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Staff-picked projects

HELLO TODAY - Capitalist Collages

by Michael Bilsborough

HELLO TODAY is a book of capitalist collages made from magazine ads aimed at high-earning readers.


by K.lynn

The 4 chapters of Plume Volume 2 collected into the Kickstarter exclusive hardcover.

Eggwala Plushie!

by Jacqueline Jolly

A Kickstarter campaign to fund professionally produced Eggwala plushies! Want your very own Eggwala or other goodies? Check it out!

Fuerta Dance Company presents: "(luna)tics"

by Fuerta Dance

"(Luna)tics" is a collection of work being presented by the Fuerta Dance Company in June 2015, featuring live dance and short films.

Project of the Day

Build a PopUP Forest in Times Square, NYC

by Marielle Anzelone

A slice of real nature in the heart of NYC, this lively green space will support wildlife and delight urbanites - then disappear.

Fashion designed to look good, feel good, and DO good

by Brad Dubrowsky

Our project embraces the union of fashion, tech gadgets and safety. We are The Original Inside Pocket Company. Check out our video.


by NiceBoat

The Protector of the Wu Kingdom, searching for the lost prince, finds a town full of hostile residents numbed by constant oppression.

10K Brewing, Anoka's First Taproom and Brewery

by 10K Brewing

10K Brewing will offer a rotating selection of small batch craft beer and entertainment options. A new beer brewed each week!

RED FLAGS, the new party game from the creator of SUPERFIGHT

by Darin Ross

Red Flags is a game where players use white cards and red flags to create romantic matches for other players. Best terrible date wins!

Yolks & Spokes

by Dana Bialek & Sara Quinn

Documenting breakfast culture along the Mississippi River

Call and Response

by Ben Arthur

My new album Call and Response is a collection of “answer songs” responding to other artists’ work, including short stories and songs.

'Darwin's Pigeons' - A photographic book by Richard Bailey.

by Richard Bailey

Darwin's Pigeons. A beautiful book full of photographs of fancy pigeons. High quality print and wonderful images.

The Youssef Drawing Syllabus - Movement & Form

by Samantha Youssef

The Youssef Drawing Syllabus. The book covering the figure drawing program taught to animation industry artists.


by YikeBike

YikeBike UNDISCOVERED is the latest evolution of the original fully electric folding bike, award winning design and quality

Stairwell Theater: As You Like It

by Sam Gibbs

Help us present As You Like It in Prospect Park, as the first play of our 2015: Hidden Nature Season!

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