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Staff-picked projects

Ms.Thorn's Home For Wicked Children By Michele Hartsoe

by Sugar pill publishing

A story about Illy, a young orphan finding herself sucked into an exciting world of Wicked Mystery, Magic and Mythical Creatures.

Chicken Outfit #3 : Satirical Fantasy Horror Comic

by Joe Deagnon

Three unlikely heroes find themselves in the middle of an inter-dimensional war after they inadvertently open the Gates of Hell.

Lakota Crafts 2015 New Store All Native American Art

by Dave Olmsted

Arts and Crafts of the Lakota Black Hills. I am starting an all Native American Crafts and Arts Store. I am starting with this unique

Us, Me, They, She

by Hannah Cullen

Ten people question their own identities and how to find freedom through facing the unknown within themselves and those around them.

Fun with Circuits

by Fun with Circuits

A toy that makes electronic circuits fun,simple & accessible for kids 5 and above. Welcome to the world of Ohm & Ampere.

ComfPort: Clothing With A Cause - Making Cancer Comfortable

by Connor Cosgrove and Clint Cosgrove

Fashion forward clothing that is designed for cancer patients and their supporters. 1 shirt purchased = 1 donated to a cancer patient!

Shannon Hoon Film : A Danny Clinch Documentary

by Shawna Kaszer

Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon filmed his life from 1990-1995 intending to make a documentary - a goal realized 20 years after his death.

Yes CaCao: Feel The Yes

by Justin Frank Polgar

Food You Can Feel: Yes CaCao Botanical Chocolate as a delivery system for a daily dose of vibrant health. Make a Wish & Take a Bite.

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

by Steamroller Studios

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is an action/adventure game with a unique survival twist.

Project of the Day

Piece NI

by The Piece Process

Piece is an online magazine, shop & production house that tells the story of Northern Ireland through its food, drink & people.

From the Valley to the Sea

by Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra

Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra Prince Edward Island Tour 2015

Moon Photo Book

by Benjamin Freedman

Self published photo book featuring images taken in a remote town in northern Iceland.

The people behind the craft - Limited Edition Hardbound Book

by With Love Project

We are producing a limited edition book documenting our search to find people who create things with a passion and purpose.

Restoration of the B-29 Superfortress at Nuclear Museum

by National Museum of Nuclear Science

Help the Nuclear Museum restore one of the 17 B-29 bombers remaining in the world. Kickstarter funds will pay for exterior restoration.

Temper Theatre present 'TRIBE'

by Finn Morrell

We are re-developing our show 'TRIBE' and taking it to the Edinburgh fringe festival this summer. We need your help to get us there!

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