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Canto III - The Armory Show

by Wafaa Bilal

An exploration of homelands and frontiers, the egomania of a dictator, and the mundane brutality of the systems we construct.

Dreams in Thin Air - Graphic Novel

by Michael Magnus Nybrandt

A Graphic Novel based on a true story about a young man's dream to become coach for Tibet's first football team.

Celtic Woodturning

by Cornelius (Con) O'Neill

Making high class turned wooden bowls & artifacts using English and exotic woods and offering for sale throughout the Uk and worldwide.

Tampopo Redux

by Mistaya Hemingway

Welcome to the kitchen of Tampopo Redux- an alternate reality where movement and taste collide. Sensual. Delicious. Astonishing.

i Ready O - Retrofying your iPhone

by K Tech

Bringing analog into the new digital age by combining retro radio designs with your iPhone

The T-Shirt You Can Play – Tic Tac Toe Tee

by Mikko Jarvenpaa

It's a T-Shirt You Can Play! Tic Tac Toe Tee is a fun way to bring people together.

Pioneers of African-American Cinema

by Kino Lorber

Landmarks of early African-American film, remastered in HD from archive elements, digitally restored, loaded with bonus content.

Stoke: Gourmet BBQ Meats and Appetisers

by Ruth and Chris

Stoke BBQ parcels are filled with artisanal meats and appetisers. A "farm to table" experience delivered right to your door.

Windwalkers, the game


An ACTION RPG for PC/Mac, XBox1, PS4, single/multi-player with co-op, set in a new sci-fi and fantasy world where you have to survive.

GlobalPost Senior Conflict Correspondent

by GlobalPost

GlobalPost’s award-winning reporters focus on telling the human stories behind violent conflicts. Help us do more.

Spoken // New Album 2015

by Matt Baird

2015 is not just a new chapter for Spoken, its a fresh start. PRE-ORDER THE NEW ALBUM FROM SPOKEN NOW!

Ohio Landscapes

by Tom Croce

To publish a book of monochrome images of Ohio in order to help gain an appreciation of, and a desire to protect it's natural beauty

YA Fiction from Silence in the Library: Four Sequels

by Silence in the Library Publishing

New Young Adult Releases from Silence in the Library: Urban fantasy, apocalyptic science fiction, paranormal romance, and epic fantasy.

Project of the Day

The Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience - Education VR

by David Whelan

Using Virtual Reality you will become Neil Armstrong on what is the 20th century's most enduring achievement.

Send The Bad Arm to Edinburgh. Meet the Dodgy Irish Dancer!

by Máire Clerkin

Please help me bring 'The Bad Arm', which has toured America for 6 years, to the biggest & best arts festival in the world: Edinburgh!

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