel

Set in Paris 1911, against a backdrop of thieves and anarchists; a struggling mechanic is forced into crime. Based on a true story.

KitRex Pterodactyl: The 3D paper dino puzzle!

by Lisa Glover

A fun and engaging paper dinosaur creation that inspires imagination! A toy, a learning tool, a challenge, and so much more!

Get Matthew Brookoff's Dances Onstage!

by Matthew Brookoff

Help Matthew Brookoff take three stunning ballet works from studio to stage. May 1st and 2nd at City Center Studios.

Tobo Track - Liquid wood eco-toy tracks for Thomas & Lego!

by Tomas Nielsen

Wooden toy vehicle tracks that promote creativity and fun while being safe and eco-friendly. An adapter links Tobo to LEGO and Thomas!


by Paula Winchester

Wish to print 240 charmeuse silk scarves in 12 designs from my pastel art works; satiny, intense colors, versatile, unusual, 80"x15"

Project of the Day

The Last Film Festival: Dennis Hopper's Unseen Final Film

by Linda Yellen

Dennis Hopper's final film is nearly complete, but we need YOUR help for the final push!

Bottle Bracket: An Interactive Wine Club

by Bottle Bracket

Can you taste the difference between a $20 and $40 wine? Try it out! Bottle Bracket is an interactive, social, blind wine tasting club.

Apocalypse Camp - New Orleans

by Colin Grussing

Become an action hero in a weekend. A two-day crash course and competition in lock-picking, motorcycle-riding and other badass skills.

Russia Insider - Challenge the Media. Let's Push Back!

by Charles Bausman

Stretch goal of $60,000! Non-profit, alternative news media. Exploring bias, corruption in corporate media. Global citizen journalism.

Coastland Commons – Volume 1: EMMAUS

by Coastland Commons

We are making an album of songs that were written in community. We hope it will inspire and invite others to find their creative voice.

The Veteran Vision Project — A Photo Book

by Devin Mitchell

A stunning photo book of true images depicting veterans, their struggles, families, commitment and service. These are their stories.

GlitterShip: an LGBTQ Science Fiction & Fantasy Podcast Zine

by Keffy R. M. Kehrli

Help me start a queer science fiction & fantasy short fiction podcast!

PancakeBot - The world's first pancake printer!

by StoreBound

Don’t just make pancakes. Create them! Introducing PancakeBot - The coolest addition to your kitchen. *Batter not included


by Gene Duffy

Broadway or bust! From nutty Hollywood types to drag queens to dancing sandwiches, this musical has it all.

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